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America has a new President: Calvin Coolidge.
The American Dream Picture is a popular contest held by a newspaper: The Oakland Tribune. The contest is for the most unusual dream and they made it into a short film.
The price of the 1908 Ford Model T was $850, the price drops as low as $265 in 1923.
A legend of the '20s is the Stutz Bearcat, a favorite of the aristocratic sporty set. The Stutz cars are built in Indianapolis from 1911 to 1935, when the Factory will sink under the weight of the Depression. The 1923 Stutz Bearcat is powered by a 109-hp 360-cubic-inch four-cylinder engine and cost $2,765.
Alfred P. Sloan is elected President and Chairman of the GM Executive Committee May 10, 1923, following a meeting of the Board of Directors.
In 1923 Ethyl gasoline, developed in General Motors Research Laboratories, goes on sale. The following year, Ethyl Gasoline Corporation is formed by General Motors and Standard Oil Company of New Jersey to market this "knockless" motor fuel component developed by General Motors Research Laboratories.
During this year Inland Manufacturing Company of Dayton, Ohio, is established to produce steering wheels for GM cars.
In 1923 GM's first European assembly plant is established in Copenhagen under the name General Motors International A/S. It is to build Chevrolets for sale in Scandinavian countries, the Baltics, and Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Hungary and Russia.
In the same year GM acquires all outstanding stocks of Brown Lipe Chapin Company of Syracuse, NY, a manufacturer of automobile differentials and gears.
Also in 1923 the GM executives become stockholders under a plan allowing them to acquire stock through the Managers Securities Company. This is the most far reaching effort yet made by a large corporation to align interests of management and stockholders through having leaders becoming large stockholders themselves.
201,572 Buicks leaves Flint in 1923, good enough for third place, behind Chevrolet and Ford.
Six 4-cylinder and nine 6-cylinder Buick models are available this year, many equipped with Buick's big accessories: the rear mounted spare and/or the accessory trunk. Buick's headlamps have a miniature drumlike shape and a single tail lamp mounted on the spare tire, dead center.

1924: Henry Ford pays $2,467,946 in income tax. A half million people write him, begging for money.
Four-wheel brakes are introduced on 1924-model year Buicks.
The first GM vehicle assembled outside the U.S. and Canada, a Chevrolet utility truck, comes off the Copenhagen assembly line on January 7, 1924.
Alfred Sloan articulates GM's product strategy of "A car for every purse and purpose" in his Message to Shareholders in the 1924 Annual Report.
In 1924 General Motors Proving Ground is opened in Milford, Mich.
William S. Knudsen becomes President of Chevrolet and joins the GM Board of Directors.
GM Continental is established with operations in Antwerp, Belgium.
Donaldson Brown develops his financial concept of "the highest return consistent with attainable volume in the market" and publishes his landmark article, "Pricing Policy in Relation to Financial Control".
The 4-cylinder is discontinued in 1924, leaving Buick motorization to a 255 cubic inch six rated at 27 horses.
The face of the Buick's radiator shell takes on an interesting shape, looking much like the curvy Packard shells of the same time.
Suicide front ends vanish as a four-wheel braking system become standard.
Sheet metalwise, overall appearance is improved in the mid-to-late 20ies Buicks. This pertains not only to Buick, but to all manufacturers as the "buggy carriage" look disappears from the drafting boards.
Buick hoodlines rises almost even with the highest point of the cowls, eliminating long and sweeping cowls. Buick's tourings and roadsters have slanted windshields, the closed cars have vertical ones. The huge front semi-elliptics made for distinctive snub-nose type splash pans covering the frame horns.
In 1924 Walter Chrysler exhibits a 4-wheel hydraulic braked vehicle. Then he forms Chrysler Corporation.
Also in 1924 E.L. Cord comes to Auburn Automobile Company as Vice-President and General Manager.
During this year 2,600 cars are produced by the Auburn Automobile Company, actually employing 450 workers.
The Auburn Automobile's Export Shipments export a total of 163 units. During this period the Company assets are at $1,000,000.
Lycoming produces a revolutionary straight-eight engine for the 1924 Auburn.
In 1924 Joe Boyer wins the Indy 500 at an average speed of 98.5 mph in a Duesenberg.
From this year on Chrysler expands its operations to Canada as well.
The Maxwell-Chrysler Company of Canada begins activities in 1924 in Windsor, Ontario. The Company will be incorporated as Chrysler Corporation of Canada, Ltd. in 1925. Windsor, an industrial city across the river from Detroit, quickly becomes Canada's largest automotive manufacturing center.

1925: Route 66 opens between Chicago & L.A. The Legend begins!
The Milestone Inn, the first motel, opens for business in San Luis Obispo, Calif.
1925 Mar. 14: Birth of William Clay Ford.
The Yellow Truck and Coach Manufacturing Company is organized in 1925, with General Motors Truck as a subsidiary and General Motors Corporation holding a large interest.
In 1925 Vauxhall Motors Ltd. of Luton, England, is acquired by General Motors.
During this year General Motors do Brasil is established in Sao Paulo. Later GM opens a manufacturing facility in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
GM Peninsular is established in Malaga, Spain, as General Motors Export Division's first warehouse.
General Motors (France) is organized with a sales office in Paris and warehouse in Le Havre.
General Motors Exchange Insurance Corporation (predecessor of General Motors Insurance Corporation) is organized by GM to handle insurance business arising through sales financed by GMAC.
Buick offers "closed tourings" in 1925 which came on to last until the early '30's. These so-called "closed tourings" features a fixed roof, something like a Carson or California-top. The Buicks which they appears on are given an open car look, with the exception being they are non-removable, and have roof pillars with sliding windows opening halfway. Buick's split windshields are replaced by one-piece units with vacuum wipers. Frames keep on staying long a narrow, yet ride improved with the now standard front shocks.
In 1925 Peter DePaolo wins the Indy 500 at an average speed of 101.13 setting the new track record in a Duesenberg.
Chrysler Corporation is incorporated in Delaware on June 6, 1925, as a successor to the Maxwell Motor Car.
Walter Chrysler becomes Chairman of the Board and President.
In 1925, the Company introduces the Chrysler Four, Series 58 with a top speed of 58 mph. More than one million people visit showrooms in the first four days the Chrysler Corporation display puts on the new automotive wonder. By the fall of 1925, more than 3,800 dealers are selling Chrysler cars and, by 1926, the corporation will rise from 57th to fifth place in industry sales.

In 1926 General Motors purchases the remaining interest of the Fisher brothers in Fisher Body Co. William Fisher, President of Fisher Body Corp., becomes general manager of GM's new Fisher Body division. The acquisition includes Ternstedt Manufacturing Company which is engaged in the manufacture of automobile body hardware and metal stampings. In 1933, Ternstedt will be made a division of General Motors.
Brown Lipe Chapin, a supplier of differential gears for General Motors cars acquired in 1922, is made a division of General Motors.
In 1926 General Motors Institute is formally inaugurated.
This year GM enters South Africa by forming General Motors South African (Pty.) Limited (GMSA), a wholly owned subsidiary, in Port Elizabeth.
The first Pontiac car is introduced by Oakland. The Pontiac "Chief of the Sixes", a 6-cylinder car, is launched at the 1926 New York Auto Show.
General Motors (Australia) Pty. Ltd. is incorporated with headquarters at Melbourne and five branches in major cities. Five plants, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, begin operations on November 1 1926.
General Motors New Zealand Ltd. begins assembly operations at Petone on August 30 1926.
In 1926 GM Japan Ltd. is established in Kobe, Japan. The following year, GM opens a new assembly plant about twenty miles away in Osaka.
Also this year G.M. Near East is established in Alexandria, Egypt.
During this year Cadillac becomes the first in the auto industry to develope a comprehensive service policy and provide it on a nationwide basis.
Style-wise, the only major change of these years in Buick sheet metal, comes in 1926 with the new double belt lines and headlight bars.
In 1926 The Auburn 8-88 Roadster is produced; the Auburn Automobile's Export Shipments total 1,189 units.
During the same year the Auburn Automobile Company purchases Duesenberg Inc. of Indianapolis in bankruptcy court.
Hudson roars through the Roaring Twenties. On the strength of its growing reputation in the United States, the Company open international kick and built assembly plants in Belgium, England, and Canada. In fact, the Company acts as if the boom of the mid-to-late Twenties would never end.




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Slideshow. 1923-26 Chrysler cars B&W images.
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Slideshow. 1923-26 Ford and Lincoln cars images.
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Slideshow of Automobile related Ads from 1923/1926.
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Various stunts on automobile, bike, plane, horse. Epoca footage.

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Newsreel footage of the Berkeley fire of 1923.

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The Flexible Cellar Pipe (1923)
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Various scenes of NYC. Some interesting epoca cars sequences.
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Testing new experimental "safety-bumpers".
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A panorama of Bernard Shaw, Wilbur Wright, Henry Ford, George Eastman, Thomas Edison, and Harvey Firestone.
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An automobile on a muddy road.
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Very short epoca clip showing a girl in her car.
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Interesting overlook of the legendary GM test track of Milburn,Mi.

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Kinograms Newsreel (1924)
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Typical newsreel of the silent film era.
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1924 Tribune-American Dream Picture (1924)
Sponsor: Oakland Tribune-American
Producer: Oakland Tribune-American

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Funny invention for sport convertible cars drivers or bikers.

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Kinograms Newsreel (1926)
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Virtual Reality image of the Miami businness district, Fl in 1925.
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People skating on busy city streets.

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Houdini's funeral: a long automobile line.
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A convicted criminal arrives by plane and is dragged into a "Black-Mary" by the cops.

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Amateur movie. A family is having a picnic, closer to their cars..
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Virtual Reality image of the Miami "Dry Dock", Fl in 1926.

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Run Time: 00:46:18 Audio/Visual: silent, B&W Quality: # # # # #

His First Flame (1926)
Director: Harry Edwards
Producer: Mack Sennett
Production Company: Mack Sennett Comedies

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