The American Automobile Timeline 1899-1970

The American Automobile 1899-1970
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1927: The Holland Tunnel between Hudson County and Manhattan opens for traffic.
Rand McNally publishes the first road atlas.
The Massachusetts Public Works Commision holds hearings on Car Radios. It is argued that they should be banned from vehicles because:
1) They distract the driver and cause accidents
2 The act of tuning would distract the driver and cause accidents 
3)The music would lull the driver to sleep
4) The drivers of other vehicles would be distracted by the noise!
GM, one of the first multinational Corporations, keep on organize itself to sell to the whole world under the leadership of Alfred Sloan. In 1927 GM begins to produce a series of documentaries about this worldwide organization.
The milestone 1927 model-year Cadillac LaSalle is introduced. This is the first production car designed by a stylist. It is designed by the legendary Harley Earl.
General Motors Japan is established.
During this year GM Japan opens its new assembly plant in Osaka.
Also in 1927 fundamental financial management principles are set forth by Donaldson Brown in a paper entitled "Decentralized Operations and Responsibilities with Coordinated Control."
Chrysler Export Corp. is organized in 1927.

1928: Coast-to-coast bus service begins.
In 1928 General Motors Near East holds its first Dealers' Conference in Alexandria, Egypt. General Motors India establishes the first automobile assembly plant in India.
Clashless Synchromesh transmission is introduced by Cadillac. This is a major innovation for 1928.
No changes are made to the Buick models during this couple of years.
Also in 1928: Chrysler buys Dodge and introduces the DeSoto and the first Plymouth, priced from $670 to $725 to appeal to consumers with average incomes.
Chrysler Corporation also established separate divisions for distribution of various lines of cars: Plymouth Motor Corporation, Dodge Brothers Corporation, DeSoto Motor Corporation, and Chrysler Sales Corporation.
Fargo Motor Corp. is also organized by Chrysler to handle national fleet business, and the following year Chrysler Motors Parts Corp. is formed to merchandise parts for all of the Corporation's lines.
This year, Chrysler buys the Dodge Brothers, Inc., automotive builders with a solid reputation for making vehicles with rugged dependability. The Dodge Brothers became famous for building the first car to drive into and out of the Grand Canyon.
During 1928 Auburn Automobile Company buys a new factory in Connersville, Indiana. The Auburn has 6.300 workers and produces 14.700 cars, 2.196 to be exported by the Auburn Automobiles Export Shipments.
From the 17 to the 31 of may, 1928, Auburn introduces two new models, during an Auto-Show in Milan, Italy. The cars are the Auburn 6-76 Sport Sedan and the Auburn B-115 Speedster.




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A 1927Cadillac Dual-cowl phaeton.

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Run Time: 00:36:41 Audio/Visual: silent, B&W Quality: # # # # #

General Motors Around the World (1927)
Sponsor: GM
Handy (Jam) Organization

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Run Time: 00:00:39 Audio/Visual: silent, B&W Quality: # # #

Producer: unknown

Daytona Beach. This record-car is a Seagrave-Sunbean Car. Epoca footage.

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Run Time: 00:09:50 Audio/Visual: silent, B&W Quality: # # # # #

Aviation's elite converges on Oakland for the Dole race to Hawaii.

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Run Time: 00:00:22 Audio/Visual: silent, C Quality: # # # # #

Producer: unknown

Sequence showing a 1927 Imperial.
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Producer: GM

Teathrical Ad for the 1927 LaSalle. 

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Run Time: 00:14:32 Audio/Visual: silent, B&W Quality: # # # # #

Scenes shot in Martinez, Contra Costa County, California, on San Pablo Bay.
Sponsor: N/A
Producer: Fox News / Kinograms

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Run Time: 00:10:31 Audio/Visual: silent, B&W Quality: # # # # #


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Epoca footage about the Sacco and Vanzetti Trial.
Some interesting epoca cars sequences.

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Epoca footage about the Sacco and Vanzetti Trial.
Some interesting epoca cars sequences.

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Wheels of Progress (1927)
Sponsor: U.S. Bureau of Public Roads
Producer: U.S. Bureau of Public Roads, Department of Agriculture, Educational Film Service

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Run Time: 00:13:42 Audio/Visual: silent, B&W Quality: # # # # 

Two Pay Days (1927)
Sponsor: Chevrolet Division, General Motors Corporation
Producer: Handy (Jam) Organization

Part 1 of this movie is unavailable.
Motivational film for 1920s Chevrolet salesmen.

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Run Time: 00:00:21 Audio/Visual: silent, B&W Quality: # # # # #

Silent Newsreel (1927)

Lindberg "ticker tape" parade in NYC.
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Producer: unknown

The passage from Ford Model T to Ford Model A.

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Run Time: 00:00:32 Audio/Visual: sound, C Quality: # # # # #

Producer: unknown

On New Year's Day, 1985, Lee Jacocca parades as Garand Marshall on board of a
1928 Imperial convertible,
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Run Time: 00:00:11 Audio/Visual: silent, B&W Quality: # # #

Producer: unknown

A new idea to stop at railroad-crossings, even if you are not paying attention.
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Run Time: 00:00:21 Audio/Visual: silent, B&W Quality: # # #

Producer: unknown

Testing new experimental "safety-bumpers".
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Run Time: 00:00:21 Audio/Visual: silent, B&W Quality: # #

Producer: unknown

Just a couple of elegant ladies driving off. Epoca footage.

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Run Time: 01:14:00 Audio/Visual: silent, B&W Quality: # # # # 

Won in the Clouds (1928)
Director: Bruce M. Mitchell
Production Company: Universal Pictures

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