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Kinograms Newsreel, 1923 - Kinograms
Typical newsreel from the silent era, featuring Jack Dempsey, a balloon race, women dancing in chilly breezes, a juggler, and opium being confiscated and burned in Shanghai.

Kinograms Newsreel, 1924 - Kinograms
Typical newsreel of the silent film era.

General Strike newsreel 1 - Bert Gould
Original Pathe News newsreel footage describing the unfolding General Strike in breathless and fearsome tones.

General Strike newsreel 2 - Bert Gould
Pathe News newsreel footage of the first days of San Francisco's General Strike, stores and streets empty.

Terraplane Newsreel - Universal Newsreel
Earl C. Anthony, Terraplane automobile dealer, takes pictures of airplane landing atop Terraplane car.

Detroit News Newsreel (1917) - Detroit News
Happenings in and around Detroit shot for local news cameras.

Universal-International Newsreel (1964)

Hindenburg crash: newsreel and WLS-Chicago with Herb Morrison report (1937)
Hindenburg crash: newsreel and WLS-Chicago with Herb Morrison report.

Big News of 1941 - The Editors of Universal Newsreel present dramatic highlights of an epochal year, 1941/12/24
(1) Help For Democracies - America's answer - ships, tanks, guns and planes for the brave actions fighting aggression. As the Arsenal of Democracy, the U.S. delivers the goods!" - scenes include FDR speaking to Congress (2) The 3rd Term - "Unprecedented third term for President Roosevelt! Franklin Delano Roosevelt takes office at gravest crisis in America's history." (3) Sabotage and Strikes - "Flames of destruction destroy vital American factories and supplies..."

Truman Lifts Meat Price Controls, 1946/10/14
Truman speaks (partial newsreel).

Byrnes Denies Atom Threat, 1946/10/10
Jimmy Byrnes speaks (partial newsreel).

Russian exhibit of Sputnik, 1958/06/09
Russian exhibit of Sputnik 3 (partial newsreel)

Maryland, 1957-05-30
Vanguard satellite assembled in MD (partial newsreel)

Mayor Samuels Proclaims City Defense Week, 1941/11/24
Mayor Samuels of Philadelphia speaks. (partial newsreel)

Pathe News Digest (1937, No. 3) - Pathe News
Newsreel compilation of key events of 1937.

News Magazine of the Screen, The (april 1950) - Warner Pathé News
Newsreel stories reformatted for classroom use.

News Magazine of the Screen, The (November 1950) - Warner Pathe News
Newsreel stories reformatted for classroom use.

News Magazine of the Screen, The (Vol. 5, Issue 10; Summer Review 1955) - Warner Pathè News
Newsreel stories reformatted for classroom use.
Vietnam War; Atomic-Weapons.

U.S. News Review, Issue No. 3 - U.S. Office of War Information
Government-produced World War II newsreel.

News Magazine of the Screen, The (Vol. 7, Issue 1) - Warner Pathè News
Newsreel stories reformatted for educational presentation.

News Magazine of the Screen, The (Vol. 7, Issue 5) - Warner-Pathe News
Newsreel stories reformatted for classroom presentation.

Pathe News Digest (1936, No. 2) - Pathe News
Newsreel compilation of key events of 1936.

News Magazine of the Screen, April - Warner Pathe News
Newsreel stories reformatted for educational presentation.

News Magazine of the Screen, October 1950 - Warner Pathe News
Newsreel stories reformatted for educational presentation.

News Magazine of the Screen, The (Vol. 4, Issue 9) - Warner Pathé News
Newsreel stories reformatted for classroom use.
Cold War.

News Magazine of the Screen, January 1951- Warner Pathe News
Newsreel stories reformatted for classroom use.

News Magazine of the Screen, March 1951 - Warner Pathe News
Newsreel stories reformatted for classroom use.
Korean War; Australia.

News Magazine of the Screen, The (Vol. 7, Issue 3) - Warner Pathé News
Newsreel stories reformatted for classroom use.

News Magazine of the Screen, The (Vol. 4, Issue 2) - Warner Pathé News
Newsreel stories reformatted for educational presentation.
Korean War; Cold War.

News Magazine of the Screen, The (Vol. 7, Issue 2) - Warner Pathé News
Newsreel stories reformatted for classroom use.

News Magazine of the Screen, The (Vol. 2, Issue 9) - Warner Pathé News
Newsreel stories reformatted for educational presentation.

Oakland Women’s Rowing Club - Universal-International Newsreel
Oakland, Calif.: Women's rowing club on Lake Merritt. Newsreel story.

Fleet at Ulith, 1945/08/27
Aerial view of large fleet at Ulithi. (partial newsreel).

Seattle, 1967/04/04
Seattle "be-in" of students and hippies (partial newsreel).

Hauptmann Identified At Hearing, 1934/10/17
Hauptmann Identified At Hearing - some sound. (partial newsreel).

Virginia, 1959/04/30
Test of Mercury space capsule automatic parachute (partial newsreel).

Britain's Roosevelt Memorial at Grosvenor Square, 1946/11/28
Britain's Roosevelt Memorial at Grosvenor Square, FDR statue (partial newsreel).

Satchmo Swings In Congo, 1960/10/31
Louis Armstrong arrives in Congo, plays trumpet (partial newsreel).

Gen. Clark Honored at Salerno, 1946/09/23
Gen. Mark Clark honored, bust made (partial newsreel).

Truman Asks One Year's Army Service, 1945/10/25
Truman speaks to Congress (silent except Truman's speech) (partial newsreel).

Brooklyn, N.Y. 1958/06/09
Brooklyn Navy Yard commissioning of USS Independence carrier (partial newsreel).

New Delhi, India, 1959/01/08
New American embassy opens in New Delhi India (partial newsreel).

Rival Candidates in New York Mayor Race, 1933/10/11
La Guardia and Joseph McKee speak (partial newsreel).

Jet Planes in Action, 1945/07/16
(silent except sound of jet takeoff) (partial newsreel).

Berlin Airlift increased, 1948/10/25
(1) Berlin Airlift increased (2) UN delegate speaks (partial newsreel).

Mayor La Guardia opens Red Cross drive, 1938/11/09
Mayor La Guardia opens Red Cross drive (partial newsreel).

Cosmos Pioneer. Soviets Orbit Man In Space, 1961/04/13
JFK speaks (but no pictures of Gagarin) (partial newsreel).

[Reno Rodeo] - Universal-International Newsreel
Action footage of Reno, Nevada rodeo. Jimmy Lederer, Universal Newsreel cameraman, receives “Wrangler” framed award.

Pathè News: Goodman Lumber Fire] - Warner Pathé News
Newsreel featuring a conflagration at the famous San Francisco lumberyard.

Chevrolet Leader News (Vol. 3, No. 2) - Handy (Jam) Organization
Promotional newsreel containing a variety of Chevrolet-centric stories.

Ike Reports. First Missile Recovered From Flight In Space, 1957/11/07
Ike speaks, about America recovering its first missile from space, talks about the nose cone in his office [but no cone is shown in the newsreel] (partial newsreel).

Willie Shoemaker at Golden Gate Fields - Universal-International Newsreel
Willie Shoemaker tries to break track record at Golden Gate Fields, Albany, California.

England, 1967/11/03
SS Queen Mary passenger liner on final journey from Britain to Long Beach (partial newsreel).

Moscow, 1965/05/13
Moscow parade shows missiles that use solid fuel, small and large (partial newsreel)

Guided Missile. Navy Tests Newest Atomic War Weapon, 1956/02/09
Controversy over guided missile program; Regalus launched from ship (partial newsreel)

France, 1961/10/16
Shah of iran visits DeGaulle in France with wife, formal dinner (partial newsreel)

Back to Freedom: More War Prisoners Return to America - Universal-International Newsreel
437 Korean War prisoners return to the United States on a naval transport ship. Newsreel story.

Amateur Skating Champs- Universal-International Newsreel
National Rollerskating Championships get under way in Oakland Auditorium.

Detroit, 1959/03/19
News In Brief - Detroit Redstone missile production factory visited by NATO representatives (partial newsreel).

Connecticut, 1959/06/11
Groton CT launch of USS George Washington Polaris sub (partial newsreel).

Trailblazer In Space
This newsreel records in detail the saga of Ham, the little chimp's 18 minute ride thru heavens.

Dream Hospital - Universal-International Newsreel
Scenes at the brand-new, $2 million Kaiser Hospital somewhere in California.

Aloha Hawaii. islanders Celebrate Long-Sought Statehood, 1959/03/16
Hawaii becomes 50th state, "gives lie to communist charges of American colonialism"

Kings Mountain Airplane Crash - Universal-International Newsreel
Near Woodside, California: Aftermath of air crash on Kings Mountain hillside.

Algeria, 1960/11/17
Algiers demonstrations against France in Algeria, bus crashes out of control (partial newsreel).

Big 3 and Berlin. Concern Mounts As Deadline Approaches, 1959/03/05
50,000 in Leipzig listen to Khrushchev, balloons released; Ike press conference, speaks (partial newsreel).

At Sea, 1959/04/13
News In Brief - USS Skipjack nuclear sub sea trials (partial newsreel)

Kremlin Envoy Mikoyan, No. 2 Red, In U.S. For 'Vacation', 1959/01/05
Departs from NY airport, speaks to press outside with translator (partial newsreel).

LBJ Hears Graham, 1965/08/30
Houston Astrodome used for Billy Graham revival attended by LBJ (partial newsreel).

F.D.R. Starts $9,000,000,000 'V' Loan Drive,1942/11/30
Sound of FDR speaking on the war bond campaign. (partial newsreel).

Kremlin Visit. Macmillan Talks With Kruschev - A Fizzle, 1959/02/26
Macmillan visit to Kremlin in Moscow, meets with Khrushchev, sit at table (partial newsreel).

Report on Vietnam, 1965/08/26
(no sound - poor quality) SV soldiers, armored personnel carriers, B-52 drop bombs (partial newsreel).

Mightiest War Game, 1932/02/22
Navy battleships and aircraft carriers prepare for Hawaii war games (partial newsreel).

Pacific Armada, 1932/02/04
Navy battleships and aircraft carriers prepare for Hawaii war games (partial newsreel).

New Aerial Work Horse Wears Skiis, 1957/04/08
Hercules plane equipped with skiis in Minnesota, 4 turboprop engines, lands on snow (partial newsreel).

25 Years Ago, 1962/09/13
Shanghai bombed, civilians evacuated; San Diego 1200 Marines march to their transports (partial newsreel).

Senate Probes Atomics, 1945/12/031
Gen. Leslie Groves speaks to Senate committee (silent except Groves' speech) (partial newsreel).

Veterans Parade in Hoboken, NJ, 1933/11/06
Veterans Parade in Hoboken, NJ. (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration).

Strategy Talks. Kennedy Confers With His Congress leaders, 1960/12/22
LBJ and Sam Rayburn and Mike Mansfield at Palm Beach confer with JFK (partial newsreel).

Ike's Calendar. honors Gen. Taylor, Welcomes Kozlov, 1959/07/02
At White House greets retiring Gen, Maxwell Taylor; Kozlov visits Ike at White House (partial newsreel).

Suez Canal Seized By Egyptians, 1956/07/30
Nasser tells crowd he has seized Suez Canal, pictures of canal and Mideast (partial newsreel).

Twenty-one Nazi Chiefs Guilty, 1946/10/08
Nuremberg trials, 21 Nazis to learn fate at end of 10-month trial (partial newsreel).

Redstone Missile In production, 1957/02/14
Chrysler plant in Detroit where Redstone missile assembled, launch (partial newsreel).

Inauguration. Thieu Sworn In, Stresses Peace, 1967/11/03
South Vietnam inauguration of Thieu as 1st president of the 2nd Republic (partial newsreel).

Crisis Ends. 3 Nations Rejoice At Cyprus Settlement, 1959/02/26
Greeks and Cypriots in London cheer Makarios who was leader of nationalists (partial newsreel).

Clay speaks on Berlin Airlift, 1948/10/21
(1) Clay speaks on Berlin Airlift (2) Dewey urges unity for peace (partial newsreel).

Civil Planes Grounded in Defense Alert, 1961/10/16
Civil Defense test closed airports for 12 hours, Operation Sky Shield (partial newsreel).

U.N. and Big 4 Adjourn, 1946/12/16
UN has picked N.Y. site for permanent 18 acres site (partial newsreel).

Iran, 1959/11/02
Iran - 40th birthday of Shah of Iran, fireworks and pyrotecnics display - mideast (partial newsreel).

Chimp into space (no title), 1961/11/30
Enos chimp prepared for space flight, rocket blastoff, capsule recovered, chimp examined in hospital (partial newsreel).

[Babies on Parade] - Universal-International Newsreel
Scenes at Ladera Park Baby Show, Los Angeles and Antioch (California) Diaper Derby. Newsreel story.

[Bongo Boards] - Universal-International Newsreel ca. 1950
Palo Alto, California: Models in swimsuits gyrate on Bongo Boards. Newsreel story.

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Red Carpet for Tito in Moscow, 1956/06/07
Tito arrives in Moscow by train, greeted by Khrushchev and Bulganin (partial newsreel).

[News Magazine of the Screen, December 1950] (Part I) - Warner Pathe News
Newsreel stories reformatted for educational presentation, including the assassination attempt on President Harry S. Truman.

[News Magazine of the Screen, December 1950] (Part II) - Warner Pathe News
Newsreel stories reformatted for educational presentation, including the assassination attempt on President Harry S. Truman.

Eichmann trial, 1961/04/13
Eichmann trial for Holocaust crimes; judges speak indictments as Eichmann listens (partial newsreel).

San Francisco celebrates VE Day 1918
Newsreel footage from the Market Street celebration of the end of WWI in San Francisco, 1918.

News Magazine of the Screen: Atomic Energy - Warner Pathé News
Compilation of 1950s newsreel stories on atomic weapons testing, civil defense and nuclear energy.

Pathe News Christmas with Their Cameramen and Crews 'Round the World - Warner Pathe News
Newsreel cameramen from around the world wish the audience Merry Christmas.

Big 4 Resume Peace Talks, 1946/11/04
At Waldorf Astoria in New York, Molotov and Byrnes and others meet at round table (partial newsreel).

49th Star. Alaska Statehood, New Flag, Official, 1959/01/05
(1) Ike signed proclamation in White House, 49th star added to new staggered star design(partial newsreel).

Britain Mourns. Soccer Champs Die In Plane Crash, 1958/02/10
British plane on takeoff near Munich causes death of 25, including Manchester United soccer team. (partial newsreel).

Rally For Castro. One Million Roar 'Si' To Cuban Executions, 1959/01/22
Great crowd outside Presidential Palace in Havana approves executions of Batista officials; Castro addresses crowd (partial newsreel).

FDR Pledges Lasting Peace At Inaugural, 1945/01/22
FDR Pledges Lasting Peace At Inaugural, sound of FDR taking the oath and part of his speech (partial newsreel).

Kasavubu Hailed. Congo Federation Plan Target Of Controversy, 1961/03/20
Red China rally in Peking in protest of death of Lumumba in Congo, "giant propaganda shows" against UN (partial newsreel).

Byrnes Wants All To Share Peacemaking, 1946/10/17
Byrnes returns from peace conference, at airpost with his wife, meets with Truman, Byrnes speaks (partial newsreel).

West Coast Hails First World Series, 1959/10/05
Los Angeles Coliseum (glitch) - White Sox vs LA Dodgers in first baseball World's Series on West Coast (partial newsreel).

Income Tax Cut. Kennedy Hopes To Spur Economy, 1962/08/13
JFK speaks on his income tax cut that he wants to present to Congress in January next year (partial newsreel).

Junior Missilemen. Army Aids Teen Agers In Mass Rocket Shoot, 1959/03/09
Camp A.P. Hill VA model rocket meet for high school teenagers supported by Army (partial newsreel).

Highlights In the News, 1934/06/27
Armored car, trucks of soldiers, fighting in the streets (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration).

Denver, 1959/08/27
Denver model homes with built-in fallout shelter, bunk beds, air blower, CD sticker (partial newsreel).

Space Race. A. F. Snares Satellite Capsule In Mid-Air, 1960/08/22
Flying Boxcar snared capsule from orbit at 10,000 feet, satellite capsule reeled into plane (partial newsreel).

Free China. 10 years On Formosa, 1959/10/05
Nationalist China Taiwan prosperous after 10 years, agriculture, ship loaded, aluminum from bauxite, power from mountain rivers (partial newsreel).

Soviet's U.N. Proposals Answered, 1946/10/31
Molotov speaks in Russian at UN General Assembly in Flushing Meadows, Warren Austin speaks in English (partial newsreel).

Loyalty Day, New York City, 1967/05/02
Loyalty Day parade on Fifth Ave in New York, orig started as counter to communist May Day parades (partial newsreel).

President Tours. Kennedy Inspects Nuclear Bases, 1962/12/10
(1) JFK arrives at Omaha underground command post; helicopter to Los Alamos (2) snow storm hits East (partial newsreel).

New York, 1956/06/18
Avery Dulles ordained in New York by Archbishop Spellman, pictured with his father John Foster Dulles and Spellman (partial newsreel).

Weather Eye. Vanguard II Satellite Scans Sky From Space, 1959/02/19
Vanguard II satellite placed in nose cone of rocket, launched (partial newsreel, brief silence at start of story).

Panama-Pacific International Exposition
panoramic view of the PPIE on San Francisco's northern edge, 1915, as broadcast in a 1930s newsreel.

Castro 'Resigns' Mass Demonstrations Show His Power Secure, 1959/07/20
Castro announces his resignation as premier, but mass demonstrations result, made 4-hour broadcast attacking former president (partial newsreel).

Much Ado About Hair-Do’s - Universal-International Newsreel
San Mateo, California hairstylist Grivee demonstrates novelty hairdos, including the "Parakeet", "Number 9", and the "Swept-Wing".

Good-Will Swap. U.S.S.R. Film Premiere Opens Culture Exchange, 1959/11/02
Metropolitan theater in Washington DC hosts premier of Russian films, first Soviet-American cultural exchange program (partial newsreel).

[Largest Radio Transmitter Is Dedicated] - Universal-International Newsreel
U.S. Navy opens 1 megawatt transmitter in Cascade Mountains of Washington, known as 'Radio Jim Creek'.

Peace Corps. Kennedy Outlines Global Program, 1961/03/13
American exchange students already overseas helping with construction projects; JFK speaks about the Peace Corps (partial newsreel).

Air Force Gets A New Theme Song, 1957/12/09
Men's chorus sings U.S. Air Force Blue song under pictures of jets [provided by DOD] (partial newsreel).

Bernard Baruch Adviser To Presidents Is Dead At 94, 1965/06/21
Baruch sitting on park bench, made plea before Security Council of UN to ban nuclear weapons "choice between the quick and the dead" - with Ike (partial newsreel).

Airbase Shelled. Soviet Rockets Used In Attack, 1967/03/03
Da Nang air base attacked in Vietnam by 40mm rockets 7 miles away, 47 killed many from local village (partial newsreel)

5th Republic, New Era Dawns As De Gaulle Invested, 1959/01/12
De Gaulle new president of 5th Republic of France, has offered amnesty to Algeria rebels, speaks "vive la France" (partial newsreel).

Brussels World's Fair, 1958/03/17
Brussels World's Fair nearly completed, U.S. building is circular, vast diorama of Belgium countryside showing transformation from today to future (partial newsreel).

Explorer VI Paddle-Wheel Moon Puts Eye In The Sky, 1959/08/10
Explorer VI, the "Paddle-Wheel Satellite" is launched by Thor-Able rocket to elliptical orbit for a year (partial newsreel).

Soldier With Big Feet - Universal-International Newsreel
Soldier at Presidio of San Francisco wears size 16 AAA shoes; the army has none in stock in his size. Newsreel story.

Japan, 1964/10/12
(poor quality) Tokyo Winter Olympics opening ceremonies, Hirohito opens games, ringed flag raised, torch enters stadium, up 154 steps, lights flame, 8000 pigeons released (partial newsreel).

Philippines, 1959/03/09
(1) Russian trawlers in Philippines taken in tow by Philippine authorities (2) "Italy" single engine plane sets transatlantic record in Italy (partial newsreel).

Khrushchev's Mystery Trip To Albania, 1959/06/01
Khrushchev waves from plane in Albania, "the size of Maryland," applauds as he walks, "a major red get-together" (partial newsreel).

3rd Vanguard Successful - Moon Launcher, 1958/03/17
(1) Navy launched successful Vanguard satellite on 3-stage rocket after 2 recent failures, launch tiny 6-inch "moon"(partial newsreel).

Khrushchev Resigns, 1964/10/15
Khrushchev resigns, with Mao, Nasser, shakes fist at UN, pounds desk, Brezhnev to take over, "the red in the gray flannel suit", Brezhnev speaks (partial newsreel)

Mrs. FDR Tells One, 1943/09/30
"Eleanor Roosevelt convulses audiences as she relates a whopper involving the Japs and her husband." sound of Mrs. Roosevelt speaking. (partial newsreel)

Reconversion Outlook, 1945/08/16
(1) John Snyder speaks (2) Postwar Life In Berlin (3) Dawn of the Atomic Age - Trinity explosion in New Mexico. (partial newsreel)

Nuremberg War Crimes Trials Open, 1945/11/29
"Historic scene" of trials opening, Robert Jackson speaks, judge asks each defendant to plead either guilty or not guilty (partial newsreel).

West Front Activities, 1945/03/08
(1) Combat scenes (some sound missing) 2 planes crash on icy runway in snow, flooded rivers, muddy roads, infantry clear rubble-strewn streets, German prisoners(partial newsreel).

Roosevelt Urges Congress, 1939/09/20
scenes of interior of Congress in session, sound of FDR speaking to Congress to end the arms embargo in the partial newsreel without narration.

New York City, 1955/09/05
(1) Car show in NY of idea cars (2) Austria - "hotel on wheels" RV vehicle (3) "French Look" in 1956 styles - Algeria vs. France (partial newsreel).

French Air Show, 1957/06/06
Western Europe's greatest air show since WWII in Paris" France with 14 nations; twin-jet Tupolev, French jet, 4 jets fly overhead (partial newsreel).

Runyon Cancer Drive, 1947/05/19
(1) Drive opens May 19, with Walter Winchell (2) pledge of allegiance in Central Park (3) fiesta in Valencia Spain (partial newsreel).

1959 anniversary of 1953 East Berlin uprising
anniversary of 1953 East Berlin uprising celebrated in West Berlin, mayor Willy Brandt lays wreath, old film clips of '53 uprising (partial newsreel from 1959).

Nazi War Criminal Sentenced, 1945/10/22
(1) Dachau trial of Strasser; (2) Belgians Riot Over Politics (3) De Gaulle Visits Belgium - drives through Brussels with Prince Regent to royal palace (partial newsreel).

Pres. Truman Urges Wage Adjustment, 1945/11/01
(1) (silent except Truman's speech) (2) America Goes Back To Peace (3) Yamashita Tried For War Crimes (4) Support Your Victory Loan (partial newsreel).

Russia, 1961/05/11
Aviation display in Moscow, helicopter carries model of Gagrin spacecraft, new swept-wing bomber, jet fighter with rocket booster (partial newsreel).

Havana Rally. Peasants Mass To Support Castro, 1959/07/27
One million machete-wielding peasants" - "greatest mass rally ever staged in the western hemisphere" - Castro pitches in baseball game (partial newsreel).

World Shocked. Reds Threaten H-Bomb Tests, 1961/08/31
H-bomb explosion from stock footage, Adlai Stevenson speaks from UN, announcement is a "profound shock" and is "a dangerous tack" (partial newsreel).

New Moon. Reds Launch First Space Satellite, 1957/10/07
First report of Sputnik - animations of rocket used same animations as done for earlier report on the Vanguard story (partial newsreel).

Kennedy on Telstar. Europe /sees News Conference, 1962/07/23
Ground station dish for Telstar at Cornwall, interior, JFK press conference, JFK speaks about the satellite; animations of satellite transmitting (partial newsreel).

Akron, Ohio, 1958/07/24
Akron Ohio - world's largest blimp by Navy launched, carries radar antenna "a valuable addition for America's early warning system" (partial newsreel).

Reds Celebrate May Day, 1961/05/05
May Day parade in Moscow, Yuri Gagarin featured guest, on Kremlin stand with Khrushchev; Castro picture on float in parade (partial newsreel).

Formosa, 1961/10/16
"News in Brief" - Chiang Kai shek parade with rockets and soldiers, troops form sign of double 10 , in Nationalist China (partial newsreel).

The Wall, 1962/08/16
Big freedom bell rings in West Berlin on 1st anniv of Berlin Wall; checkpoints; U.S. army patrols in jeep; Brandt leads memorial services (partial newsreel).

New Diplomacy. Ike And Khrushchev To Exchange Visits, 1959/08/03
Ike special press conference, reads joint text, that Khrushchev has accepted invitation to visit U.S., and Ike will visit USSR (partial newsreel).

Hitler's Heyday, 1947/02/20
(1) Hitler Eva Braun private pictures (no sound) (2) Show biz Humanitarian award to Byrnes (3) Holland MI: Dutch tulip festival, parade (4) chimp circus (partial newsreel).

Suspense Story. Nat'l Press Club Hears Hitchcock, 1963/03/18
National Press Club in Washington DC with speaker Alfred Hitchcock, speaks humorously about his recent film "The Birds" his 50th movie - gets citation (partial newsreel).

Cosmonaut. Russian Orbits Globe17 Times, 1961/08/07
Titov returns from orbit, newspaper headlines, stock footage of rocket liftoff, recording equipment picked up Titov's voice, animation of space craft orbiting earth (partial newsreel).

First Private Atom Power Plant Opens - Universal-International Newsreel
Vallecitos Atomic Electric Power Plant, the first licensed nuclear power plant, opens at Pleasanton, Calif. on November 25, 1957.

Nixons Arrive and Depart San Francisco on Asian Trip - Universal-International Newsreel
Vice-President Richard Nixon and First Lady Patricia Nixon arrive in San Francisco and embark on plane for their fact-finding trip to Asia.

Relief Supplies for Korea - Universal-International Newsreel
Relief ship “Hawaiian Bear” sails from Port of Stockton (California), carrying cargo contributed by the American-Korean Foundation.

International Frog Jump at Angels Camp, California - Universal-International Newsreel
Famous frog-jumping contest memorialized in Mark Twain's short story "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County." Newsreel story presenting the 100th anniversary of the contest.

Hawthorne Ammunition Depot: Black Beauty Dam - Universal-International Newsreel
Dedication ceremony for dam built to supply water for Hawthorne Ammunition Depot, an isolated naval base in the Nevada desert.

Guide Dogs for the Blind - Universal-International Newsreel
Visit to Guide Dogs for the Blind, San Rafael, California: a school for training seeing-eye dogs to assist blind people.

Union Square, San Francisco Fashion Show - Universal-International Newsreel
1950s fashion show is staged on a runway set up in the middle of Union Square Park, San Francisco.

Orphaned Korean Boy Arrives in San Francisco - Universal-International Newsreel
5-year-old, adopted by former serviceman Bill Pond, arrives on the liner President Cleveland in San Francisco.

Amos Alonzo Stagg Honored on 95th Birthday - Universal-International Newsreel
Stagg meets postman at his front door, receiving flood of letters from well-wishers on his 95th birthday.

Red's 'Lunik' Hits The Moon, 1959/09/14
Soviet Russia launched rocket to moon (but picture is of V2 rocket, with film of earth below) - tape recorder with sound - animation (partial newsreel).

Missile Passes Test. Titan 3-C is Most Powerful Known, 1965/06/21
Launched with 2 solid fuel boosters on its sides, "tracking camera follows it with unbelievable clarity", and "a triumph for the Air Force" (partial newsreel).

Reds Free Professor. Home After 16 Days In Soviet Prison, 1963/11/18
JFK press conference, speaks about the unjustified arrest of the professor in Moscow; Prof Barkhorn? arrives on plane, returns to Yale campus in New Haven CT (partial newsreel).

2nd Atom Sub Sea Wolf Undergoes First Sea Trials, 1957/02/11
(1) Sea Wolf sub power plant may need replacement after shakedown cruise (2) coffee fiesta and parade and beauty pageant and comic bullfight in Colombia (partial newsreel).

Missile Bases. Castro Balks At U.N. Team, 1962/11/01
(1) U Thant returns to NY from meeting with Castro regarding Cuban Missile Crisis, speaks to press (2) Salinger at White House (partial newsreel).

Harbor Blaze. Chemical Blasts Rock Port of N.Y, 1959/09/10
Fire burns on Jersey City waterfront, chemical explosions, firement battle blaze, only a few hundred yards from the Black Tom explosion of WWI (partial newsreel).

50 Megatons. U.S. Protests New Red Test, 1961/10/19
(1)Russian H-bomb test announced by Khrushchev speech at 20th party congress; Dean Rusk speaks from UN that (2) "Animal Corner" in Siberia (partial newsreel).

Crisis Eases. Wary U.S. Awaits Missile Removal, 1962/10/29
(1) UN building, Russian Kusnetsov arrives, meets with U Thant, Cuban Missile crisis eases (2) De Gaulle wins referendum to elect President by popular vote (partial newsreel).

NATO War Games. Germany Is Stage For Big Winter Maneuvers, 1961/02/09
NATO maneuvers and war games in West Germany, helicopters land troops, march in snow, Honest John missile fired; tanks fire; drone target plane drops to ground (partial newsreel).

Space Mice. Plan 'Live' Satellite In 1st Recovery Test, 1959/05/21
Discoverer III to carry live mice, satellite assembled, "far-reaching radar will track the satellite" and flying boxcar will capture the satellite (partial newsreel).

Dalai Lama Greeted By Nehru, Again Blasts Reds, 1959/04/30
Nehru visits Dalai Lama in Tibet, rides horse (2) News In Brief - "Paris" Christian Herter visit French minstry for foreign ministers policy conference (partial newsreel).

Politics and Food. U.S. Feeds Dominicans, Power Struggle On, 1965/05/10
Uneasy truce in effect, struggle between rebels and military junta; Colonel Cabano trained in US; food distributed by troops (partial newsreel).

Johnson On Vietnam. Vows To Fight On Until Reds Parley, 1965/05/13
LBJ speaks to cartoonists at White House, wants to prevent "Chinese domination over all Asia" - pictures of peaceful Vietnam - LBJ speaks (partial newsreel).

Marines In Action. Dominican Rescue, Vietnam Offensive, 1965/04/29
(1) Rebel movement collapses in Dominican Republic, after U.S. Marines sent in (2) Marines in South Vietnam patrol around strategic air base of Danang (partial newsreel).

Atom Fallout. New Tests Begin As Safety Debate Rages, 1957/05/30
1) atomic test series begins over Nevada, blast at night in early dawn (2) Norwegian sailing ship arrives in NY, refloated after sunk by Nazis (partial newsreel).

First Pictures. Soviets Hail Space hero, 1961/04/19
(1) Yuri Gagarin arrives at Moscow airport in his first public appearance, greeted by Khrushchev, hugged, then stands on Lenin's tomb (2) Ike's return to Pennsylvania (partial newsreel).

Better Housing News Flashes (No. 7) - Pathe News
Theatrical short subject, newsreel-style, promoting the benefits of the National Housing Act for homebuilders, remodelers and would-be homeowners.

Eve of Battle, 1944/06/06
"Eve of Battle" Universal Newsreel, in full co-operation with the War Department, presents official pictures of the final military preparations for the launching of D-Day. A host of nations engage in the huge task. The invasion, in truth, is a United Nation's effort" (complete newsreel).

State Speeds Case Against Hauptmann, 1935/01/23
"Flemington, NJ: Witnesses connect the kidnap ladder with wood purchased by Hauptmann. The ancient Court House and its surroundings receive a wintry coating of white, but Col. Lindbergh braves the cold without hat or coat." man speaks for the defense; newsreel ending and NRA eagle. (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration).

Wilenz Sure Of Convicting Hauptmann, 1935/01/28
"Flemington, NJ: The Attorney-General declares himself satisfied that the state's completed case will result in the conviction of Hauptmann as the kidnapper and murdered of Lindbergh's son." - sound of prosecuter saying he has rested its case; newsreel ending (partial newsreel).

F.D.R. Warns of Fifth Column, 1940/05/27
"Washington, DC: Pres. Roosevelt tells the United States that it must be on guard against enemy agents and spies! He warns against prejudices which might be exploited by Fifth Columnists and pleads for aid and for peace for the entire world!" (speech sound) includes scene from Fireside Chat #15 and silent newsreel ending "Talk of the World" (partial newsreel).

Gen. Adolph Takes Over, 1942/01/07
"The cleverest anti-Nazi propaganda yet! You will howl with glee when you see and hear what our London newsreel friends have cooked up for Hitler and his goose-stepping armies. The 'Nasties' skip and sway in tune to the Lambeth Walk!" - humorous editing of German newsreels to make fun of Hitler and the Nazis (partial newsreel).

Red Cross Unit Bombed In Ethiopia, 1936/02/12
"Rain of Bombs Kills And Maims Red Cross Workers (Photographed by Howard Winner, Ace Universal Newsreel Cameraman) - Dolo, Ethiopia: Exclusive, authentic pictures graphically show the flaming terror hurled against a Red Cross field unit near Nugelli by Italian airmen. Bombs and machine-gun fire kill and cripple Swedish doctors and their Ethiopian assistants. Scores of wounded soldiers die as the raiders ignore Red Cross flags...

Huge Throngs Welcome Balbo, 1933/07/17
(Editor's Note: These remarkable pictures, including scenes taken from Universal Newsreel airplanes, represent the results of the greatest concentration of cameras and sound apparatus ever assembled by any newsreel.) Chicago, ILL: Unprecedented scenes at 'A Century of Progress Exposition,' where a million people, jamming the shore front of Lake Michigan, hail the Italian Air Minister and the intrepid crews of his twenty-four weaplanes upon the completion of their epochal mass flight from Orbetello.

Allied Victory Parade, 1946/06/10
(1) MacKenzie King of Canada and Churchill and King and Queen review parade in London; (2) Army reveals jewel theft of millions, stolen from European castle by American officers. (partial newsreel).

Bonn Hails Ike! Says U.S. Will Stand By Berlin, 1959/08/27
Bonn Germany welcomes Ike, meets Adenauer at airport, with Christian Herter; Ike speaks, that American people stand by their side for a free Berlin, sign along road "We Like Ike and Conny" (Chancellor Conrad Adenauer) (partial newsreel).

Red China, 1959/06/04
Films made by communist cameraman in China, shows Mao and other candidates in election of National People's Congress, with massive show in Peking of dancers and balloons (partial newsreel).

MacArthur Makes Good His Promise,1945/02/05
1) MacArthur speaks "I shall return," (4) 5,000,000 Servicemen Want V-Mail [sound]; original letters photographed to 16mm negative film, 1800 letters on each spool (partial newsreel).

New Mexico, 1961/11/30
at Carlsbad Caverns where nuclear bomb to be exploded, tunnel for Project Knome as prelim for Project Plowshare in future, "a major step in peaceful atomic use" (partial newsreel).

Big Four Turns Down Austria on Tyrol, 1946/06/24
(1) Council of Foreign Ministers meeting in Paris turned down transfer of Tyrol (2) Vinson new Chief Justice of Supreme Court sworn in on White house portico (partial newsreel).

Cuba Invaded. Foes of Castro Open Offensive, 1961/04/19
B-26 used by Cuban pilots; landed in Florida; in Cuba, rocket shells shown; Adlai Stevenson in UN denies any aggression; Guatemala training base; Castro in Cuba (partial newsreel).

Ike Denies U.S. lag In Missiles, 1957/10/10
(1) Ike speaks, that Vanguard is being developed, has never been a race, but part of IGY scientific work (2) Ike decorates Secretary Wilson with medal of Freedom, replaced by Neil McElroy (partial newsreel).

Red Fair Opens In New York, 1959/06/29
Russia Turboprop airliner brings Kozlov to New York to open Russian trade fair, Ike came for preview tour, shakes hands with Kozlov, models of sputniks and nuclear icebreaker ship (partial newsreel).

Space Secrets. new Rocket To Seek New Cosmic Data, 1956/09/31
1) Terrapin research 2-stage rocket launched from Virginia (2) "Nato College. Defense Students Inspect U.S. Units" - visit West Germany bases, airborne units land by parachut, rockets displayed (partial newsreel).

Queen Lauds 'Soldierettes', 1940/06/19
"England: Queen Elizabeth is an interested spectator at a colorful parade of 'Wats,' Women Auxiliary Territorial Service units, and cheers them with a spirited message of victory for the Empire!" (speech sound) (partial newsreel).

Nixon's Moscow Mission, 1959/07/23
(1) Nixon farewell conference with Ike at White house, to Baltimore Friendship airport with Hyman Rickover, Menshikov says goodbye, Nixon boards plane (2) NS Savannah nuclear ship commissioned, christened by Mamie before 15,000 spectators, cost $41 million (partial newsreel).

The Red Threat. President Orders Cuban Blockade, 1962/10/22
JFK speaks on Cuban Missile Crisis - "Soviet military buildup on the island of Cuba" - "a strict quarantine on all offensive military equipment has been initiated" - "clandestine, reckless" - JFK had meeting with Gromyko (partial newsreel).

McNamara On Vietnam. New Moves Counter Red Infiltration, 1965/04/26
McNamara points to Vietnam map, shows machine gun, shows photo of destroyed bridges, speaks that more North Vietnamese regular troops being sent into south, communists have lost 89,000 in last 4 years (partial newsreel).

Old-Fashioned Town Crier On Job Again, 1935/04/24
"Provincetown, Mass.: The brassy voice of this historic village's recently-appointed Town Crier forces attention to his recital of community news delivered in time-honored manner." (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration).

Loretta Young Trailer, 1942/11/23
On location with Loretta Young filming the movie "China," and the actress speaks about Women At War Week begins Nov. 22, a "call to arms for all American women" (partial newsreel).

New York City, 1959/08/27
News In Brief - Gertrude Ederle, 33 years ago returned from England having swum the English Channel, New York City's first ticker-tape parade in 1926, setting precedent for Lindbergh next year (partial newsreel).

Tel Aviv Israel, 1957-02-14
(1) Tel Aviv Israel protest against UN order to evacuate Gaza and Sinai in Mideast and Suez (2) Photoplay awards in los Angeles, to Rock Hudson as most popular actor (partial newsreel).

Hairdresser Wins Lottery, 1933/11/15
"Paris, France: Tense scenes as the lucky numbers are drawn in the great government-conducted gamble, won by Paul Bonhourse of Tarascon, who was awarded 5,000,000 frances, the equivalent of $307,000." (silent partial newsreel).

Florida, 1960/10/06
News in Brief - at Cape Canaveral, Thor Able missile launches Courier satellite that can rebroadcast messages, not just reflect them back like recent Echo; and Courier related a message from Ike to UN (partial newsreel).

"Scrap Rubber Needed" - F.D.R, 1942/06/15
"Washington, DC: President Roosevelt appeals to nation, urging citizens to save and turn in all scrap rubber to Government for use in vital war industries." sound of FDR speech (partial newsreel).

Management Labor Seek Agreement, 1945/11/08
(1) AFL's William Green speaks at Washington DC conference, Eric Johnston speaks (2) Berlin Faces Hard Winter (3) World's Biggest Cannon (4) Victory Loan Steams Full Speed Ahead (partial newsreel).

Triton Launched. Giant Sub First With Twin Nuclear Engines, 1958/08/21
1) Groton CT launch of USS Triton sub, 8th nuclear sub, with electronic gear and radar, not missiles or torpedoes (2) USS Enterprise old carrier was Halsey's WWII flagship, heads for scrap pile (partial newsreel).

Nixon's Triumphal Return, 1959/08/06
Nixon in open car in Poland, a quarter million line the tour route, Nixon's plane arrives in Washington, 4000 throng the airport, Nixon speaks, drives to White House, reports to Ike with Milton (partial newsreel).

Nazis Face War Crime Evidence, 1945/12/06
(1) Nuremberg trials continue, covered by cameras and press, chart shown of "entire Hitler dynasty" (2) German War Plant Razed - Gen. Truscott oversees blowing up of I.G. Farbin explosives factory (partial newsreel).

Navy Day!, 1946/10/21
Officers of tomorrow's navy trained, new radar-controlled glider bomb shown for first time, air-dropped sonar buoy with sub animation, trnsmitted to destroyer for depth charges (partial newsreel).

Nixon In U.S.S.R. Opening U.S. Fair, Clashes With Mr. K, 1959/07/27
Nixon escorts Khrushchev in Sokolniki park for opening of Moscow Fair, "crackling exchange" finished in front of Ampex tape recorders, "wave bye-bye", clips from debate (partial newsreel).

Civilian Defense Chief La Guardia Announces Plan, 1941/06/19
"New York, NY: The role of civilians in modern warfare is outlined by Defense Chief Mayor La Guardia. Every man, woman and child will have a job to do in case of attack." sound of La Guardia speaking (partial newsreel).

Reds Back Down Release 26 From Hijacked Airlines, 1958/03/10
(1) Panmunjon Korea hostages Hijacked Airlines from released, and another crisis due to shooting down of an American patrol jet (2) California USS Grayback sub equipped with Regulus missiles ("Regalus") (partial newsreel).

De Gaulle And Dulles Meet, 1958/07/07
(1) Premier Charles De Gaulle visits Algeria, Dulles arrives in Paris, meets with De Gaulle of France (2) East Germany - hostages being held (3) Nasser arrives in Yuguslavia to meet with Tito (partial newsreel).

Project Argus 'Greatest Experiment': 3 A-Blasts In Space, 1959/03/19
USS Norton Sound guided missile ship launches 1 of 3 missiles to explode A-bombs in space in secret Project Argus, experiment to develop ABM shield (partial newsreel).

The Olympics. U.S. Dominates Tokyo Games, 1964/10/15
National Gymnasium swimming pool for Don Schollander races, awarded gold medal; Dawn Fraser of Australia wins 3rd medal; backstroke race won by 3 Americans, 3 flags raised (partial newsreel).

Lumumba Seized. Followers Threaten New Congo Upheaval, 1960/12/05
(1) Lumumba returned to Leopoldville in Congo after caputre by soldiers of Mobutu in Africa (2) California - Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin arrive in California, recently married (partial newsreel).

Mikoyan In N.Y. No. 2 Red Sees City Under Heavy Guard, 1959/01/15
(1) Mikoyan good will 10-day mission starts in New York, in Macy's, to Wall Street, to UN building (2) News In Brief - St. Peters Cathedral new Episcopal bishop Lichtenberger installed (partial newsreel).

New York World's Fair, 1964/03/02
(1) New York World's Fair, symbolized by Unisphere, many bldgs yet to be completed, theme "peace through understanding" with 58 nations to participate, on same site as 1939 Fair (2) Grauman's Chinese Theater - Haley Mills leaves handprints (partial newsreel).

XE-142 vertical takeoff plane tested, 1965/02/11
(1) wounded from Pleiku attack arrive back in San Francisco, dependents return (2) Job Corps trainees arrive in Maryland, learn carpentry and welding, learn to drive bulldozer (3) XE-142 vertical takeoff plane tested (partial newsreel).

US Fires Biggest A-Bomb, 1957/07/08
(1)"U.S. Fires Biggest A-Bomb" - at Yucca Flats NV, balloon carries bomb aloft, cameras ready, explosion, marines in trenches (glitches) (2) Redstone rocket put on display at Grand Central Station (partial newsreel).

Ike Returns. Thousands Hail Him at Capital, 1955/11/14
1) Ike returns from 7-week hospital stay in Denver, speaks at Washington airport; also parade held in Gettysburg, crowd sings happy birthday to Mamie (2) new B-52 goes into service (partial newsreel).

Nixon In U.S.S.R. Views Red A-Ship Parries Hecklers, 1959/07/30
Nixon in Leningrad with Kozlov, handshaking, walking, visited factories, inspection of nuclear icebreaker Lenin, Rickover wanted to see reactors, Nixon with shipyard workers, "one of the most effective moments in Mr. Nixon's remarkable tour of Russia." (partial newsreel).

The President. 1st Pictures of ike Since His Illness, 1955/10/27
1) Ike poses for 1st pictures in Denver since Sept 24 heart attack (2) antitank T-101 vehicle with 90mm gun (3) fall fashions by Paul Gillette (partial newsreel).

U.S. Breaks Relations With Cuba, 1961/01/05
(1) Castro military parade in Cuba to mark his 2nd anniversary; Ike broke off diplomatic relations; Hagerty speaks (2) "Threat To Peace. World Watches Crisis In Laos" - fighting intensifies in buffer state Laos, government troops oust rebels (partial newsreel).

Pittsburgh Paralyzed By Strikes, 1946/10/03
(1) city crippled by strikes (2) Harriman Here For New Post, to be new Secretary of Commerce, Averill Harriman speaks (3) San Marino Decorates U.S. Admiral, world's smallest republic honors Admiral Stone for helping Italy (partial newsreel).

94 Die in Airplane Crash, 1947/06/02
(1) scenes of airplane crashes (2) Memorial to Anzio dead (3) Polish girls to Canada in labor exchange (4) Phalanx wins Belmont horse race (5) Indy 500 auto race (partial newsreel).

Roosevelt Welcomed Back At Capital, 1936/11/09
"Washington, DC: President Roosevelt receives an enthusiastic reception as he returns to the city following his triumphant re-election. The Chief Executive thanks the Nation for its support, through a newsreel interview." some sound of FDR speaking.

As World Watched. Spaceman Hailed After U.S. Triumph, 1961/05/08
Alan Shepard flight on Mercury, given medal by JFK at White House, Jackie had to remind him to pin the medal on, parade up Pennsylvania Ave, Shepard as "space pioneer" (partial newsreel).

FDR Buys First Baby Bond, 1935/03/04
"Washington, DC: The President launches the Government's new 'Bargain Sale' by purchasing $25 certificates of the new issue from Postmaster General Farley whil Secretary of the Treasury Morgenthau looks on" (partial newsreel).

Akron Disaster, 1933/04/04
Navy dirigible Akron crashed in the ocean near the New Jersey coast April 4, 1933, during a storm. Only 3 survived out of a crew of 76 men (silent partial newsreel).

Berlin, 1961/08/31
News in Brief story on Berlin, showing pictures of US soldiers and tanks and British troops who convoy boy going to school, building Berlin Wall, young couple waves from window (partial newsreel).

Air Victims Come Home, 1946/09/17
1) "Washington DC: The mortal remains of five American airmen, shot down by Tito's fighter planes over Yugoslavia, arrive by plane from Europe. An honor guard escorts the caskets to Arlington National Cemetery" (partial newsreel).

Atlas In Orbit. Radios Ike's Message Of Peace To World, 1958/12/22
Atlas missile launched from Cape Canaveral on secret mission at night, goes into orbit by its own guidance system, carries new communications system, broadcasts Ike's message from satellite in space, actual sound of Ike's voice heard (partial newsreel).

President Speaks To The Nation, 1933/05/08
"Washington, DC: In a dramatic newsreel interview at the White House, the Chief Executive reviews the accomplishments of his two-months-old administration, promising further leislation designed to better economic conditions throughout the United States and to improve the financial standing of the industrial worker, the farmer and others." President Promises Better Wages For Industry Workers - scenes include FDR speaking Fireside Chat 2.

Cameraman Risks Life To Film 'Sub' In Striking Speed Tests, 1933/10/18
"In the Pacific: Exclusive pictures off the California Coast as Mervyn Freeman, Universal Newsreel staff photographer, takes remarkable pictures of sensational diving maneuvers while lashed to the periscope of the Navy's largest submarine, Narwahl, and remarkable interior views of the underwater boat as its crew frantically manipulates the intricate mechanism to maintain an even keel at a time when an error of a few degrees might prove fatal to the man above" (silent partial newsreel).

President Reports To Nation On The Progress Of Recovery, 1934/06/27
"Washington DC: The Chief Executive, through Universal Newsreel, makes another characteristic 'intimate' talk to the people of the United States, giving an account of his stewardship and outlining his plan to spur national business recovery." sound of FDR speaking Fireside Chat #5. (2) Highlights In the News - Armored car, trucks of soldiers, fighting in the streets (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration).

Attlee Here For Parley, 1945/11/13
(1) meeting in Washington DC with Jimmy Byrnes, greeted at White House by Truman, at Arlington Cemetery for Armistice Day, Attlee and Canadian PM King put wreaths on Tomb of Unkonwn Soldier (2) President's New Yacht - USS Williamsburg refitted, built in 1941 as private yacht, then served as gunboat; (3) 3-Wheeled Car Tested (4) Jet Aircraft Sets Record - Britain's Meteor timed over 70-mile course at 400+ mph.

Nazi Film Shows V-2 Rocket Test, 1946/05/02
"Nazi Rocket Backfires - Germany: These amazing films, found in Germany, show V-2 rocket launchings against enemy targets. One of the giant missiles backfires and explodes in the launching site, killing scores." - scenes from captured Nazi films (partial silent newsreel).

Norman Alley's Bombing of USS Panay Special Issue, 1937/12/12
(1) Reel 1 - "Nanking" (2) Reel 2 - "Uncensored!!! Unedited!!! The U.S.S. Panay Bombing in its entirey - exactly as photographed!" (this newsreel special is 22 minutes long, with music and narration).

Farmer Plays Tune With Hands, 1933/10/11
Chicago: Exclusive sound pictures of Cecil H. Dill, of Traverse Coty, Michigan, an aspiring radio artist demonstrating his ability to render popular melodies by pressing his hands together. Dill modestly tells how he discovered his unusual talent (partial newsreel).

Deanna Durbin Appeals For Donations, 1940/07/01
"Universal City, California: Deanna Durbin takes time off from production of her new picture, 'Spring Parade,' to make an appeal for donations to the war relief fund" (partial newsreel).

Bulgaria's King Dies, 1943/08/30
Late King Boris - "Historic photographs show scenes from the stormy reign of Bulgaria's ill-fated King Boris, who made a deal with the Nazis and lost" (partial newsreel).

F. D. R. Sees Fear Vanishing, 1935/04/29
"Washington DC: The President again addresses the nation, expressing optimism and outlining his program to expedite work relief to all sections of the country", sound of FDR speaking Fireside Chat 7 (partial newsreel).

Knife-Thrower and Children - Universal-International Newsreel
Texas: Knife-thrower Louella Gallagher throws knives at her daughters Connie Ann, 5, and Colleena Sue, 2-1/2, missing them skillfully as the knives enter a board.

X-15 Aloft. First Free Flight Of Manned Space Plane, 1959/06/11
Edwards AFB B-52 takes X-15 aloft under its wing, is "cut loose over Mojave Desert" landed by Scott Crossfield (2) Connecticut - Groton CT launch of USS George Washington Polaris sub (partial newsreel).

Dedication. Warren, Hoover, Hail New Truman Library, 1957/07/08
Truman Library dedicated in Independence MO, with Chief Justic Earl Warren, in Masonic ritual, also Eleanor Roosevelt and Sen. Knowland, Hoover and Truman shake hands, Truman with Churchill picture, and 1948 election newspaper photo (partial newsreel).

'Dead' A-Bomb Hits U.S. Town, 1958/03/13
(1) B-47 a-bomb fell on house in SC, first such accident (2) Los Angeles - automatic control of machine tool production line, using punched tape, developed by Hughes Aircraft Company (partial newsreel).

Lend-Lease Bill Passed, 1941/03/11
"Washington, DC: Epochal scenes in the Senate chamber, following passage of the much-debated bill to aid England. Spokesmen of opposing factions comment on the outcome!" (speech sound) (partial newsreel).

America on Wheels
Explores the effects of the advent of the motor car in America and some of the motorist's early problems, including frail, flat tires and frequent breakdowns. Newsreel compilation - original title "Coming of the Auto".

Spanish Revolution Anniversary, 1957/04/08
(21) 18th anniversary of end of Spanish revolution in Spain, Franco and daughter watch soldiers, "the caudillo looks on with pride, 18 years of peace and rebuilding" (2) Reno NV - first midget convention (partial newsreel).

Hauptmann Testifies, 1935/01/30
Flemington NJ - (long title card) "With bated breath, millions and millions have anxiously awaited the sensational day in this terrific trial! Millions upon millions want to hear and see and know exactly what happened and how! 'What does Bruno Hauptmann say? ... How does he look? ... What will be the jury's and public's reaction to his testimony?' For weeks every newspaper has front-paged and built up this tremendous real-life drama! Now Universal Newsreel takes it out of the imagination.

Von Papen Adds Vote To Victory, 1935/01/23
"Saarbruecken, Saar: The German Ambassador to Austria adds his ballot to the hundreds of thousands cast by Saarlanders returning the rich mining district to the Reich." (2) State Speeds Case Against Hauptmann - "Flemington, NJ: Witnesses connect the kidnap ladder with wood purchased by Hauptmann. The ancient Court House and its surroundings receive a wintry coating of white, but Col. Lindbergh braves the cold without hat or coat." man speaks for the defense; newsreel ending and NRA eagle.

U.S. To Guard Greenland, 1941/04/12
"Washington, DC: Signing of an agreement between the U.S. and the Danish Minister in this country is a vital step in hemisphere defense. Despite Nazi-inspired threats from Denmark, the treaty will probably stand. Danish Minister Kauffmann explains the agreement." (2) World of Sports - "Washington, DC: President Roosevelt throws in the first ball as the Big League season gets underway. The N. Y. Yankees and the Washington Senators trade wallops, with the Yanks winning, 3-0".

The Battle of France, 1944/06/26
"Allies Advance in France With the Allies in France, Shortly after United Nation troops establish their beachhead, King George visits the front and General Charles De Gaulle is cheered by local populace. Thousands of prisoners are captured as take Cherbourg" (partial newsreel).

Summit Crisis. Mr. K. In Ugly Mood Over U-2 Incident, 1960/05/16
(1) wreckage of U-2 of Gary Powers on display in Moscow, Khrushchev with press; Khrushchev arrives in Paris "in ugly mood"; Ike arrives "unsmiling" and speaks at airport, Khrushchev "insulting tirade" torpedoed the summit talks (no pics of Khrushchev)(2) France launched world's largest passenger liner, the SS France, commissioned by Madam De Gaulle (partial newsreel).

At the Summit, 1955/07/18
(1) Big 4 arrive at Geneva summit conference: Eden, Faur (pronounced "four"), Ike speaks at airport " I come armed with good will of America"; Khrushchev and Bulganin, armillary sphere outside Geneva (2) Chicago air crash killing 22 of 43 aboard (3) Des Moine Iowa visit by Russians to farms (4) Miss Universe parade, led by 1954 Miss Universe Miriam Stevenson (partial newsreel).

First U.S. Satellite Launched! 1958/02/03
(1) Cape Canaveral launch of 30-pound Explorer satellite by 3-stage Redstone missile, press conference with von Braun and Van Allen with model, night time launch showing spinning satellite on top of rocket (2) "Egypt, Syria Merge In New Arab Republic" - Nasser and Kawakli? of Syria meet in Cairo to form UAR with 30 million population, sign at table - mideast (partial newsreel).

Fight Rages On Wallace Appointment, 1945/01/25
Appointment (1) debate over Henry Wallace; (2) WAC Medical Units Needed; (3) Personalities in the News, Maj. Gen. Weidermeier, Maj. Gen. Patrick Hurley and Chiang Kai Shek, Anthony Eden, Churchill; (4) Fire Damages Naval Piers; in Norfolk VA (5) Streamlined Gravy Train; universal feeder for hungry babies in Mass.(6) New Buzz Bomb Gets 1st Test; inspected by H. Ford II (complete newsreel).

A Day in History. Telstar Brings World Closer, 1962/07/12
Telstar satellite, 170 lbs, receives signal from Andover Maine, retransmit to Cornwall in Europe, launched on Delta rocket for ATT at cost of $50 million, pictures of ground station (either Maine or Cornwall), 1st TV pictures of dome at Andover transmitted (partial newsreel).

Big Four's Peace Meet Open Again, 1946/06/17
(1) Bevin, Molotov, Jimmy Byrnes, France's George Bidaut meet for conference (2) 100 Years of Peace - centennial and peace arch of treaty between U.S. Canada estalishing boundary (3) Peron Takes Office - in Argentina, reviews army and navy (partial newsreel).

Army-Navy Agree On Merger, 1947/01/20
(1) Secretaries Forrestal and Patterson plan merger (2) Greeks Suffer Losses - fighting on Greek - Bulgaria frontier (3) Byrnes Says Farewell - signs treaties (4) Governorship Feud - Georgia dispute between Ellis Arnold and Herman Talmadge (5) Finery For Small Fry - child fashion show (6) Local: Fashions in Furs - mink fox in Vancouver (complete newsreel).

A New Nation. Gold Coast becomes Ghana In Ceremony, 1957/03/07
(1) people celebrate new Africa state of Ghana, Nixon visits Nkruma and Adam Clayton Powell, UN rep Ralph Bunch, first beauty queen Miss Ghana (2) ship accident in Delaware river, Navy tanker hit freighter (3) Princess christend in Monaco, daughter of Grace Kelly (4) Mardi Gras in New Orleans (partial newsreel).

Hats in Ring: Knowland, Knight Declare Candidacy - Universal-International Newsreel
Senator William Knowland (publisher, Oakland Tribune) announces candidacy in the Republican primary for Governor of California. Incumbent Governor Goodwin Knight accuses him of national ambition. Attorney General Edmund G. Brown, running unopposed for the Democratic nomination, sits in the sides “quite satisfied with the situation as he finds it” .

Kansas, 1957/04/04
1) Salk vaccine being administered, to babies, twin girls, Indians of Oklahoma (2) Thomas Gates become Secy Navy at Pentagon, Radford replaced by Twining, arrival of Brazil general Vaza to consult defense planners, Ike given medal by Pan-American Society (partial newsreel).

U.S.S. Forrestal, 1955/09/01
Faulty Bearings Mar Super-Carrier's Test DESCRIPTION: (1) USS Forrestal ready for shakedown cruise, built over last 3 years, CV-69 aircraft carrier (2) entire tribe of Berbers surrenders in North Africa - Algeria vs. France (3) Audie Murphy at VFW parade and premier of "To Hell and Back" film (partial newsreel).

U.S. Recognizes Soviet Russia, 1933/11/20
"Washington, DC: In a striking interview Maxim Litvinoff, Communist emissary to America, expresses his pleasure at President Roosevelt's move establishing diplomatic relations with the USSR and praises William C. Bullitt of Philadelphia, who has been named first ambassador to Moscow." sound of Litvinov speaking (partial newsreel),

Roosevelt Addresses Boy Scouts, 1935/02/11
President Hails Scouting At 25th Anniversary Fete - "Washington, DC: The Chief Executive radios a congratulatory message to members of the Boy Scouts of America all over the United States on the occasion of the great youth movement's silver jubilee." (partial newsreel)

Flood Relief. President Inspects Area and Speeds Aid, 1955/08/25
(1) Ike inspects flood damage in northeast after hurricane Connie, damage in billions, and the digging out begins (2) "Rebellion Spreads in North Africa" - 1700 dead fighting French soldiers in Algeria (3) Saar elections (4) train from Boston to Montreal derailed near Lowell MA (5) new Marine tank destroyer (partial newsreel).

Roosevelt Warns Axis, 1943/08/26
The momentous Ottawa conferences are brought to a stirring clase as President Roosevelt advises the Fuehrer to surrender now or face the calamitous ruin which has just been planned for him". - FDR, Churchill at the first Quebec (Quadrant) conference, sound of FDR speech (partial newsreel).

World-Wide News Events, 1938/04/20
FDR Pleads For Democracy - "Washington, DC: Asking for important new appropriations for the relief of unemployment, the President points out that Democracy has disappeared in many countries because of weak, confused Government." scenes of FDR speaking Fireside Chat 12 (partial newsreel).

Mussolini Executed, 1945/04/30
Mussolini Executed - "Il Duce Obit 1945 - Benito Mussolini orates before his Black Shirt Legions and confers with his arch conspirator, Hitler. Reverses strike and Hitler rescues him from the Allies. Currently, he returns to Milan only to be tried and killed in the same inglorious way that he had meted out punishment to his political foes" (partial newsreel).

President Proclaims Nat'l Defense Week For All Americans, 1941/11/03
President Proclaims Nat'l Defense Week For All Americans - Hyde Park, NY: sound of FDR speaking, declares week of Nov. 11-16 as National Defense Week, says we are united against the "would-be dictators of the world" (partial newsreel).

Reds Rout Nazis, 1943/09/02
"The fifth year of the war sees invincible Russia triumphant over the enemy as the Nazis are steadily repulsed and forced to retreat from every front." scenes with some sound include artillery and injured infantry; fighter plane shot down; tanks advance, cavalry, flamethrower, dead soldiers (partial newsreel).

Laos Crisis. Kennedy-Gromyko Voice Peace Hopes, 1961/03/27
Laos crisis brings Macmillan to meet JFK; Gromyko arrives at White House, pose with JFK, Gromyko speaks to the press in Russian, translated into English, speaks about Laos and policy of neutrality; Gromyko responds in English to reporters questions (partial newsreel).

Torpedoes Launched From Air, 1933/10/23
"San Diego CA: Extraordinary scenes in the Pacific as Naval planes from the USS Saratoga fire two-thousand-pound projectiles at moving targets while traveling at terrific speed a few feet off the water, in a startling demonstration of a new style in sea warfare." scenes of plane taking off from aircraft carrier - no sound (partial newsreel).

Inauguration Highlights, 1965/01/25
(poor quality) "Johnson Pledges End of Tyranny" - Inauguration of LBJ, car cavalcade to Capital, band plays Hail to the Chief, Humphrey takes oath from Speaker John McCormack, Chief Justice Earl Warren gives oath to LBJ as Lady Bird holds Bible of his mother, LBJ inaug speech is short, speaks against isolation, parade (complete newsreel).

Mrs. F.D.R. In Red Cross Appeal, 1940/05/22
"Washington, DC: In a stirring appeal to the public to donate $10,000,000 to the Red Cross War Relief Fund, Mrs. Roosevelt says that the horrors of war abroad make necessary contributions from all Americans!" (sound of Eleanor Roosevelt speaking) (partial newsreel).

World-Wide News Events, 1938/06/27
"Washington, DC: In his 13th 'Fireside Chat,' President Roosevelt denies that he, as President, will enter the primary fight, but asserts his right as party Chief to speak in defense of the liberal Democratic platiform." scenes of FDR speaking Fireside Chat 13 (partial newsreel).

Kennedy Elected, 1960/11/10
(poor quality) 67 million go to polls on election day, Ike votes, JFK and Jackie vote, Nixon and Pat vote in Whittier, Nixon speaks from his election HQ and concedes defeat; Kennedy wins; JFk speaks, to all Americans I say the next 4 years will be difficult, and the supreme national efort will be needed (cut off) (partial newsreel).

Vet Revives 'Dead' Scottie, 1936/05/13
"New York City: During one of the most unusual stomach operations ever performed on a dog, Scotch terrier Sandy starts a journey to Limbo, but a quick-acting veterinary brings the animal back to life and later makes a successful blood transfusion on the dog" (partial newsreel).

Navy's Biggest Airplane, 1946/08/23
"Burbank CA: The wraps are taken off the new Lockheed 'Constitution,' 168-passenger plane built for the Navy and soon ready for test flights. The 92-ton dreadnaight will be able to fly to Tokyo in 19 hours" scenes of the Navy land-based transport airplane. (partial newsreel).

Space Race. U.S. In Lead With 4.000-Mile Rocket, 1957/10/28
(1) Operation Farside, test of rocket fired from balloon to carry instruments, 5th attempt successful to launch balloon, rocket blasts off from balloon (2) MacMillan speaks, following visit with Ike (no lip sync) (3) Ike makes Atoms for Peace award to Neils Bohr (partial newsreel).

New Dirigible on Trial Flights, 1933/04/24
Akron, Ohio: Striking views of the official tests of the USS Macon, the largest airship in the world, just completed for the U.S. Navy. She is a sister ship of the wrecked Akron" (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration).

Eisenhower Says We Must Back Victory, 1946/06/03
"Washington DC; In a stirring plea to the nation, on the second anniversary of D-Day, our Chief of Staff lauds our fighting men for the victorious past and calls on the nation's your to enlist". Chief of Staff Ike speaks, just back from tour (partial newsreel).

President Buys First Bond, 1941/05/01
President Launches Sales Campaign For Nat'l Defense Bonds - "Washington, DC: President Roosevelt purchases the first 'defense' bond from Treasury Secretary Morgenthau, and issues a dramatic appeal to all Americans to back their country's national defense savings drive 100 per cent." FDR speaks on defense bonds and defense saving stamps (partial newsreel).

Noted Speed Pilot Killed, 1934/06/25
"Paterson, LA: James R. Wedell, who set many aviation records, including several astounding racing marks at the Cleveland air shows, dies when his plane, in which he was giving instruction to a student flier, crashes from a 300-foot altitude" (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration).

Commander Describes Akron Tragedy While Navy Search Goes On, 1933/04/06
"Washington DC: An impressive description, in his first official screen interview, by Lieut. Commander H. V. Wiley, one of the survivors of the ill-fated Akron, in which he tells in vivid words, how the appalling disaster occurred" (speech sound only of this partial newsreel).

The Cuban Crisis, 1962/10/25
Adlai Stevenson at UN speaks on Cuban Missile Crisis; Castro builds up defenses in Cuba; cameras installed in airplane, photos show details, MiG-21 jets, OAS endorsed US in 20-0 vote, Dean Rusk shown at this meeting; Guantanamo base marines arrive; UN building exterior, Adlai Stevenson speaks (complete newsreel).

U. S. Will Keep Faith Says Byrnes, 1947/01/13
(1) Byrnes speech for peace, pro-UN (2) Tokyo reds demonstrate (3) War Hazard Eliminated - sodium chemical disposed in lake explosion (4) New Safety Fire Escape device (5) All-American Air Spectacle - air show, jet takeoff (6) Amateur Sluggers - golden gloves boxing (complete newsreel).

World-Wide News Events, 1938/07/06
"Burbank, CA: Howard Hughes, wealthy aviator, takes off for New York in his 'round the world' plane. New York, NY: A big crowd welcomes the sportsman pilot when he flies in from the Coast". Some sound when Hughes briefly speaks. (partial newsreel).

Welles Off To Panama, 1939/09/18
"Brooklyn, NY: The Underscretary of State sails on the SS Santa Clara, with others in the American delegation to attend the 21-Nation conference at Panama on hemispheric solidarity and neutrality action in the new war" (sound of Sumner Welles speaking in the partial newsreel without narration).

Great Throngs Hail Crack Regiment , 1933/09/26
Chicago, IL: Impressive views of the Canadian Essex Scottish fighting unit, wearing plaid kilts designed for the ancient clan of McGregor, marching along the Avenue of Flags at the Century of Progress Exposition, during an official visit to the Fair (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration).

"Five and Ten" Princess Home Again, 1934/11/28
"New York City: The former Barbara Hutton reaches the United States after extensive honeymoon travels abroad. She is unaccompanied by Prince Mdivani, her Georgian husband, who is in India playing polo." scenes of man telling Hutton where to stand, in front of mics.(partial newsreel).

Czechs Fight For Freedom, 1945/07/09
(1) Partisans rose up 5 days before VE day against Germans, then Russians entered Prague, Benes arrived home (2) Britain's Wall of Fire - planned to protect British coastline in case of invasion (3) La Guardia Reads The Funnies - New York mayor shown reading Sunday comics, telling Dick Tracy story aloud into WNYC radio mic (complete newsreel).

Yanks Close On Manila, 1945/02/01
1) Combat in the Philippines (2) Allies Step Up Attack On West Front; gasoline pipeline keeps trucks going, dead Nazis and captured Germans; (3) Teen-Age Fashions; (4) Yanks Take Brides In Australia; (5) Dimes Drive Spurred By FDR Birthday (complete newsreel).

Gen. Pershing Urges U.S. Rush Planes, Arms To The Allies, 1940/06/10
"Washington, DC: Gen. John J. Pershing, commander of the A.E.F. in France, says the 'Allies are fighting a war for civilization' and urges the country to send them unlimited supplies of planes, arms and ammunition!" (speech sound) (partial newsreel).

Expo 67 'Monument To Man' Opens In Canada
(May, 2 1967: Release date for this film)
Expo 67 the largest world's fair ever opens in Canada, on two man-made islands in St. Lawrence River, on 100th anniversary of Canada, jets fly overhead, waterfalls (partial newsreel) Related dates: April 27, 1967: Inaugural Ceremonies for Expo 67 April 28, 1967: Expo 67 opens to the public May 2, 1967, release date for this film.

2,000-MPH Jet. Johnson Reveals U.S. Super Plane, 1964/03/02
LBJ press conference, 1st since taking office 100 days ago, speaks about the A-11, tested at 2,000 mph, at 70,000 ft - still pictures of the A-11 - used titanium metal, also shared with SST program (partial newsreel).

Walk Out. Hungarian puppets Quit UN Assembly, 1956/12/13
(1) UN General Assembly, Hungarian foreign minister walks out (2) satellite prepared for outer space, model of 72-ft rocket (3) Hungarian refugees arrive in San Francisco for resettlement (4) preview of film "Battle Hymn" story of Dean Hess, played by Rock Hudson (5) Ike golfing at Augusta National with Canadian PM (partial newsreel).

Pres. Roosevelt Urges National Unity, 1938/11/07
"Hyde Park, NY: Pres. Roosevelt, in a vigorous speech on the eve of elections, warns the nation that in these troubled times, democracy must be a positive force in order to maintain liberty against military aggression abroad." sound of FDR speaking (partial newsreel).

March Of Events In Congo Crisis, 1960/08/04
(1) Belgian paratroops withdrawn from Congo arrive at Belgium airport, march in parade (2) New Jersey - new antenna receivers will bounce message off moon back to earth - dish at Owndown NJ receives signal from California sent to moon - audio of telephone call made from Bell Labs, with 5-second delay (partial newsreel).

Protests Galore!, 1967/05/05
(1) Vietnam protest demonstration in Britain; also at Madrid University in Spain, burned American flag; also 4000 in Detroit at "love-in" and "be-in" with hippies and wild constumes (2) News In Brief - U.S. jet bombers hit North Vietnam targets (3) May Day parade in Moscow, Premier Kosygin (partial newsreel).

Castro Triumphs. Havana Crowds Hail Success Of Revolt, 1959/01/05
Fidel Castro "emerged triumphant after two years guerilla warfare", dictator Batista fled, 26 July movement named after his first attack in 1953; first rebels entered Havana after Batista resigned, at first peaceful, but then parking meters and casinos and wealthy homes attacked (partial newsreel).

Nautilus sub returns to New York, 1958/08/23
(1) Nautilus sub returns to New York harbor, after North Pole transit and transatlantic crossing, 60 Navy wives missed husbands since April, Admiral Rickover greets Capt Anderson (2) new helicopter carrying topedo takes off from destroyer to hunt subs, rather than using depth charges. (3) 1st Boeing jet transport with noise suppresoor arries from Puerto Rico (partial newsreel).

The Olympics. U.S. Widens Tokyo Lead, 1964/10/19
(1) brief shot of Harold Wilson of Britain (2) Tokyo Olympics as Hirohito watches; Sharon Studer wins 3rd medal in butterfly swim race; platform diving won by Leslie Bush; track events include 100 meter spring won by Hayes - slow motion of finish; women's 100 meter (partial newsreel).

Space Monkeys Meet Press After Missile Mission, 1959/06/01
Cape Canaveral flight of 2 monkeys Baker and Able in test of nose cone re-entry, night launch of rocket, capsule fished from waters of Caribbean, Navy tug makes recovery, opened, monkeys removed unharmed, Baker is tiny squirrel monkey and Able is rhesus monkey (partial newsreel).

Deadlock. East-West Tensions Stymie Geneva Meet, 1955/10/31
(1) Big 4 Foreign Ministers conference at Geneva, including Israel, Czechoslovakia; Dulles attacks Russia (2) San Francisco Radiological Defense Lab (3) doodle bug bikers (partial) (4) JATO helps radio-controlled plane take-off, with pictures from the drone (partial newsreel).

Pennsylvania, 1957/11/04
(1) Santa Claus arrives in Allentown PA fair in space ship and kids with sputnik helmets (2) seven-foot French basketball player, Bing Crosby unveils his library at Gonzaga (3) Korean mother of pilot who defected with MiG (4) Canada family has 17 children (partial newsreel).

White Sands NM V-2 rocket, 1946/11/21
White Sands NM V-2 rocket with camera makes film of earth as rocket rises and spins, 65 miles down, shows curvature of earth, "An observer in the rocket could have seen San Diego, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, and San Antonio" (partial newsreel).

News Highlights of 1960, 1960/12/31
(1) Algeria, South Africa, Congo, Japan riots against mutual defense treaty with America, secret reconaissance of Russia ended with U-2 of Gary Powers; Khrushchev at UN; Castro in Cuba; British Princess Margaret married a commoner; JFk baby; earthquakes; 2 airliners fell on New York City; JFK defeated Nixon (complete newsreel).

President Visits Foresters, 1933/08/14
"Shenandoah National Park, VA: Unusual scenes in the Blue Ridge Mountains as Mr. Roosevelt inspects the Civilian Conservation Corps' Camps, greeting the recruits and dining with them", scenes of FDR in car, eats with the CCC boys, FDR speaks (partial newsreel).

Navy Tests Twin Jet Fighter, 1948/11/22
"Patuxent, MD: The Chance Vought XF7U, odd-looking jet fighter plane, goes aloft for spectacular test flights. Swept-back wings and absence of conventional fuselage give the speedy craft a wierd appearance, on the ground and in flight." (no sound) (partial newsreel).

Anglo-U.S. Amity. U.S.-British Pledge United Front, 1961/04/06
1) At White House, Macmillan meets with JFK; Wise Men pose (2) Soviet films of rocket test, animals, mice, dogs; capsule parachutes to ground; high altitude test only, not space orbit (3) Siberia visited by Khrushchev, given sheep, corn (4) B-47 bomber test of remote control system (5) Bonx Zoo (6) Sports - Germany vs Holland women's soccer (complete newsreel).

Help Needy Says First Lady, 1933/11/01
"Chicago: Impressive scenes as Mrs. Roosevelt, speaking before 8,000 members of the Illinois Federation of Professional and Women's Clubs, urges women throughout the nation to aid the destitute unemployed by co-operating with local unemployment committees in their fund raising efforts." sound of Eleanor Roosevelt speaking (partial newsreel).

California, 1959/04/30
(1) China Clipper flying boat left San Francisco 24 years ago, on first transpacific scheduled flight, today Hawaii celebrated the anniversary (2) "Tropical Fashion Holiday" in the Antilles (3) "Zoo Parade. Cubs And Kids Cutting Capers" - zoo penguins, monkeys, seals, lions, polar bear, tigers, Children's Zoo (partial newsreel).

Balbo Nears American Goal, 1933/07/12
"Chicago IL: Graphic and exclusive views of the Century of Progress Exposition as thrilled throngs watch repairs for the Italian Air Fleet making progress in the history-making flight from Italy to the United States." (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration).

Anzac In Curious Racial Mix-Up, 1933/10/16
Sydney, Australia: Unusual close-ups of a remarkable human enigma - Ernest Soong Soong Yee, an Australian, born in New South Wales, whose parents died while in China and who was adopted by a Chinese family and brought up as a Celestial. He needs an interpreter to converse with his fellow-citizens in the land of his birth." (partial newsreel).

America Not Secure Against Brute Force Says Cordell Hull, 1940/05/15
"Washington, DC: Cordell Hull, Secretary of State, warns Americans to re-arm, to prepare against the threat of 'brute force'! Meanwhile, Gen. John J. Pershing, head of our Army during the World War, returns to lend his weight to speeding defense measures" (sound of Hull speaking) (partial newsreel).

Big Da-Dit-Da Class Graduated At New Naval Radio School (exclusive), 1941/03/06
"Noroton, CT: Several hundred enlisted men complete a course in radio engineering at the U.S. Navy school here and graduate as radio operators. Listen to them as they learn their 'Da-Dit-Das'." includes some sound of Morse code (partial newsreel).

Baghdad pact. Unified Military Command Seen, 1958/01/30
(1) Dulles arrives in Ankara for Baghdad alliance meeting, bombs set off, scenes of meeting as "US pledges $10 million for new communications system" - mideast (2) Cape Canaveral - new tracking camera 15 miles away tracks launching of Thor rocket, "a far-seeing eye to match the power of our rockets" (partial newsreel).

Allies Close On Rome, 1944/06/01
"After the ruins, which had been Cassino, are entered, we see the Allied Generals Alexander, Mark Clark, Truscott, Juin et al in conference. As we roll forward with their troops, significant signs mark out enemy mines, booby traps...and the road to Rome" (partial newsreel).

Anti-War Demonstrators Storm Pentagon, 1967/10/24
(1) Mass protest against Vietnam war in Washington DC, on mall, across Potomac river to Pentagon, MPs with bayonets emerge from Pentagon, tear gas used, next day camp fires burn on the 2nd day of sitting-in (2) new turbo-jet transport plane by Germany (partial newsreel).

80th Congress Convenes, 1947/01/06
(1) "Hears Truman Address - Washington, DC: For the first time in fourteen years, a Republican-dominated congress assembles to hear the presidential message on the state of the Union. He asks for moderate labor legislation and urges speeding of peace settlements." (2) Miami: Orange Bowl Parade (3) Bowl Games college football (4) Pasadena: Tournament of Roses (partial newsreel).

Allied Convoy Battles Axis, 1942/07/13
(1) "Mediterranean: Amazing pictures of the great air-sea battle between an Allied Convoy to Malta, and Axis forces. Allied guns fill the air with bursting steel that brings many Nazi and Italian aircraft to sudden destruction. Allied marksmen thwart suicide attack of Italian torpedo plane." - naval combat footage of attacks on the Alexandria convoy (2) Local: Scots Cheer Royalty (partial newsreel).

Stratosphere Balloon Falls, 1933/08/07
"Chicago, IL: Remarkable scenes on Soldier Field as Lieutenant T. G. W. Settle, USN, starts his projected flight into the upper regions of the atmosphere and hectic scenes in a nearby railroad yard following the big gas bag's crash due to a leaky valve." (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration).

Spotlight Of History On The U.N, 1960/09/29
(1) (glitches) Castro boards airplane; Sukarno arrives; King Hussein of Jordan arrives; Harold McMillan on rostrum at UN while Khrushchev pounds table (2) state dinner at White House for Japan emperor (3) non-functional inventions on exhibit in France (4) Fashion parade (5) Football - Giants vs 49ers (complete newsreel).

Hauptmann Weapon Found As High Bail Is Set By Court, 1934/10/01
"New York City: A broken soup-spoon, ground to razor-like sharpness, is discovered in the prisoner's cell as Judge patterson demands $100,000 bonds for the suspect's release. Detectives demolish the carpenter's garage in search of evidence. New jersey officials prepare the 106-year-old Hunterdon County courthouse for a trial" (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration).

World-Wide News Events, 1938/04/04
FDR Sees Homestead Project - "Pine Mountain Valley, Georgia: The President wishes some 'scoffers' at Government aid to agriculture could share his inspection of the Pine Mountain Valley Homestead, built to aid sharecroppers." FDR arrives in car at Homestead, sound of FDR speech from car, facing away from camera toward crowd (no pictures of the Homestead project in this partial newsreel).

President Roosevelt Sails On 10,000 Mile Vacation Trip, 1934/07/02
"Annapolis, MD: Accompanied by his two sons, Franklin, Jr., and john, the Chief Executive boards the USS Houston for a long cruise that will take him to the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Colombia, through the Panama Canal and to Hawaii." poor quality sound of FDR speaking (partial newsreel).

First Pictures Manila Drive, 1945/01/29
(1) MacArthur's amphibious forces land on Luzon in Philippines; (2) RAF Blasts Jap Supplies; "really pinpoint bombing" of targets in Burma; (3) Allies Close on Rhineland; prisoners taken and pictures of wrecked equipment in Belgium; (4) U.S. Responds to Dime Plea; annual March of Dimes campaign at the time of the president's birthday; (5) Fishing Fleet Coated By Icy Seas (complete newsreel).

G-Man Hoover Blasts Lenient Parole Boards, 1937/10/04
"Washington, DC: J. Edgar Hoover, chief of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, attacks the methods of lenient parole boards in releasing known criminals." sound of J. Edgar Hoover speaking (2) "Quantico, VA: Machine-guns rattle as Federal agents 'raid' a prop gangster hideout." sound of pistol firing range, machine guns at night (some parts silent in this partial newsreel without narration).

King and Queen Leave Britain On American Tour, 1939/05/15
"London, England: Impressive scenes as King George and Queen Elizabeth leave London on the start of their trip to Canada and the U.S. Huge throngs jam the dock at Portsmouth as their majesties bid farewell to family and gov't officials and board the HMS Empress of Australia" (partial newsreel).

F. D. R. Calls For National Unity In An All-Out Effort, 1941/03/18
"Washington, DC: President Roosevelt warns of longer hours and lower profits and calls upon all Americans for 'all out effort' to build arms for the democracies. He warns the Axis powers that America is pledged to resist all aggressor nations." scenes of FDR speaking to audience that "we in the United Nations realize the danger, and the democracies have gone into action" (partial newsreel).

Khrushchev Threatens Dag & U.N, 1960/10/03
(1) Khrushchev at UN at podium, opposes Dag Hammershold, wants reorganization of UN, threatens Russia may intervene directly in Congo; King Hussein of Jordan speaks in English (glitch); Nehru walks to rostrum, speaks in English, walks back to seat; Dag Hammershold speaks in response to Khrushchev's demand he resign; Khrushchev pounds table while everyone else applauds Dag (complete newsreel).

Satellite A Bust. Rocket Blows Up In First U.S., 1957/12/09
(1) Vanguard explodes during launch of Explorer satellite (2) British train accident due to London fog (3) Amsterdam aquarium has sea horse, coral fish, lobster, eel (4) town in Georgia is leveled by gas explosion, town of Villarica (5) new Dutch ramjet helicopter demonstrated, rotor tips flame at night, looking like flying saucer (partial newsreel).

Commander Settle Makes Record Stratosphere Hop, 1933/11/22
"Backneck, NJ: Remarkable scenes as the naval scientist and Major Chester L. Fordney of the Marine Corps, salvage their balloon and instruments and tell of their exploration into space during which they reached an altitude of 59,000 feet before landing in a swamp, miles from human habitation." sound of Fordney speaking at end (partial newsreel).

Postwar Flattop Launched, 1945/10/15
(1) USS Oriskany launched, an Essex-class carrier, named after Revolutionary war battle; (2) Secret Maps Guided U.S. Bombers - contour maps 80 ft. by 60 ft. made in California (3) President Decorates War Heroes - Truman gives 15 medals, to men including Corps. Kraft and Dawes (4) First Freight Glider - for lobsters, kept cold by high altitude (partial newsreel).

U.S. To Aid Allies Says FDR After Fascist 'Back-Stab', 1940/06/10
Charlottesville, VA: FDR speaks at the University of Virginia commencement, but sound of his speech is broken in parts, and Roosevelt does not say the words made famous by this June 10 speech, that "the hand that held the dagger has struck it into the back of its neighbor" (partial newsreel).

Deny Rocket Lag. Atlas Firing Keynotes U.S. Missile Build-Up, 1959/01/29
1) Michigan Ordanance Plant where Atlas missile built opened to newsmen; Thor missile built in Santa Monica now fully operational; recent launch of 3-engine Atlas at night soon to be operational (2) "New York" - Argentina Frondese visits NY, parade, mayor Wagner (3) 79th birthday of Douglas MacArthur, slices birthday cake (partial newsreel).

Space Triumph. Discoverer Capsule Recovered From Orbit, 1960/08/15
(1) (glitches) - Discoverer XIII capsule recovered 333 miles from Hawaii, 50-star flag taken from capsule and given to Ike (2) Echo I satellite launched by Delta rocket from Cape Canaveral the next day, relayed telephone call from Ike to west coast, see tape recorder running (3) X-15 rocket plane soared to 151,000 feet, film of earth from plane shown (partial newsreel).

25,000 March In Giant Back Salary Protest By School Teachers, 1933/04/17
"Chicago, IL: Parents and pupils join in a huge demonstration, tangling traffice for blocks as hundreds of thousands line the streets of the Loop to watch the bizarre procession staged by employees of the Board of Education, whose pay is eight months in arrears" (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration).

British H-Bomb Fired As Debate On Atom Test Ban Rages, 1957/06/03
(1) British test first H-bomb on Christmas Islands, on eve of disarmament talks (2) Algeria village victim of rebel terrorism, village of Beluza in Africa (3) new presidential helicopter lands at White House, poss to use for "evacuation in case of emergency" (4) Israel farmers (5) model plane fair in NY (partial newsreel).

Jet Record. Coast To Coast In 3 Hours, 23 Minutes, 1957/07/18
(1) Major John Glenn in Crusader jet leaves Alameda CA for coast-to-coast flight, 2460 mile in 3 hrs 23 mins, Glenn taxis in, waves from cockpit (2) Chicago seizure of marijuana, burned by Marines with flame-throwers (3) new landing system on carrier Saratoga guides pilot, new optical system replacing old landing officer (partial newsreel).

U.S. Jet Planes Go To Airforce of The Netherlands, 1955/12/19
(1) "New wings for NATO" - 200 Thunderstreaks to go to Dutch - "American planes, Dutch pilots, flying for freedom." (2) Estes Kefauver announces candidacy for 1956 presidential race, waves coonskin cap (3) Prince Ranieri visits NY looking for a wife (partial newsreel).

U.N.'s 20th year. World Body Marks Signing of Charter, 1965/06/28
(1) (washed out) San Francisco Opera House where orig Unite Nations charter signed - display of painting of Stettinius and Truman - old film of June 1945 signing of UN charter (2) LBJ on same platform 20 years later, speaks, pauses for applause, "for this generation, simple necessity" (3) U Thant gives medal to LBJ (partial newsreel).

Japan Today, 1946/06/20
"Japan: In the midst of black markets and inflationary prices, life for the average Japanese is grim and barren. Rebuilding homes and harvesting meagre crops keep some healthy and housed, but many have to tighten their belts." scenes of life in Japan, poverty, gardens planted, black market (partial newsreel).

Air Defenses, 1955/08/18
(1) radar scanners, Chicago Nike base, ocean radar earling warning Texas tower 100 miles off east coast being constructed (2) more violence in South Korea, tear gas (3) 5000 Indians march against Portuguese at Goa, guards fire guns killing 22 (4) helicopter school in Italy for Alps rescues (5) dog given medal for saving life of his master (partial newsreel).

Soldiers Stage 'Girlie' Show, 1942/02/04
"Fort Slocum, NY: Modern 'Doughboys' doff their usual khaki and don, of all things, wome's clothes to star in their own version of 'Swing Fever.' Singing and dancing a la Broadway. You'll howl!" men dress as women for stage show (some sound) (partial newsreel).

Olympics End. U.S. Teams Win Medal Honors, 1964/10/26
Tokyo Olympics track 400 meter relay race won by Americans, last by Bob Hayes, get gold medals; start of marathon run of 26 miles through streets of Tokyo, won by former Hailie Selassie palace guard Ethiopian Akila? - closing ceremonies at night (partial newsreel).

Uneasy Peace. Algeria Tense Under Cease-Fire, 1962/03/22
1) Algeria rebels have signed peace with France, but right wing army still fighting (2) Argentina election (3) Jackie Kennedy rides elephant in India (4) Russia trying to close access to West Berlin, U.S. army sends tanks on autobahn in Germany (5) fashions (6) skating world championships (complete newsreel).

Space Movie. Camera Records Missile In Flight, 1963/11/14
Titan II launch in South Atlantic, with camera on 2nd stage - makes film of stage separation above earth, "The curvature of the earth is plainly visible. Through the magic of the camera earthlings take their first ride into space" (partial newsreel).

1949 In Review, 1949/12/26
(silent) (1) Highlights of the Year - "Politics" - Truman imitates Kaltenborn after winning election; "Cold War!" - Bonn Republic took its place; "Communism!" - Tito saluting, Chiang Kai-shek, spies arrested; animals in heavy snow; airplane crash, ship fire; "Weddings!" (2) "Atom Bomb!" - UN meeting, man speaks of impasse on international control; film of bomb explosions (no sound) (complete newsreel).

Al Smith Hails End of Dry Law, 1933/11/13
"New York, NY: The Happy Warrior expresses his pleasure at the repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment as huge shipments of gin are made with the approval of the Federal Government for the first time in thirteen years." sound of Al Smith speaking. (partial newsreel).

News Magazine of the Screen, The (1957) - Warner Pathé News
Newsreel stories reformatted for classroom use. Includes: United Nations Condemns Russia; Carrier Landings by Mirror; Arctic Ice Cap Adventure; Hummingbird Sanctuary; Low-Level Crop Dusters; Centuries of Telling Time; Old and New in Guided Missiles, showing a jet engine exploding when metal is dropped into it; and New York State's Erie Canal.

Fleet Review. Secretary Honored in 200 Ship Parade, 1956/09/17
(1) "greatest naval review since 1934" in California (2) "Egyptian Pilots Take Over At Suez" - Australian PM Robert Menzies mission rejected by Nasser, meets with Ike, at Port Said new pilots take over in Mideast (3) Gettysburg farm of Ike and Mamie, visited by young David, with horse, rides jeep with Ike (partial newsreel).

It's Ike and Nixon!, 1956/08/23
(1) Republican National Convention in Cow Palace in San Francisco nominate Ike and Nixon - former President Herbert Hoover, former Gov. Dewey on platform (2) radar plane has flying saucer-like antenna on top - Navy Super Constellation with largest airborne radome (30 ft diameter) - the "flying flapjack" (partial newsreel).

H-Bomb Blast Exploded at 15,000 Feet Over Pacific, 1956/05/24
1) Bikini test for H-Bomb again, dropped by B-52 from 55,000 ft to explode at 15,000 ft. (2) "Supersonic Sled" rocket sled test, dummy ejected (3) "Kid Stuff" - Brookfield Zoo animals (4) Seattle fishing resort "for little Isaac Waltons" - conservation (5) junior rodeo (complete newsreel).

First Pictures Atomic Blast!, 1946/07/08
(1) "The dramatic film history of the atom bomb test at Bikini! Pictures of the actual bomb drop! Blasted ships and the terrible destructive force of the world's fourth atom bomb! Universal Newsreel, in cooperation with the Army and Navy, presents the motion picture drama, 'Operation Crossroads.' This film record of the historical event shows in dramatic detail the various phases of the epochal experiment, from takeoff to the awful blast that destroyed or damaged more than half the ships in Bikini.

Extra! Special! Roosevelt Inaugurated, 1933/03/05
Airplane takes off with film of FDR Inauguration, lands in New York City, views of the inaugural parade. "The First Sound Pictures Ever Shown of a Presidential Inauguration. The Brilliant Ceremonies marking The Induction of Franklin D. Roosevelt as the 32nd President of the United States. Striking close-up views of President-elect Roosevelt's arrival at the White House to take President Hoover to the Capitol for the Inaugural ceremony, and the historic ride of the celebrated pair down Pennsylvania Avenue.

Girl Wrestlers Mix It In Furious Championship Bout - Universal Newsreel
This is a clip from a Universal Newsreel dated September 15, 1937. This clip features Dolores Gonzales and Clara Mortensen in a bout that took place September 1, 1937 in the San Antonio, Texas Walkathon arena. The referee is Dr. Karl Sarpolis, also a wrestler. This is the first professional female wrestling bout held in San Antonio. Clara won the match, but later faced Dolores again for a re-match because of claims that Sarpolis was an unfair ref.

Ike's Challenge, 1955/07/21
(1) Geneva summit conference - square table - Ike proposes Open Skies "a precedent-shattering proposal" to verify disarmament with aerial photographs (2) Morocco riots overrun Casablanca due to discontent with French rule (3) Russians visit Iowa farm, sundaes served in air-conditioned comfort (4) air show in Moscow, with new Bison bomber, helicopters (5) sports: Tour de France bike race; running of the bulls in Pamplona Spain (complete newsreel).

U. S. Raid Defenses Tested, 1941/04/24
(1) "Spectacular scenes as Uncle Sam tests the air defenses of New York City. From civilian 'spotters,' word comes to the plotting board in Manhattan, where officers direct the activity of interceptor planes from Mitchel Field. It's a thrilling game of chess, with our future safety at stake!" (2) "England: Countless hundreds of British fliers have been saved by speedy 'crash' boats of the R.A.F. Here you see a thrilling rescue at sea, as aviators are picked up from their liferafts after being shipped.

U.S. Faces War Says Roosevelt, 1937/10/06
"Chicago: In a ringing speech, President Roosevelt warns of a steadily-increasing danger of armed conflict menacing the United States. Without naming any nation as responsible, the Chief Executive finds a threat in present attacks from the air on civilians, and ships attacked and sunk by submarines in time of peace and without cause or notice. Gravely, the President asserts that if such things can happen in other parts of the world, America cannot feel secure for long...

Democrats Cheer, 1936/06/24
"Philadelphia, PA: Senator Barkley fires the first big gun of the Democratic convention in his keynote speech. With the Roosevelt-Garner ticket sure, the big job ahead is the Democratic plank and to find substitutions for the legislation nullified by the Supreme Court should the ticket be successful in the fall elections - which augurs to be one of the bitterest fights of recent years", sound of cheering and Barkley speaking (some parts silent in this partial newsreel without narration).

5 Nations Seek Balloon Title, 1933/09/04
(1) "Glenview, Illinois: Striking scenes at the Curtiss-Wright-Reynolds Airport as huge gas bags, representing Germany, Poland, Belgium, France and the United States, take off to start the classic James Gordon Bennett Race." (2) Aces's Antics Thrill Throngs - "Chicago: Breath-taking scenes at the International Air Races as Major Ernst Udet, renowned German pilot, performs amazing sky feats high above the heads of huge crowds which tensely watch his remarkable stunts".

Aid Britain Says Hull, 1941/04/29
(1) "Cordell Hull Urges 'Quick' Aid To Britain "without hesitation" - "Washington, DC: American aid must get England and get there quickly, or it won't help anybody, the Secretary of State declares at a meeting of the Society of International Law." (2) More Taxes For Defense - "Washington, DC: American taxpayers will face the prospect of much higher taxes next year, Treasury Secretary Morgenthau speach to Congress.

Biggest Bomber, 1946/08/15
(1) "Fort Worth TX: Newest bombing plane stands five stories high, has a range of 10,000 miles with 30 tons of bombs. it is test flown with results 'beyond expectations.'" scenes of the first flight on August 8 of the Convair B-36 'Peacemaker,' the largest Air Force bomber. (2) Brazil Honors Ike - "Rio De Janeiro: Climaxing a triumphal visit to Brazil, General Eisenhower visits Brazil's military academy and reviews its crack corps of cadets" (partial newsreel).

Labor Merger. AF of L and CIO Join Forces, 1955/12/05
(1) NY meeting of CIO and AFL for merger, Walter Reuther and George Meany, and Ike from his office speaks (Ike's voice over pictures of the convention) (2) largest jet helicopter unveiled (3) British jet transport Comet 3 (4) Conant rejects Berlin change (5) Modern Screen awards (6) orange cow in NY with bathing beauties for PR stunt (7) Arthur the robot built by high school youth (8) sports: Rams vs Colts football (complete newsreel).

Lindberghs Fly North On Epic Ocean Trip To Blaze New Air Route, 1933/07/10
"North Beach Airport, NY: Taking off from the waters of Bowery Bay the Flying Colonel and his wife are seen in unusual pictures on the start of their flight to Greenland to survey a route across the North Atlantic for the Pan American Airways." - no sound. "Freeport, IL: A remarkable screen inverview with Mrs. Caroline Mattern as she receives the report that her son Jimmie is safe and well after being forced down in Siberia on his trip around the world" (partial newsreel).

President Asks Church Leaders, 1933/10/04
"New York, NY: Addressing the National Conference of Catholic Charities, the Chief Executive is seen in striking pictures, making an appeal for continued unemployment relief this winter, urging every community to aid the destitute, and promising that the Federal Government will do its share to assist the deserving needy. Many notables, including His Eminenece, Patrick Cardinal Hayes, hear Mr. Roosevelt's plea", sound of FDR speaking.

Moscow Parley. P.O.W. issue Stalls Russo-German Talks, 1955/09/12
(1) Adenauer becomes first German chancellor to visit Moscow, met with Bulganin (2) "Maneuvers. Nato Troops Hold War Games in Italy" - tanks, jets - "The free world's first line of resistance should the spirit of Geneva prove an illusion and the efforts for peace come to naught." (3) Ike meets political leaders in Colorado (4) Queen Beatrix of Holland christens a new destroyer (5) Miss America in Atlantic City (partial newsreel).

X-15 Space Record. Plane Flown To 59-mile Mark, 1962/07/19
(1) B-52 with X-15 takes off from Edwards AFB, drops X-15 and burns for 81 seconds, pictures from space, landing by Major White, flew at 3700 mph, 4 pilots get Collier trophy at White House (2) Thor rocket launches Echo balloon (3) new HEW Secy Selabrizi replacing Ribicoff (4) Ike trip abroad as private citizen on liner Queen Elizabeth (5) Algeria feud between leaders (partial newsreel).

Churchill Home-Coming, 1941/08/29
Britain's Prime Minister reviews U.S. and British troops at Iceland on way home from historic meeting - " Iceland: Prime Minister Churchill gets warm welcome from hardy Icelanders as he arrives on 'Prince of Wales.' He reviews U.S. Marines now sharing in defense of strategic island. On way home, his ship passes big convoy, and in London, he is met by Mrs. Churchill and high British officials, as cheering crowds hail his return", sound of Churchill speaking.

First Pictures Nazi Rocket Bomb in U.S., 1946/05/13
"New Mexico: Fourteen-ton Nazi rockets, launched by Army technicians in the first phase of our new long-range missile program, soar 75 miles into the ionosphere and attain phenomenal speeds. Amazing slow motion camera record shows spectacular event." - scenes of V-2 rockets assembled by Americans at White Sands New Mexico raised to launch position and test fired, seen in slow motion camera, up 75 miles to 3000 mph in 60 seconds.

Mid East Crisis. Area Quiet Pending U.N.-Summit Talk, 1958/07/24
(1) Nasser in Cairo celebrates anniversary overthrow of Farouk; Robert Murphy meets Shaboul? in Lebanon; Americans evacuated from Iraq since revolution killed King Feisal; King Hussein of Jordan, cousin of Feisal; US aid airlifted by Globemasters to Jordan to help young King Hussein; Khru wants summit meeting at UN about Mideast (2) New York harbor arrival of Copenhagen speedboat that made 1st transatlantic crossing with outboard motor "by latter-day Vikings" (partial newsreel).

History At U.N. World Leaders Set New York A-Whirl, 1960/09/26
(1) World leaders in New York for UN meeting, Nasser meets Castro, then to Khrushchev, to Castro at Harlem's Hotel Theresa, Ike waves from convertible, meets with Nehru, shake hands; meets with Nasser, shake hands; General Assembly meeting at UN, Dag hammershold gets ovation but Khrushchev pounds table; Castro walks to rostrum for speech of 4.5 hours (2) Football - Notre Dame vs California (3) Maryland vs Texas Longhorns (complete newsreel).

Money Stream Flow From Treasury, 1933/03/20
"Washington, DC: Remarkable scenes showing Two Billion Dollars in Federal Reserve Bank Notes being turned out by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing to meet the current cash famine. William H. Woodin, Secretary of the Treasury, praises the efficiency of the plant, and tells how the resulting bills will relieve the situation", scenes of Secretary Woodin in money printing plant, trucks carry cash to banks.

Marshall Succeeds Byrnes, 1947/01/09
(1) Washington, DC: "Because of poor health, State Secretary James Byrnes steps down after the arduous task of fighting for peace. General Marshall, returning from China, is named to succeed him." (2) NY harbor pier fire in Weehawken; Tokyo fire (3) Ike Denies Political Ambitions - Eisenhower speaks (4) Sking Thrills - snow skiing, slalom, ski jump at intercollegiate meet (5) British Chelsea arts ball (complete newsreel).

Hoover 81. Shrine made of Boyhood Home, 1955/08/11
(1) Herbert Hoover is 81, at Newburg Oregon boyhood home (2) Ike at Gettysburg farm, signs bills, with Holstein heffer, drives golf cart (3) Chinese junk sailed from Japan to San Francisco, "with 5 free Chinese refugees from the Reds" (4) X-1 rocket plane test drop; rocket sled tests at Edwards AF base, dummies ejected from rocket sled in slow motion (5) Merry Moppets fashion show in New York (6) sports: football Steelers vs Rams preseason night game (complete newsreel).

World of Sports, 1938/06/22
"New York, NY: Louis and Schmeling weigh in before a big crowd at Madison Square Garden on the eve of their sensational one-round fight in which the Brown Bomber knocked the challenger down repeatedly until the bout was stopped." scenes of Joe Louis and Max Schmeling at weight check for boxing match (some sound, but Louis does not speak in this partial newsreel without narration).

Legionnaires Cheer Roosevelt As He Issues New 'Call To Colors', 1933/10/02
Chicago: Stirring scenes as the president addresses the members of the American Legion from the same platform on which he accepted the nomination to office, telling them that disabled ex-soldiers could expect greater benefits from the government in the future but that other veterans would not be accorded special privileges over other citizens because of their war records. Sound of FDR speaking (partial newsreel).

Hollywood 'Red' Probe Begins, 1947/10/20
(1) "Washington: Hearings begin before the House Un-American Activities Committee, on charges of communist infiltration in Hollywood, Chirman Thomas outlines the scope of the probe; while Eric Johnston, head of the M.P.A., denies the threat of communist influence and states that the Reds will never succeed in Hollywood." scenes of HUAC chaired by J. Parnell Thomas and its investigation of the Hollywood 10 (partial newsreel).

FDR Asks Billion For Nat'l Defense And 50,000 Planes, 1940/05/20
"Washington, DC: Pres.Roosevelt tells Congress that the U.S. must prepare to turn out a vast air fleet to safeguard America from hostile invasion. He requests an additional Billion Dollars for defense! Heads of the aviation industry meet under Government auspices to discuss means of meeting the 50,000-plane figure. A spokesman for the group says it can be done!" (speech sound) (partial newsreel).

Damage Foreshadows A-Bomb Test, 1946/06/06
(1) "Japan: Dramatic pictures of atom bomb damage in Hiroshima and Nagasaki foreshadow the coming Bikini Atoll experiment. Intense heat and light of blast scarred shadows of human beings on destroyed bridges!" scenes of visual evidence of atomic damage in Hiroshima (2) Italy Joins Democracies - "Italy: Following mass demonstrations and a democratic referendum, Italian voters cast their lot with the democracies and oust their king.

Storm Havoc. Hurricane Kills 43, Damage 15 Millions, 1955/08/15
(1) hurricane Connie hits Carolinas, much crop damage, veers north, sideswipes NY, floods in suburbs (2) Flying boxcars collide, 66 die in ?Germany (3) Korea demonstrations support Syngman Rhee who wants arms inspectors to leave the country, and U.S. troops use tear gas (4) 11 American fliers return to Travis AFB (5) sports: soapbox derby in Akron Ohio, at Derby Downs only used once a year for this event (6) college allstars vs Cleveland Browns football game (complete newsreel).

Vietnam Action. Enterprise Planes Support Troops, 1965/12/09
(1) USS Enterprise aircraft carrier enters combat, launches planes, on ground "small search and kill missions have been increased" but pinned down by enemy fire, medical corpsmen carry wounded (2) "Act of Faith" - woman walks to Holy Land with donkey on pilgrimmage (3) "Pop Fashions" - models dance to the pop beat in Manchester, one model in bikini dancing, fashionable sunglasses (4) football: NY Jets and Joe Namath at San Diego Chargers 38-7 (partial newsreel).

Nation's Draft Lottery Held, 1940/10/30
"Washington, DC: Historic scenes as the first peace-time draft in the U.S. gets underway! Secretary of War Stimson draws out the first number, No. 158, and as Pres. Roosevelt broadcasts a message to the country, America's youth prepares to answer the call to arms!" (2) "Philadelphia, PA: Exclusive pictures of the metal drum used as a draft lottery bowl during the Civil War. It was unearthed along with old recruiting posters" (mostly silent except speech sound) (partial newsreel).

Preview To Invasion, 1944/03/16
"Great Britain: General Eisenhower, Air Marshall Tedder and General Montgomery view the tons of supplies which have accumulated, they they join the roops who are engaging in mass maneuvers. Piat guns destroy tanks, new machine guns split into action from tanks, and masses of tanks give off salvos of artillery fire. Overhead, huge formations of transport planes sail into view and hundreds of parachute troops literally fill the sky.

Ike Returns. Sees Progress at Geneva Conference, 1955/07/25
(1) Ike returns to U.S. after Geneva summit conference, to cheers of 5000 at airport, welcomed by Nixon, ike speaks in rain "there is evidence of new friendliness in the world" (2) Hercules C-130 plane first test flight, built at Marietta GA (3) Big Red One division arrive at Brooklyn Army base (4) 9th annual toy review in manhattan, model aeobatic plane (partial newsreel).

Dominican Truce. Cease-Fire Brings Calm To Island, 1965/05/06
(1) Marines in Santo Domingo perimeter, 19,000 troops have arrived, waiting for OAS peace mission that has arranged truce, but fighting still in the streets, now 10 Americans dead, 49 wounded (2) "Captured Red Arms. Smuggled Equipment Taken In Vietnam" - SV attack red enclave, find cache of arms, classified by ICC, some bear Peking markings (3) Sports: Indy 500 race (4) England soccer Liverpool beats Leeds in overtime; Queen gives cup to victors (complete newsreel).

Near East Crisis. Invasions Complete, UN Will Take Over, 1956/11/12
(1) Smoke rises from Port Said that was bombed, vessels sunk in harbor, buildings shot up, streets littered, Anglo-French forces occupy canal, pics of Mideast & Suez (2) "World Protest. Mobs Riot Over Red Hungarian Slaughter" - demonstrations in West Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam (3) plane crashed into TV tower in New York, tower top cut down (4) Veterans Day at Arlington Cemetery, Tomb of Unknown Soldier (5) Navy on alert in San Francisco, carrier USS Yorktown gets planes (partial newsreel).

Cease-Fire. Uneasy Truce In Mid-East, 1967/06/13
Six-Day Middle East war debated in UN in New York, Syrian delegate blames Israel, Soviet delegate Federenko, Israel delegate; "swift smashing and total" victory in mideast, prisoners taken, Old Jerusalem captured, drive into Syria, wounded, damaged tanks, "efficient well-trained Israeli army"; UAR commander surrenders in Gaza strip; "Welcome to Bethlehem" sign, tanks enter Old Jerusalem, emotional moment, Dayan, soldiers marching (partial newsreel).

Red Colonel. Top-Ranking Russian Spy Chief Captured, 1957/08/12
1) Col. Rudolf Abel is returned to Brooklyn for arraignment, faces charges, after 9 years of spying (2) passenger liner SS President Hoover visited by Hoover on his birthday (3) sideways launching of Dutch freighter in Holland (4) dummy guided missile standing for real Snark in test - then real Snark blastsoff (5) fashions - feathers in hair, and swept-wing hair style of model in car with swept wings (partial newsreel).

Pres. Truman Warns Japs To Give Up, 1945/06/07
"In a speech to Congress, President states that Japan faces the same complete destruction that was visited upon Germany. To that end, millions of troops, and their implements of war, are being transferred more than half way around the earth. The President adds that though many key industries have already been leveled by U.S. air attack, all of Japan's industries will be completely destroyed unless Japan surrenders" (partial newsreel).

Space History - Reds Orbit Two Craft, 1962/08/13

Popovich and Nikolai follow two previous manned flights to become third and fourth Russians to orbit; globe animations, "Tracking stations indicate that there is little doubt of the success of the Russian feat that are seen as 2 years ahead of the U.S. effort." newspapers; Russians sent back TV pictures; jubilation in Russia (3) Herbert Hoover Library dedicated on his 88th birthday in West Branch Iowa; Truman is guest; Hoover received honorary degrees (partial newsreel).

The Dominican Revolt, 1965/05/03
(1) LBJ speaks, not another communist government in Western Hemisphere by a "small band of conspirators" and will join OAS to appeal to rebels to lay down arms (2) Americans evacuated, 14,000 troops arrived including 82nd Airborne, 5 soldiers dead (3) "Fair From On High. Monorail Offers Bird's-Eye View." - New York World's Fair views from monorail (4) "The Kentucky Derby" 91st running at Louisville KY, won by Lucky Debonnaire ridden by Willie Shoemaker (complete newsreel).

Space Triumph! Glenn Flight Thrills World, 1962/02/22
Whole issue on Friendship 7 Mercury space flight of John Glenn; Glenn getting ready, puts on space suit, walks to launch pad, 6 am EST, 10 months after Gagarin, gets into his capsule on top Atlas missile, rocket blastoff, animation of capsule turning around, go for 7 orbits, "actual pictures of Glenn in the capsule" and animations of Glenn's orbit around earth, destroyer Noah lifts capsule aboard, Glenn rests and then lifted aboard helicopter for flight to carrier USS Randolph (complete newsreel).

Strikes Threaten Industry, 1946/01/07
(1) strikers walk in picket lines, scuffle with police, Henry Kaiser signs agreement with UAW for his auto plant, man speaks (2) Kidnapping Tot Slaying Stirs Entire Nation (3) War Dog Gets hero Welcome in New York (4) Movies Honor War Finance Director - James Campbell retiring, had raised $150 million in war bonds (5) Fire Sweeps Army Post Exchange in Yokohama (6) golf (7) A Job With A Future - for army recruiting men.

Northeast Devastated by Floods, 1955/08/22
(1) Floods after hurricane Connie in northeast worst in American history, 35,000 homeless, roads and railroads and communications paralyzed, hundreds of bridges must be replaced, over 200 dead, "the nation has been struck a staggering blow" (2) "1,000 Dead in Moroccan Uprisings" - French troops pour into Algeria and Morocco "as revolt spreads throughout North Africa" (3) Ike golfs with grandson 7-yr old David, also fish (4) small balloon plane (partial newsreel).

Freedom Flight. Hungarians Seize Plane to Germany, 1956/07/16
1) Hungarian DC-3 airliner taken to NATO airport in Germany, seized by Hungary freedom fighters (2) new coastal mine sweeper in San Francisco transferred to Japan, new Japanese crew replaces American crew and American flag replaced by Japanese flag (3) King Feisal of Iraq visits London, greeted by Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mother and Princess Margaret, for 5-day state visit, from Mideast (4) Boeing unveils first of 4 new jet tanker planes (partial newsreel).

Landslide for Eisenhower, 1956/11/08
(1) Ike votes in Gettysburg, Adlai Stevenson votes in Illinois, Ike speaks (2) "Last Stand. Hungarians Fight On As Thousands Flee" - fighting in streets of Budapest, flags burn, refugees flee to Austrian border, sad crying faces (3) San Francisco airport, Japanese women board plane (4) Santa Claus arrives in flying saucer in Pennsylvania (5) Fashion Parade - ski resort fashions (6) football: Rams vs Bears (complete newsreel).

Navy's Satellite. Vanguard Fails in Second Launching, 1958/02/06
(1) (poor sound) Navy Vanguard Satellite Fails in Second Launching at night at Cape Canaveral, "cameras record a pinwheel of fire" (2) "Ike Still Has Hope For New Summit Talks" - Ike 2nd press conference of the year, has voice problem (3) Atomic weapons come (4) The End to Korea - Honest John missile and 280mm atomic cannon (5) 10th anniversary of Gandhi assassination in India - Nehru at shrine, at spinning wheel (6) "Austria Wins World Ski Contest" (partial newsreel).

'Titan' Launched. 1st Test Of Newest ICBM Is Successful, 1959/02/09
(1) Titan launch test from Cape Canaveral, only first stage engine tested, 2nd stage only a dummy, engine with 300,000 lbs thrust successful (2) News In Brief - Berlin mayor Willy Brandt arrives in U.S., speaks in English (3) "Virginia" - Fort Meyer VA funeral of 6 bodies returned by Russia, crew of plane shot done by Russia, no word of other 11 crew missing (partial newsreel).

U-2 Spy Trial. Ike Hits Powers Case Exploitation By Reds, 1960/08/18
(1) Gary Powers trial in Moscow Trade Unions house, relatives attend, Ike press conference, speaks about U-2 on a reconnaissance flight, this does not put the United States on trial, the number of spies we have caught (2) "19 -1/2 Miles High. AF Balloonist Makes Record Flight And Jump" - Capt Joseph Kittinger Jr. puts on suit and enters balloon gondola (glitches); balloon rises from New Mexico, "automatic camera in gondola records the leap" - lands and helped out of suit (partial newsreel).

Far East parley. U.S. and Red China Confer in Geneva, 1955/08/04
(1) Geneva Conference in Far East with China, and Red China announced11 fliers released by China, young interpreter reads statement (2) 12th Marines train in Japan with rockets and artillery (3) Russians visit Iowa farms, Corn Palace in Mitchell Iowa (4) children's art festival in New York with art from American and Russian children (5) Milford NJ car-airplane built for $300 (partial newsreel).

Cameramen Ready For Invasion, 1944/05/25
"Heroes with the Camera In England, Universal Newsreel pays its respects to the heroes who risk their lives to film the war. We see groups of the Navy camera men, Army combat photographers, aerial combat camera men, and several of the ace newsreel men. Each has his steel helmet adjusted and his camera loaded. Their feats of the past will be surpassed by their efforts in the future." (2) Invaders From The Sky "Lauringburg-Maxton Army Air Base, NC: D-day approaching hourly.

Red Spy Films. Chambers Farm Yields Top Secret Documents, 1948/12/06
"Washington: Evidence found on the Maryland farm of Whittaker Chambers, forging a new link in the chain of spy data, is examined by Congressman Nixon and Chief Investigator Stribling of the House Un-American Activities Caommittee. The film may answer a lot of questions the country is asking." - Nixon looks at microfilm, the so-called pumpkin papers, Chambers says "Hiss is lying", pictures of pumpkin patch (no sound) (partial newsreel).

New Missile May Replace Navy's Guns, 1956/04/05
1) USS Boston, first guided missile cruiser (2) tornadoes cause damage in midwest, worst in 36 years (3) robot weather station tested at Naval Research Lab for use in Antarctic, data recorded on tape recorder (4) Olympic equestrian team prepare for Stockholm, horses loaded on plane for 15 hour flight (5) Grace Kelly press conference (6) Exercise Arctic Night at Thule AFB, parachutes land (7) circus opens at Madison Square Garden.

Extra!! Scoop! - First Actual Pictures - Assassination, 1934/10/17
King Alexander and Louis Barthou, Shot Down in Streets of Marseilles by Revolutionists. Furious Spectators Batter Killer to Death As His Victims Die. Alexander Murdered - "Universal Newsreel brings you the First Actual motion pictures of the murder of King Alexander of Jugoslavia and French Foreign Minister Barthou" scenes of the King arriving on cruiser at Marseilles, ride through town, shots, mob beats the assassin, a Croatian.

News Magazine of the Screen, The (Vol. 1, Issue 6) - Warner Pathé News
Newsreel stories reformatted for classroom use. Segments include: United Nations Condemns Red China (on the Korean War); General Eisenhower Surveys Atlantic Pact Defenses; Air News; The 82nd U.S. Congress Opens; humorous scientific demonstration on properties of liquid air; skiers on Mt. Hood, Oregon; waterskiiers at Cypress Gardens, Florida; Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, delivered by an actor impersonating Lincoln.

News Magazine of the Screen, The (Vol. 2, Issue 6) - Warner Pathé News
Newsreel stories reformatted for classroom presentation. Includes: Dwight D. Eisenhower enters 1952 Republican party primary; blizzard at California's Donner Pass; Winston Churchill visits the United States; nuclear test at Frenchman's Flat, Nevada; Italian man sculpts human and animal figurines out of raw vegetables; new camera developed to track guided missiles in flight; history and landmarks of the Territory of Hawaii; captain Henrik Kurt Carlsen and his heroism at the helm of sinking.

Cyprus Riots, 1956/05/31
(1) Greeks and girls riot against British soldiers in Cyprus (3) new F-100 jets for U.S. squadrons in Germany (3) F-102A jet tests Falcon missile over New Mexico, "fired unerringly to target by electronics" (4) Venezuela builds largest earthen dam in South America (5 ) snow in Chinook pass cleared for highway 410 (6) Army amphibious truck tested in Monterey CA (7) DeSoto pace car for Indy 500 car race, won by Pat Flaherty (complete newsreel).

Reds Withdraw. Cut Down Troops in East Germany, 1956/06/25
(1) Red forces withdraw from East Germany, "but a Red iron fist still remains poised over East Germany" (2) "Egyptian Might. Parade Arsenal of Red Weapons" - parade in celebration of withdrawal of British troops from Suez in Mideast (3) heat protecting suit invented in New York (4) preview at Booklyn navy yard of film Away All Boats (5) For Men Only by Bert Bachrach (6) child does golf tricks (complete newsreel).

Air Smashes Devastate Germany, 1945/03/12
"As Allied air fleets converge on Germn cities we get visual evidence of their vital contributions to victory. A fleet of Flying Fortresses reaches Ansbach and utterly ruins the large rail yards there, with tons of accurately placed bombs. Stendall gets the same treatment with remarkable bombing pictures resulting. Wittenberg is quickly set on fire. Other vapor trailing Forts visit Indwigslust and destroy the rail yards with block busters.

Atom Sub. President Officiates At Laying Of Keel, 1952/06/16
(1) Groton CT ceremony with Truman dedicating USS Nautilus sub, to be completed in 1-2 years (2) "Koje Mop-Up. Paratroopers Finally Subdue Riotous Reds" - rioting red prisoners in stockade in Korea (3) News In Brief - guided missile bomb released from B-29 - Guizon bomb (4) New York commuter strike, people turned to buses and cars, cause traffic jams (5) 44th annual Rose Festival in Portland OR, parade of floats (6) Sports - Tottenham Hotspurs and Manchester United soccer teams play in Yankee Stasium.

Peace March. Thousands Oppose Vietnam War, 1967/04/18
Antiwar demonstrators protest in Central Park, march to UN building, included students and hippies and priests and nuns, burn draft cards, shouted confrontations with anti-antiwar marchers, prowar signs, Martin Luther King leads procession; another march in downtown San Francisco down Market Street to stadium, sponsored by loose coalition of left-wing anti-war groups, "President Johnson meanwhile let it be known that the FBI is closely watching all anti-war activity."- violence in Rome during the night.

Baby Bonds For Defense, 1941/04/17
1) "Washington, DC: First of the Treasury Department's 'defense' financing stamps and bonds roll off the presses, prelude to a nation-wide campaign to pay for our huge preparedness program. Treasury Secretary Morgenthau urges all Americans to enlist in the drive." - scenes of bonds being printed, Henry Morgenthau speaks on buying "a share in America" (2) "Washington, DC: The first big move to prevent run-away prices during the defense boom, is the new 'Office of Price Administration'.

Blue and Gray At 75th Anniversary Of Great Battle, 1938/07/04
"Gettysburg, PA: Before 150,000 persons, President Roosevelt dedicates the Eternal Light Peace Memorial on the famous battlefield during the impressive and stirring 75-year Reunion, attended by 1,800 Civil War Veterans, both Blue and Gray." only sound of brief FDR speech. (2) World-Wide New Events - King Sees Naval Display "Weymouth, England: Colorful and impressive fleet maneuvers, demonstrating Britain's 'Rule of the Waves,' are staged for George VI, who witnesses the thrilling war games.

Aviation In The News, 1944/06/22
B-24 Liberator rolls off San Diego Consolidated "San Diego, CA: Off the assembly line comes the 5,000th B-24 to go to war. The famed bomber, nicknamed the Liberator, is ready to be off to the wars and further victories for the plane." (2) First Movies Of Gen. Tito Of Yugoslavia "Somewhere in Yugoslavia: For the first time, Marshall Tito is photographed by the motion picture camera. His Partisans have been a thorn in the Nazis' side since the day the Germans over ran the country" (partial newsreel).

Atom Test Nears, 1946/06/13
(1) Personalities in the News - "General Walter Smith, U. S. Ambassador to Russia, presents his credentials at the Kremlin . . . Marlene Dietrich arrives in Paris to make a motion picture with Jean Gabin . . . Another screen celebrity, Madeline Carroll, is in Madrid for the same purpose. Doctor Nicholas Murray Butler, president emeritus of Columbia, is honored by his home town, Patterson, N.J." scenes of Walter Bedell Smith arriving in Russia (2) "Kwajalein: The finishing touches are put on preparation.

Coal Strike Ended, 1946/05/29
(1) "Final settlement in Washington between John L. Lewis and the government brings to an end the crippling mine tie-up. In soft-coal pits throughout the nation, miners go back to work as our supply of coal is at a record low. " scenes of Lewis, coal miners happy (2) Food for the Needy - "New York NY: Cardinal Spellman of New York, and Cardinal Griffin of England, look over shipments of canned foods donated by Catholic charities to help alleviate starvation abroad" (partial newsreel).

Akron Hulk Salvage, 1933/04/24
"Barnegat, NJ: Impressive scenes of the finding of the control car and mid-section of the ill-fated Navy airship and the raising of the bent and twisted frame work by a group of USN salvage vessels." (2) New Dirigible on Trial Flights - "Akron, Ohio: Striking views of the official tests of the USS Macon, the largest airship in the world, just completed for the U.S. Navy. She is a sister ship of the wrecked Akron" (some parts silent of this partial newsreel without narration).

Arctic Sentinels. Building Rushed on Radar Defense, 1956/04/09
(1) Operation Dew Line construction has top priority, Secretary Defense Wilson on tour of top secret bases, "they will sound the first alarm should air attack come." (2) Snark missile first films, using rocket boosters for launch then cruises with jet engine (3) Ike presents medal for bravery to girl (4) 75th diamond wedding anniversary for Mr. and Mrs. Miller (5) Chrysler turbine test car crossed country, arrived in Los Angeles (6) fashions from Italy (7) Masters Golf tournament.

Sea Queen Home with 15,000 Vets, 1945/07/02
(1) Cunard passenger liner Queen Elizabeth arrives with soldiers, most from 8th Air Force (2) Okinawa Mop Up, by Gen. Buckner and 10th Army (3) Bombers Rip Jap Outpost (4) World's Biggest Bomb -11-ton monster bomb that buries self deep in ground, used a few times in Germany (5) New Cabinet Members Sworn In - Hannigan as Postmaster General, Tom Clark, as Attorney General, Swellenback as Secretary of Labor, Anderson as Secretary of Agriculture (6) Santa Anita Handicap horse race.

Mid-East. Israeli-Egyptian Battle Erupts, 1967/06/06
(1) Mideast war develops from Gulf of Aqaba blockade; Arab socialists support Nasser in Cairo, Nasser signs pact with Hussein; Jordan tanks roll; chief-of-staff Rabin and officers (2) news in brief - 2 US helicopters make 1st nonstop transatlantic flight to Paris; world's largest jetliner DC-8 at Paris Air Show (3) Boston Roxbury riots, stores burn at night; 40 arrested (4) Vietnam - entire village evacuated from DMZ (5) Quemoy underground facilities manned by free Chinese.

German Rocket Bomb, 1944/06/29
(1) "Germany's 'Secret' Weapon England: Here are the first motion pictures of the Nazi robot bomb, launched from the French coast and scattering death and destruction over a large section of southern England. Anti-aircraft fire brings the rocket bombs down as home defenses are tightened against this new menace." (2) The Allies Take Elba.

Final Days of Struggle in Okinawa, 1945/07/05
(1) a few prisoners taken on Okinawa (2) New Flames To Burn Japs - flamethrower with long-range extension, and 100 yards from tank, incindiary bombs (3) Timberwolf Divisions Come Home - 104th Division under Gen. Terry Allen fought at D-Day (4) Warning on Winter Fuel (5) GI's Swim De Luxe - occupying troops in Austrian Trolian Alps use large pool (6) Bald Domes Get Heads Together - meeting in Port Arthur, Texas, of bald men (7) Aviation in the News - helicopter training, Tiger Cat is Navy's first helicopter unit.

Space Policeman. Pegasus Measures Action Of Meteoroids, 1965/05/27
(1) Saturn I rocket blasts off at night carrying Pegasus II satellite; animation of second stage, then spreads 96-ft wings (2) De Gaulle. . . - was elected president in 1958, on tour in France, wreath on statue of De Gaulle's hero Clemenceau (3) new Vietnam weapon - Coast Guard cutters sent to Vietnam to patrol coast, the "new policemen" (4) "Copter Sets Record" - XH-51A helicopter 240 mph (5) Chelsea flower show visited by Princess Margaret and Queen Mother, in heart of London (complete newsreel).

Inauguration. Kennedy Sworn In, New Era Begins, 1961/01/23
(1) JFK in Oval Office, goes to inauguration, sits with Ike in stand, LBJ sworn in as VP by Sam Rayburn, JFK sworn in by Chief Justice Warren, JFK speaks "let the Word go forth ... torch been passed .. proud of our ancient heritage ... committted today at home and around the world ... to our sister republics south of the border in a new alliance of progress join with them to oppose subversion anywhere in the Americas" - lunch in the Capital - procession to the White House riding in car.

Halifax Says Hitler Invasion Will Fail, 1941/03/27
"New York, NY: Britain's Ambassador, Lord Halifax, addressing the Pilgrim Society on the British war situation, says the British spirit is such that the threatened Nazi invasion of England is doomed to failure." (speech sound) (2) "Newark, N.J., When Bruiser Burns meets 'Blimp' Levy in the Laurel Gardens ring, anything goes. No holds barred and the rougher the better. So when 'Blimp' Levy is tossed out of the ring, the house, literally, almost comes down." wrestling scenes include crowd, sound.

'Moon' Is Born. The Story of 'Project Vanguard', 1957/07/04
(1) story of Project Vanguard as geophysical year opens (IGY) - 3-stage 72-ft rocket will launch from Patrick AFB in FL, animation of stages separating, tracked by radar stations and telescopic camers, computers on ground, "man's first stride into space" (2) Sweden Albatross sailing ship in NY "those sails are nylon" (3) "The AF puts on a mighty show of power for its departing chief of staff Gen. Nathan Twining" who is becoming Chief of JCS - planes fly over, Canberra, B-52 (4) portable a-power cannon.

First Lady At Play. She Joins Glenn At Water Skiing, 1962/07/23
(1) "First Lady At Play. She Joins Glenn At Water Skiing." - Hyannisport boat outing, Jackie and Glenn swimming, skiing, Ethel runs boat (2) "P.G.A. Golf Title. Gary Player Takes Crown" - Arnold Palmer defeated by Player from South Africa (3) "U.S. Downs Russia. Records Fall At Track Meet" - Wilma Rudolph Ward, Bob Hayes wins sprint; Ralph Boston wins long jump; Al Connely wins hammer throw, but Russians win women's hurdles; 1500 meter run won by Jim Beatty; high jump won by Russian (partial newsreel).

Radio Station's 'Attack By Mars' Panics Thousands, 1938/10/31
(1) "New York, NY: Thousands of radio listeners throughout the U. S. are frightened into mass hysteria by a dramatization of H. G. Wells' old thriller, 'The War of the Worlds,' as staged by orson Welles, young actor-manager." sound of Orson Welles speaking at press conference. (2) King Visits Ill Youngsters - "London, England: Inmates at the Hospital for Sick Children in Great Ormond Street get a great thrill when King George and Queen Elizabeth visit the institution's new buildings.

Roosevelt Landslide, 1936/11/07
"Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Democratic party carry forty-six states, losing only little Maine and Vermont, in the mightiest election victory scored by any political organization since the triumph of james Monroe in 1820. Dramatic pictures show outstanding events of an exciting day, with the President voting at Hyde Park, N. Y., and later receiving the cheers and congratulations of his neighbors.

Churchill Safe At Home, 1942/02/02
(1) Over The Atlantic: "Britain's Prime Minister takes the controls of the huge flying boat that brings him home safely after the triumphal tour in America. His arrival in London is a bright moment for his admirers everywhere." scenes of Winston Churchill (some sound) (2) World of Sports - "Wembley, England: 66,000 fans forget the war for a brief moment of sporting thrills as the English 'football' team tackles the Scotsmen and win.

'American Day' Fete Biggest Patriotic Meeting In History, 1941/05/20
"New York, NY: Hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans jam Central park for 'I Am An American Day' rally, in a dramatic outpouring of faith and allegiance to the U.S. in its gravest hour since 1917." scenes include sound of pledge of allegiance recited. (2) Atlantic City, NJ: Representatives from theatres and film exchanges assemble for the Variety Club Convention, for a gala parade and presentation of the club's award.

Japanese Surrender, 1945/08/23
(1) First Pictures of Japanese Surrender, delegates carried by Japanes planes to and then on to Manila; MacArthur ; Halsey on USS Missouri with special cake decorated with Japanese rising sun; (2) Armed Jap Mercy Ship Captured; (3) De Gaulle Arrives - Byrnes meets De Gaulle, meets Truman at White House; (4) U.S. Turns From War To Peace - sailors are first groups to be released in Long Beach on point system; workers leave war plants, line up in cities for new jobs in washing machines and cars plants.

Egypt Accepts United Nations Cease-Fire, 1967/06/09
(1) Mideast war - Israeli tanks drive across Sinai, capture West Bank and old Jerusalem; Moshe Dayan led battle plan; Arthur Goldberg introduces peace plan in Un in New York City, Abba Eban blamed Nasser, cease-fire resolution adopted, short by decisive mideast war to be followed by diplomatic struggle (2) Nigeria vs Biafra in Africa, even women volunteer for military service (3) New York bank sells state lottery tickets (4) Navy Skyhawk jet attacks North Vietnam from carrier Kitty Hawk.

Hitlerites Parade In Rain To Demonstrate Great Nazi Strength, 1933/03/16
"Berlin, Germany: An unprecedented display of power and organization by the Brown Shirted forces of the German Chancellor marks the final pre-election activities of the Social Democrats, with long columns of uniformed men in spirited procession down Unter den Linden from Brandenberg Gate to the Lustgarten, with Swastika banners fluttering over the Pretorian Guard the Storm Battalions that back up the new regime.

FDR Leads Nation In Protest Against Nazi Persecutions, 1938/11/16
(1) "Washington, DC: Pres. Roosevelt follows up a statement deploring anti-Jewish rioting in Germany by calling Ambassador Hugh Wilson home to discuss the situation." (no sound of FDR) (2) "Palo Alto, CA: Former Pres. Herbert Hoover expresses indignation at the 'brutal intolerance' of the Nazis and predicts their 'moral isolation.' (3) Father Robert I. Gannon, President of Fordham University and (4) Methodist-Episcopal Bishop.

Freedom Road. Hungarian Patriots force Red Retreat, 1956/10/24
1) Hungarian Revolt - red star ripped out of Hungary flags, patriots guard frontier, medical supplies airlifted, demonstrations in US (2) "Near East Raid. Israeli Troops Attack Egypt" - mobilization of Israel armed forces, also pictures of Egypt mobilization (but no war pictures) in Mideast (3) San Francisco Eicler X-100 home of tomorrow, a research house (4) Mau-Mau leader captured in Kenya, "the human leopard will roam no more" - Africa (5) sports: Georgia Tech vs Tulane college football.

Light Tanks Show Their Prowess In Battle Maneuvers, 1938/11/02
(1) "Fort Meade, MD: Mechanical monsters of the 66th U. S. Infantry (Light Tanks) sweep everything before them as they advance through smoke and shell fire to the attack. A thrilling sight, from daylight to dark, as the 'battle wagons' roll along." (2) Seabiscuit Wins match Race - "Pimlico, MD: The horse racing classic of the Century! War Admiral, the favorite, is beaten by three lengths as C. S. Howard's West Coast wonder horse takes the sensational match race that thrills 40,000 fans".

Viet Sweep. Troops Take Cong Stronghold, 1967/02/28
(1) Operation Pershing by 1st Cavalry in South Vietnam, village burned, residents relocated, field hospital treats civilians (2) "Home From The Sea" - carrier USS Coral Sea returns from duty in Vietnam (3) News In Brief - LBJ signs 25th amendment; mercy ship Phoenix manned by Quaker pacifists sails from Japan; paper airplane contest; Christian Dior in Paris shows hats with African styles (4) Sports - first Canadian Winter Games at Quebec City feature skaters; Winter Motocross race in Czechoslovakia.

Suez Crisis. British, French Rush Warships to Area, 1956/08/06
(1) British ships in England prepare for action, aircraft carrier HMS Theseus leaves, French fleet sails from Toulon to Mideast (2) "Hear Barrier. Rocket Plane Tests metals at 1,900 MPH" - B-50 bomber releases Bell X-2 rocket plane; Col. Everest honored at AF convention (3) Argonne National Lab uses gamma radiation to preserve food (4) miniature railroad for Detroit Zoo, with monkey Julius as conductor on train, bears, ostrich is fed by boy (5) Fashion exhibit of watches (6) women platform divers.

President. Foreign Students Hear Peace Hopes, 1955/07/15
(1) Ike speaks to foreign students at White House (some glitches in his voice) (2) Indo-China battle near Saigon between Diem's forces and enemies as "American training pays off" (3) Air Force Academy first graduating class - giant bombers fly over (4) Mt. Blanc cable car to highest point in Europe (5) sports: Sacramento Little League with heavyweight champ Max Baer as umpire (6) Ike at White House with guests for celebrity golf match (7) baseball All-Star game won by Stan Musial homerun (complete newsreel).

Operations Crossroads Underway, 1946/07/01
"Events leading Up To The Epochal Blast - Last-minute preparations for the atom bomb test at Bikini Atoll! See the planes, the ships and the men who took part in Operation Crossroads! The famed B-29, 'Dave's Dream,' takes off from Kwajalein as the entire world waits to hear that three ships were sunk and many others damaged as the fourth atom bomb in history was exploded. The results have as yet not been completely evaluated." scenes of ships positioned around lagoon, air crews briefed.

Ike Tells U.N. Direct U.N. Action Is Key To Mid-East Peace, 1958/08/14
(1) Ike appears before UN General Assembly for first time since 1955, speaks for independence of Lebanon, danger of aggression in Jordan in Mideast (2) Marines go on board ships at beach in Lebanon (3) U.S. wheat unloaded at Aqaba for Jordan (4) "Britain Hails Arrival Of Polar A-Sub" - Nautilus sails into Portland England from under north Pole, skipper William Anderson returns from Washington DC (5) Domenico Modugno arrives in NY, wrote song Volare, gets Decca gold record (partial newsreel).

Full Scale War Looms in Middle East, 1956/04/12
(1) Arabs and Israelis mobilize due to armed raids, despite UN truce commission, Dag Hammershold arrives, meets with Nasser about Mideast (2) Cutlass jet fires Sparrow missile (3) 104-story Empire State building has beacon lights at top (4) all glass exterior elevator on El Cortez Hotel in San Diego (5) Grace Kelly on USS Constitution passenger liner on her way to Monaco (6) Sports: first automatic bowling pin setter by Brunswick (7) woman bullfighter in Colombia, but loses and is gored by bull.

Ike In Panama. Urges Atom Plan for Hemisphere, 1956/07/23
(1) Ike in Panama, greets President Arias, (no pics of panama) (2) "Operation Alert. Mock H-Bomb Attack Tests Civil Defense" - Washington HQ is nerve center; Chrysler Air Raid Siren, Pentagon leaders helicoptered to secret locations (3) "Enter Jet Age. Japan Air Force Gets U.S. Sabres" - Japan receives first 9 Sabrejets, Japan red circle painted on sides of jets (4) Miss Universe beauty contest in Long Beach, won by Miss USA "36-25-36" (5) sports: motorcycle tricks, auto daredevils (complete newsreel).

Lynda And Charles Marriage Takes Place In The White House, 1967/12/12
(1) LBJ escorts Lynda on wedding day, 1st wedding in White House in 53 years, marries Marine Capt Charles Robb, as Lucy is matron of honor, in brief Episcopalian ceremony, emerge from East Room under arch of swords (2) luxury liner Queen Mary steams up East Coast after 40 day voyage, "the end of an era and a long and gracious career of the Queen Mary" (3) Capetown, South Africa - Dr. Christian Bernard did 1st heart transplant at this hospital on Louis Warshansky (partial newsreel).

War or Peace? 1950 Fateful Year, 1950/12/21
1) Nationalist China seated in UN, Malek departed, absent when Korean War began (2) "Communism" - Berlin, France, Japan, Union Square in New York, spy Gubitchev deported (3) "Korea Invaded" - MacArthur, savage war of attrition on narrow beachhead, scores died, atrocities, rapidly narrowing perimeter, but 12 nations rallied, led by Canada, Inchon landing, air cover of B-29s dropping bombs, allies pushed north, "then, it happened" and UN armies forced into retreat, paid heavily in casualties.

Radar Secrets Revealed, 1945/08/20
(1) "Miracle of radar revealed" - ground detectors and direction finders - animation - enemy spotted on oscilloscope - radar antenna on plane can find shoreline or entire convoy - directional equipment on ground can spot enemy and friendly planes - helps plane land safely; (2) Governors Meet Truman - Truman poses with state governors; (3) Day of Days For Orphans - 60 buses bring 3000 orphans in NY to Long Beach; (4) Model Planes Fly 85 MPH - Chicago model plane meet; (5) Gone To The Bow-Wows.

Christmas Brings Joy To Everyone, 1945/12/10
(1) Christmas trees from state of Washington, shoppers in cities, children look at dolls and hobby horses, puppets, model trains, Santa Claus; (2) Gen. "Ike" New Chief of Staff - Ike speaks (3) Gen. Stilwell Gives DSC to Hero's Sister - Matsuta was Japanese-American (4) Archbishop Speaks For War Relief - Spellman speaks for donation of canned goods, 15,000 Catholic parishes in the nation will act as receiving stations (5) Aviation in the News - Mixmaster nonstop flight by Douglas bomber.

Rail Strike Paralyzes Entire U.S., 1946/05/23
(1) "Faced with the most serious strike in its history, the U. S. is hard hit by a strike of railroad men, Delayed for five days, the strike finally does begin. Trains are idle; transportation is seriously crippled; passengers are stranded in stations." scenes of the start of the railroad strike, U.S. government takes over railroads. (2) Eisenhower In Far East - "Nanking, China: The U.S. Chief of Staff receives gala welcome, as he visits China's leader during his tour of USA.

First Pictures Of Rome's Capture, 1944/06/15
"The Fortunes of War at Rome Beneath the century old Colliseum in Rome, the Nazis are shown triumphantly parading American and British prisoners, captured in the ferocious action at Anzio. Field Marshal Kesselring takes a good look southward through his field glasses, where the Allied drive is. A forced evacuation of Rome is ordered. Beneath the same century old Colliseum in Rome we see Allied heavy equipment rolling in, with General Mark Clark, the center of attention for all the cheering Romans.

Washington DC, 1940/05/13
"Washington DC: Strongly condemning the Nazi invasion of Holland and Belgium, President Roosevelt tells the 8th American Scientific Congress that the Americas are shocked and angered by Hitler's newest attack!" (only sound of FDR speech) (2) "Washington, DC: Reverberations of the 'Blitz-krieg' stir America! Envoys of Belgium and Holland say their nations will resist to the last! State Dept. and Cabinet officials call at the White House.

War in Egypt. British and French Bomb Its Key Cities, 1956/11/01
(1) Suez Canal and Nasser pictures; French troops embark from Marseilles; naval forces in eastern Mediterraean, British bombers attack; Ike and Dulles at White House; Ike speaks, wants it brought before the UN General Assembly; quick pics of UN and Mideast (2) "Hungary Free But Faces Threat Of New Red Invasion" - the end of a 6-day fight, Hungary was free, scenes of Budapest; funeral (3) student demonstrators in Rome in support of Hungary, battles between students and police (4) Texas rangers.

Giant Dirigible Sets Record, 1936/05/11
"Lakehurst, NJ: Humming over metropolitan New York in the dawn, the huge dirigible 'Hindenburg' reaches her base at the Naval Air Station with shining honors for the fastest crossing of the North Atlantic ever made by a commercial passenger aircraft. The tremendous Zeppelin carries more than a hundred persons across the sea, many of them of international fame. Brought safely to land, the ship is lodged in a waiting hangar as thousands upon thousands of sightseers gather from near and far to view the gigantic ship.

Long Way to Go Says FDR, 1943/09/09
(1) - "Pres. Roosevelt cites Italy's capitulation as a victory for the Italian people, as well as for Gen. Eisenhower, as he officially opens the Third War Loan Drive." includes scenes from Fireside Chat #26 and speech sound announcing Italian surrender (2) Churchill at Harvard - "Harvard confers its coveted degree upon Winston Churchill. In his speech, the Prime Minister pledges that England will march side by side with the U.S..

Terrified Civilians Flee Air Raid, 1936/09/09
"Cordoba, Spain: Government bombers drone through the blue over the rebel-held city, sending civilians racing in terror for cellars and other hiding places as they loose a rain of bombs. Soldiers dig trenches in the streets, fearing the Loyalist advance. - SAN SEBASTIAN: Bitter fighting between Government militia and insurgents continues, with the Republicans shown capturing a Fascist sniper. - PAMPLONA: The rebels put tiny children in black shirts and teach them to march with older girls.

Journey Bound. Fliers Freed After Two Years Captivity, 1955/08/08
(1) 11 fliers cross bridge to Hong Kong from B-29 shot down, on leaflet-dropping mission, led by Col. John Arnold, take baths, drink coke, "a warning of the ruthless enemy we face" (2) Quito Honduras meeting between heads of state of Ecuador and Honduras (3) airplane crash at Midway field in Chicago (4) Turin italy - Clare Booth Luce (ambassador to Italy) and delivery of F-86 built in America and assembled at Fiat plant that will soon make planes for NATO (5) Navy graduation.

Roosevelt Warns Of Danger To U.S. If Nazis Win War, 1940/12/31
(1) "Washington, DC: President Roosevelt tells the world that the U.S. is determined to aid Britain, that the Americas will be in constant danger if the Axis poers win the war, and that the United States must become a great arsenal to supply England with arms." scenes of FDR speaking at his desk, Fireside Chat #16 (2) North Sea Action - "Thrilling scenes as Nazis attack a British convoy. A warship commanded by the king's cousin is hit by a Nazi E-boat".

La Guardia Calls Upon Nation For Scrap Aluminum, 1941/06/26
(1) "Washington, DC: Nation-wide drive to collect scrap aluminum is announced by Civil Defense Chief La Guardia, who urges all citizens to doneate old pots and pans for campaign starting in July." sound of La Guardia speaking and asking for old aluminum to make planes. (2) "Washington, DC: The Capitol's largest family, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. White and 17 of their 18 children, purchase defense stamps en masse.

Eisenhower Re-Elected, 1956/11/05
(1) Ike and Mamie wave to crowd, gives V-sign with Nixon (2) "Cease Fire. Eden Orders Move In Egypt Invasion" - Israeli units move thru Sinai, Gaza Strip; Egyption destroyer captured and towed; Eden speaks, welcomes UN police action; UN General Assembly adopts police action proposal for Mideast (3) refugees cross Austrian frontier as Russians invade Hungary (glitch at start of story) (4) Nova Scotia coal mine disaster (5) Statue of Liberty 70th anniversary (6) Football: UCLA vs Stanford.

Showdown in Vietnam, 1965/02/08
Pleiku in Vietnam, 8 died in recent attack, but 49 jets struck back, McNamara briefing with map shows response, speaks about retaliatory action approved by NSC; pictures of aircraft carrier and jets taking off; 2nd raid the next day by planes, Hawk missile battery, George McBundy arrives at Camp Holloway in Vietnam, visited hospital and Pleiku wounded, McBundy next day back at White House, speaks to press about the "sneak attack" due to nature of war in Vietnam and "the contest against the Communism".

Army Digs In for Defense of Arctic, 1956/02/27
1) Fort Greely Alaska - Operation Moosehorn - combat teams on skiis - supplies parachuted to ground troops - tents during blowing snow (2) Ambassador John Lodge to Spain with military equipment sent to Spain at Cartegena "tanks for bases to bar the spread of Red aggression" (3) Billy Graham to Japan (4) train accident (5) Yuba City CA celebrates Christmas in February, was postponed by flood (6) Fashions inspired by film Benny Goodman Story (7) sports: Austrian ski championship (8) stock car race.

Armed Forces display U.S. Might On Observance Day, 1956/05/21
1) Armed Forces Day at AFB in Michigan features new Redstone missile; Scorpion attack plane fires rockets at old B-17 in Florida; crash landing of jet on USS Essex, pilot rescued by helicopter (2) "France Digs In for Total Algerian War" - 400,000 French troops pinned down by guerilla attacks - armed depots dot Algeria landscape (3) 4 survivng Dionne quints open flower shop in Ottawa (4) hospital workers carry small pagers (5) Preakness horse race won by Fabius, not Needles who had won Kentucky Derby".

Republican Convention, 1956/08/20
(1) Republican national Convention in Cow Palace in San Francisco, chaired by Joe Martin, California Senators Nixon and Knowland and ? - keynote address (2) "Suez Impasse. East and West Split on Seizure" - crowd cheers Nasser arriving on train in Cairo, his prestige has risen, streets deserted when Nasser called for strike to protest western foreign ministers meeting in London, boy hosted, London conference with Dulles offering plan on Mideast, but opposed by Russia (3) Nehru speaks.

Special Release - Europe At War!, 1939/09/04
(1) "Dramatic scenes of a new conflict that may envelop the world in flames! Hitler's war machine rolls into Poland, encouraged to strike by the new pact with Stalin's 'Red' Russia. With Danzig seized, Polish infantry and cavalry rally to the defense of their homeland. Italy remains in the background, while Nazis pour into the Siegfried Line to stem a possible Allied thrust. England: Tense eleventh-hour scenes in London, as Prime Minister Chamberlain declares a state of war exists! Troops mobilitation.

Berlin Siege. Gen. Clay Returns To Report On Red Crisis, 1948/07/22
(1) The World Crisis - "Berlin: While the Western Allies increase their aerial shuttle into Berlin, Russia's refusal to negotiate leaves issue in doubt. The threat of a show-down brings the world close to war. East Anglia: Landing on fields used by our 8th Air Force during the war, sixty Superforts arrive on training mission. Berlin crisis lends significance to huge bombers' arrival. Washington: Gen Clay returns to U.S..

Cuba President in U.S., 1948/12/09
(1) News In Brief - "Washington: Cuba's new President, Carlos Prio, arrives by plane for a five-day visit. Pres. Truman, who invited him, is on hand to greet him at National Airport as Senor Prio steps off the 'Independence.' - Truman speaks at airport; (2) Holland: "The 'Hangmen of Amersfoort,' Nazi criminals who put scores to death in infamous concentration camp, go on trial before a Dutch tribunal.

A Great Day For The Kellys, 1944/04/27
(1) A Great Day For The Kellys "Commando Kelly Returns Home Sergeant Charles Kelly, 23, recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor for exterminating 10 Nazis in one day, finally returns to Pittsburgh, Pa. His whole excited family is there, Mom and his six brothers, and apparently everyone in the Smoky City. Pittsburgh gives its hero the keys to the city, then a parade takes place.

Liberation Of France Forges On, 1944/07/18
"Independence Day in Europe - In France, General Eisenhower observes General Bradley fire a giant howitzer which signals our massed artillery into a massed cresendo of fire. Behind the lines, the French string 'Welcome' signs all over, improvise American flags, and a choral group of French children sing 'America.' They love our mow-oon-tains. Canadians Advance - After a well earned rest, following the landing battles in Normandy, the Canadians return to the thick of the fighting at Cariquet.

Big Convoy To Russia Beats Off Nazis, 1942/10/19
(1) "Huge United Nations convoy is attacked by Nazi's bombers off Scandinavian north capes. A terrific battle ensues, but the enemy is finally driven off." (2) Greatest Tax Bill In History For Americans - "Washington, DC: With the greatest tax bill in the history of the United States about to be passed, Senator George and Congressman Doughton speak for the men who have labored to keep the nation's economy strong." (some sound from 2 men speaking) (3) Aussie Joins U.S..

Battle Rages Along Nazi Wall, 1944/09/28
(1) "Seizure of Eindhoven - An air train, over 285 miles in length, and containing over 2,000 planes and gliders, takes off from England for Holland. Near Eindhoven, thousands of chutists 'hit the silk,' floating down to join the glider troops. The air army is made up of American, British and Polish troops. 24 hours after the airborne army lands, armored units of the British 2nd Army pound their way into Eindhoven, joining forces with the skymen.

World Parley Gets Down To Business, 1945/04/30
(1) [starts with no sound, then sound for Stettinius, Molotov, other speakers, but then silent] "San Francisco, Calif., In plenary session the leaders of the various delegations address the United Nations conclave. U.S. Secretary of State Stettinius speaks for the U.S. He is followed by Foreign Commissar Molotov of Russia and T. V. Soong, Foreign Minister of China. The leaders of the Big Four, elected to the presidium, then preside in rotation.

President Roosevelt's Emergency Bank Bill Passed By Congress, 1933/03/09
"Washington, DC: First sound pictures of the epochal opening of the special session of the Seventy-third Congress, the elevation of Representative Henry T. Rainey of Illinois to the Speaker's Chair, the reading of President Roosevelt's dramatic message calling for immediate banking legislation, and striking scenes of the president as he signs the resulting banking bill less than eight hours after his call for action to relieve the financial crisis.

Nation Pays Tribute To Its Soldiers, 1946/04/08
(1) "Chicago, IL: President Truman leads the nation in stirring Army Day ceremonies, as Americans from coast to coast pay homage to the men and might of their armed forces. The President calls on the nation to be strong and sees hope for world peace. New York: Thousands jam Fifth Avenue as crack troops and snappy cadets parade in the rain in a martial salute to our Army. San Francisco: The men and weapons that helped win World War II are on display as the Golden Gate celebrates Army Day".

Cruiser Bow Ripped Off By Typhoon, 1945/07/23
(1) 21 ships of Admiral Halsey's 3rd fleet damaged off Japan, USS Pittsburgh lost 100 feet of bow, but survived; (2) 44th Division Comes Home, on passenger liner, greeted by Marlene Dietrich; (3) Fire Destroys Lake Steamer - ship Harmonic on Lake Ontario; (4) Aviation in the News - 72-ton MARS flying boat christened in Baltimore, the largest flying boat in service in the U.S. (5) Los Angeles - Hughes Aircraft in Culver City building the plywood H4 flying boat, with wing 320 feet long

Monster Flying Wing, 1946/06/27
(1) "Inglewood CA: A new chapter in aviation development is written as the twenty-five-ton Northrup flying wing takes to the air. The tailless craft has a wing span of 172 feet and will weigh fifty tons fully loaded." (2) Personalities in the News - "John W. Snyder takes office as Secretary of the Treasury. He is sworn in by Fred M. Vinson, chief justice of the Supreme court. Benjamin Fairless, president of United States Steel, is awarded the Medal of Merit by Secretary of War Patterson.

Winter Push To Knock Out German Reich, 1944/12/14
(1) "Pushing Back the Nazis - Allied ships enter the port of Antwerp carrying valuable war materiel...Gen. Eisenhower visits Gen. Montgomery and inspects the British 2nd Army...The Allies are confronted with the Mans River which is swollen seven times its normal size...elsewhere snow and mud provide obstacles...American rifles, machine guns and artillery are constantly in action...Allied wounded are many...and 5,000 Nazis are taken prisoner." scenes of Antwerp cleared and now open; Ike and Montgomery meeting.

Yugoslavia Air Victims, 1946/09/02
(1) "Rome, Italy: Following their release at Yugoslav border, five caskets containing the bodies of American airmen shot down by Yugo fighter planes arrive at airport enroute to final burial place in the U. S." (2) "Washington DC: Re-affirming our right to send U.S. warships anywhere in the world, Admiral Halsey defends cruise of huge carrier to Greek waters and says 'We will go where we please!" scenes of carrier Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Thanks for the Dimes, 1944-02-28
(1) "Sue Ann, a juvenile infantile paralysis victim, limps to the camera to thank all moviegoers for their contributions in the recent drive." March of Dimes girl with crutches speaks [sound] (2) Recapture of Kiev "Russia's armies roll on. Stalin's dependence on artillery is dramatically demonstrated as huge batteries of guns roar into action against Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine. Russian infantry creeps into the outskirts of the metropolis, which the retreating Nazis had put to the torch.

Total War Mobilization Asked By FDR, 1945/01/08
(1) "In an address to the nation, President Roosevelt advocates National Conscription for material reasons, and for reasons of morale; he defends the principles of the Atlantic Charter; and he summons the United Nations to protect not only their own sancitity, that that of the small nations as well." (2) France Sells Laval Assets - "The estate and belongings of France's arch traitor, Pierre laval, are sold at open auction to the highest bidder." scenes of Pierre Laval, convicted by France as traitor.

Soldier Welfare Service Launched At Monster Rally, 1941/05/22
(1) National Defense Highlights - "New York, NY: Addressing 15,000 parents, wives and sweethearts at the opening meeting of the United Service Organizations campaign, Thomas E. Dewey urges everyone to 'get behind' our fighting forces." Dewey speaks on the debate on foreign policy, "America stands united" (2) "Los Angeles, CA: Those laughable 'Buck Privates' Abbott & Costello who next are 'In The Navy' take a more serious view of national defense and urge all Americans to back the defense bond drive.

San Francisco Parley Ends, 1945/06/28
[some sound missing] (1) "San Francisco, CA: President Truman flies to the city for the last session of the United Nations Conference and is greeted at hte airport by Secretary of State Edward Stettinius before a parade through the streets. At his hotel he confers with Adiral Nimitz on the war in the Pacific. Later he witnesses the voting as fifty nations sigh the Charter that marks ne hopes for an era of peace.

Special Release - The Coronation of King George VI, 1937/05/18
"SEE the Archbishop Place the Crown Upon the Monarch's Head! Tremendous Throngs at World's Greatest Pageant! Britain's Peers in Glamorous Array! Premiers of the World-Wide Empire! The Members of the Royal Family! The Gilded Coach of State in its Triumphal Procession! The Galaxy of Glittering Military Uniforms in the Big Parade! Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, and Famed Landmarks! The Whole Glorious Ceremony! SEE the Actual Rites in the Historic Westminster Abbey".

King and Queen Wildly Welcomed On Canadian Tour, 1939/05/22
King and Queen Wildly Welcomed On Canadian Tour -"Quebec: Impressive scenes as King George and Queen Elizabeth begin their royal tour of the Dominion! His Majesty, at a state dinner at the Chateau Frontenac, extends his official greetings to his subjects. Montreal: The royal couple is wildly hailed by thousands of loyal Canadian children at a huge stadium fete as a climax to a stirring trip through the city.

Screen Notables Hear Roosevelt Praise Industry, 1941/03/04
(1) "Los Angeles, CA: Winners of Motion Picture Academy awards, including Ginger Rogers and James Stewart, hear President Roosevelt speak from the White House during colorful presentation ceremonies." scenes of FDR speaking about the motion picture industry; Oscars given to Jimmy Stuart for Philadelphia Story, acceptance speech by Ginger Rogers; (2) Santa Anita Handicap - horse race, shows crowd, George Raft, Bing Crosby (only crowd sound); (3) British Forces rout Italians, take prisoners in Libia.

Life-Line To China Re-Opened, 1945/02/12
(1) "Ledo Road ('Pick's Pike') Opens - After many had failed on the Ledo Road project, the task was assigned to Brig. Gen. L. A. Pike, Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army. He constructed the 478 mile road, through mountain junbles, across swamps, spanning 400 streams or rivers and solving every conceivable kind of engineering problem.

Solons Visit Front, 1944/12/29
(1) "Members of the Military Affairs Committee, including Clare Booth Luce, visit various fronts where our troops are engaged. And General Patton shows them part of his remarkable army, in action." (2) Blackout Gear Trains Air Pilots - "The Franks 'Blackout Suit' for airmen is demonstrated on a centrifuge machine at the University of Toronto. The liquid chambers within the suit counteracts the centrifugal pressure which a pilot encounters when diving and twisting in combat action." (3) Fashion.

Nazi Murder Mills, 1945/04/26
(1) "First actual newsreel pictures of atrocities in Nazi murder camps. Helpless prisoners tortured to death by a bestial enemy...Here Is The Truth" (Real-life horror pictures revealing the unbelievable atrocities committed by the Nazis in their murder camps) Grasleben: Wounded and emaciated Yanks, captured in von Runstedt's bulge attack of last winter, are fed and given medical care by the Yank armies of liberation.

Manila Free of Japanese Domination, 1945/03/22
"The Battle of Manila (Additional pictures, just received, showing the details of the terrible battle between MacArthur's Armies and the fanatical Japs). The Japs, content with delaying actions against the Yanks, as they retreated southward in Luzon, resolved to put on one of their fanatical 'death stands' within the confusion of Manila. The motorized U.S. 1st Cavalry Division enters Rizal Stadium, where Jap fire meets them from the bleachers and the stands.

Third Army blasts Nazi Strongholds, 1944/11/02
(1) 3rd Army blasts Nazi Strongholds - "Siege of Metz - Gen. Eisenhower visits Gen. Patton's American 3rd Army, on the battle lines at Metz. Tanks, mortars, bazookas, 155mm. artillery - all are used in battering at this Nazi location in the famed Siegfried Line." (2) Free Greeks Hail Allied Deliverance - "Athens Is Free - A British armada steams into the port of Athens, to be joined ashore by colorful bewhiskered Greek partisans.

MacArthur Closes In On Manila, 1945/01/15
(1) "At Ormoc: The famous U.S. 77th Division moves in on Ormoc from the sea. With heavy mortars, concentrated tank fire and the convincing deadliness of their flame-throwers, they subdue the Japs. Jap re-enforcements coming in by barge are blown to bits by Yank artillery. Victory on Leyte is made certain. At Mindora: A giant amphibious fleet steams through enemy waters for Mindora (below Luzon). Intercepting Jap planes soon drop from a sky filled with ack ack bursts.

Hara Kiri in Admiralties, 1944/03/27
(1) Hara Kiri in Admiralties "General MacArthur stated to his troops in the Admiralties 'it is imperative that we hold this position against any attack.' We watch LST boats, bristling with Yanks, scrape to a stop at water's adge, in Los Negros. Supporting their advance, naval guns blast into action, and damaging hits are recorded. Our infantry advances and we see scattered Jap corpses. Manos airfield is reached and conquered.

All Nations Shaken By War Crisis, 1938/09/19
"Washington, DC: In the face of a possible new world conflict abroad, Pres. Roosevelt summons his cabinet officers for a conference on the European crisis. (2) Paris, France: Premier Daladier and Foreign Minister Bonnet fly to London, where they and Prime Minister Chamberlain move to exert pressure on Czechoslovakia to grant Hitler's demands of Sudeten territory annexation. (3) England: Braemer, Scotland, King George cuts short a visit at the colorful Scottish games to rush home for conference.

Advance on Rome, 1944/05/29
(1) Advance on Rome "With tremendous armies poised on all of Germany's borders, the signal is given the Allied armies to the south, to being their destruction of the Nazis in Italy. Protective smoke clouds veil intensive bombardments of Nazi positions by enormous concentrations of field guns, howitzers, mortars and machine guns. Heavy Allied equipment rumbles forward, helping to carve a path for the advancing troops.

The Arsenal For D-Day, 1944/05/08
(1) The Arsenal For D-Day "Equipment for Invasion In a U.S.A. port we see the materials of war being feverishly loaded into vessels. Planes are lifted to the decks of bulging ships, ships that are loaded to the water line with freight for the invasion. Slowly, then, the ships converge, to set sail in convoy. In Bratain we come upon acres and acres of piled up materiel and equipment, for the invasion armies on the Second Front.

Allies Fight Fierce Nazi Counter-Blow, 1944/12/20
(1) "Events within Germany leading to the present 'power drive' in the West, shown in captured German newsreels. Theaters are shut down, women are drafted for war work, trolleys tow trucks to save gasoline, robot bombs are launched, and at the front, the Nazi military carries on despite the appearance of American air fleets. Allied cameras show Yank heavy artillery in action, Nazi prisoners are collared.

Nazis War On Russia, 1941/06/23
(1) German Invasion of Russia - "The war's most amazing about-face! Nazi Germany and Red Russia, partners in crime for the Polish campaign, are engaged in a life-and-death struggle along 2,000 miles of frontier. Millions of men and thousands of tanks and planes lock forces in what may well be the turning point of the war. " scenes include stock pictures of Russian farms, military, tanks, Molotov and Japan sign treaty (some sound) (2) "Washington, DC: The Russian envoy, Ambassador Oumansky, presentation.

Truman Faces New Job With Confidence, 1945/04/19
(1) [starts with no sound, silent pictures of Truman, staff, then sound when Truman gives speech] "Early in the A.M. President Harry S. Truman leaves Blair House, his new temporary home, and briskly walks to the White House. Mathew J. Connelly, his confidential secretary, and Leonard Reinsch, his press and radio relations man, are busy at their tasks. The President nominates John W. Snyder, St. Louis banker, to become Federal Loan Administrator.

War News--All Good, 1944/05/22
(1) War News--All Good "Modern Yank Artillery In Italy, enemy positions are plotted out in checkerboard style, then pattern barrages are laid down, in which each gun destroys its particular target square. Eisenhower with the 9th In England, General Eisenhower accompanied by Lt. Gen. Spaatz and Lt. Gen. Brereton, inspects the U.S. 9th Air Force. From the cockpit of a fighter plan he fires the wing guns exubertantly, then he watches Marauder formations take off for invasion objectives.

Germany Gives Up, 1945/05/08
(1) Truman Announces Germany's surrender - "President Truman officially proclaims V-E Day, as Germany submits her unconditional surrender to Gen. Eisenhower's headquarters in Reims." (2) [silent with some sporadic sound] Rise and Fall of the Nazis - "Militant Germany is shown on the march against Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland. The rush of the Panzer divisions through the Lowlands causing the downfall of France, the humiliating British retreat from the beaches of Dunkirk.

First Pictures Invasion of France, 1944/06/12
"The Greatest co-ordination of arms ever portrayed on any motion picture screen in the world. Every scene made during the greatest victory of Allied power, to date.) 11,000 Allied planes plant their tons of pulverizing bombs on shore installations, strategic roads and bridges, then swoop down to strafe enemy trains, ships and planes. In England, the daredevil paratroopers sail away to their designations and the air-borne troops follow in their gliders.

MacArthur Renews Vow, 1944/04/17
(1) "What of MacArthur? 1944, an election year, finds America buzzing with the question 'What about MacArthur?' The General appears as a personage in our reel, who is being banqueted in Australia, the continent which he saved from the Jap. He speaks with all conviction and honesty of which a human being is capable, reiterating his promise that he will return to the Philippines.

Jap Planes Blasted By Navy Guns, 1944/01/03
[this newsreel is silent] (1) "Yank Marksmen Bag Jap Planes (A flaming spectacle which elicits gasps from seasoned film goers) - As an American task force steams along to prosecute a raid on the marshall Islands, Jap torpedo planes soar into view to destroy a Yank aircraft carrier. From her expansive flight deck we see some of the most spectacular action scenes of this war. Sailors fall prone to permit sprays of bullets to belch upwards at the attacking Japs.

We Blast Truk, Jap Fortress, 1944/03/30
The U.S. Navy makes history as a huge task force assembles to attack the highly publicized 'impregnable fortress of Truk.' Planes zoom from expansive carrier decks, and before long, Truk is observed, stretched out below like a diagram on a drafting table. Cocky Jap interceptors bear in for the attack, and they are blown out of the skies, by uncanny machine gun fire, and clouds of rising anti-aircraft fire.

Pres. Truman En Route to Conference, 1945/07/19
(1) TRUMAN ON SHIP CROSSES ENGLISH CHANNEL TO POTSDAM CONFERENCE - "As the sleek U.S. cruiser 'Augusta' speeds along the Atlantic, President Truman holds final preparatory conferences with Sec. of State Byrnes and Admiral Leahy. For relaxation, the President enjoys his 'constitutionals' on ship deck, then is seen heartily enjoying mess with the crew." (2) Ryukus Made Springboard for Invasion.

Jungle War In Burma, 1944/04/03
(1) Jungle War In Burma "Lord Louis Mountbatten, Commander-in-Chief of the Southeast Asia Armies, sends his forces down Burma's western shores in a master plan to regain Burma from Japs. We got a bird's eye view of the difficult terrain, then we watch the Tommies slither through the jungle brush, as their tanks blaze forth with supporting fire. Formations of Allied bombers spew their bomb loads on the resisting Japs and British artillery and machine guns finish the 'clearing out' job.

Eire Cut Off By Allies, 1944/04/06
(1) "Lest secret information of the Allied moves be smuggled into neutral Eire by Axis agents, Yank and British patrols are on the double alert on the border of North Ireland, Ulster and Eire. The innocent native folk cheerfully produce their identifications, amid the rustic beauty of their quiet countryside." (2) Bombs fail to crack Cassino "2,500 Tons of Bombs on Cassino (These historic pictures will be studied by military students for generations to come).

Death Knell For Germany, 1945/04/02
(1) "When the Yanks enter Godesberg they survey the Hotel Dresden, site of the famous Chamberlain-Hitler conference of '38 which was meant to avert war. To prevent the Huns from engaging in any more fighting, the Yanks disarm the citizens of all their weapons, including lances. U.S. Rocket Tanks - In the Rhine offensive, giant U.S. tanks mounting 60 rocket tubes lay down terrific rocket barrages either in salvo, or in rapid fire.

Sec. Wallace Stirs Foreign Policy Debate, 1946/09/19
(1) "Washington, DC: Commerce Secretary Wallace, following his soft-terms-for-Russia speech, goes to the White House, where he agrees to cancel further talks for the present. Paris, France: Scretary of State Byrnes, whose dealings with foreign powers have put the U.S. in the van of those nations combatting the spread of Communism, is shown during an important meeting with his advisory staff." scenes of Henry Wallace who says he will not resign (2) Displaced Persons - "Upper Austria".

U.S. Films Fight Reds, 1947/10/23
(1) "Washington, DC: "An all-star cast, including actors Robert Montgomery, Adolph Menjou, and Producer Sam Wood, take the stand to tell the House Un-American Activities Committee that Hollywood is fighting to keep communism out of motion pictures." scenes of HUAC chaired by J. Parnell Thomas and its investigation of the Hollywood 10 (2) U.S. Marks Navy Day - "The Navy reveals new methods of warfare, as the U.S..

Army Needs Must Be Met NAM Is Told, 1944/12/11
(1) "Waldorf Astoria, NYC: The War and Reconversion Congress of America hear Mr. F. C. Crawford, their board chairman, deliver a dynamic address. Mr. Crawford, just returned from a trip to Gen. Eisenhower's theatre of command, reveals that the war with Germany will last 1-3-6 months, or a year, depending on the sacrifice of 100,000 doughboy's lives - or the firing of thousands of tons of high calibre shells and the use of mountains of other material.

German Drive Rolled Back By Allies, 1945/01/11
(1) "When the Allies recover their composure after the Nazi surprise break through on the Western front, they quickly go into action. Supplies are rushed to the front as civilian evacuees stream to the rear. Mines are laid, road blocks set up, the woods are combed for Nazi paratroopers, and Yank artillery roars into action. Clear weather enables fleets of Allied bombers to disrupt Nazi communication lines with hundreds of tons of bombs.

President on Tour, 1945/06/25
(1) "Olympia, WA: Taking a brief vacation before addressing the final session of the San Francisco Conference, President Truman goes fishing (you guessed it, they all got away), and then visits majestic Mount Ranier." scenes of Truman guest at Governor's mansion, Charles Ross with press, Truman decorates soldier with Congressional Medal of Honor, fishes in Puget Sound in colorful sweater, travels to Mt. Rushmore.

Carriers Hit Tokyo!, 1945/03/19
(1) "Plowing through tempestuous seas the U. S. Fifth Fleet takes positions several hundred miles off Tokyo ... the huge carriers of Task Force 58 emerge from the armada ... and fleets of war planes swoop away, their destination Tokyo. En route, Jap ships are plastered and sunk by air cannon. Tokyo's docks are pounded. Mammouth Imperial air fields are strafed repeatedly. Intercepting Zeros are destroyed.

Gen. "Ike" Man of the Hour, 1945/06/18
(1) "The General of the Army receives a riotous reception on his arrival in Washington. More than a million people forget the heat and humidity to roar their welcome to the man who has been termed one of the greatest generals in history. His message to Congress is a message to all Americans, as he pleads for unity in the war to be won. London: General Eisenhower is given the freedom of the city, an honor that has been granted to but five Americans.

Remarkable New Aid To Navigation, 1937/05/12
"San Antonio, TX: navigators on sea or land, or in the air, now can tell their position in less than a minute, no matter what atmospheric conditions may prevail. The Hagner Position Finder does away with logarithms and the old, difficult process of navigation." (2) One-Man Band - "New York City: Elmer Trudgen, a Canadian farmboy, shows Gotham that the One-Man Band is not langer imagination. He has a contraption that enables him to play the piano, violin, guitar, harmonica, bass drum, snare drum and other instruments.

Saipan Is Ours, 1944/06/30
(1) "The War on Two Fronts - Saipan Island: An American task force moves in on this strategic Jap island base within near bomber range of Tokyo's front yard. After four days of naval and air bombardment the Marines take over, suffering losses three times those at Tarawa, but Jap dead are more than ours and they lose 700 planes." (2) Deweys Meet The Press - Chicago, Ill.: Governor Dewey, Republican candidate for President, holds his first conference stressing his approval of the platform.

Monty Comes To U.S., 1946/09/13
(1) "Britain's famed 'Hero of El Alamein' receives a royal welcome as he arrives for a United States tour. First stop is at West Point, where he reviews a full dress parade by the Cadets. Washington, DC: Met by General Eisenhower at the airport, 'Monty' goes to call on the President at the White House, and later places a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington." scenes of Montgomery visits West point, then to Washington DC, greeted by Ike and Omar Bradley.

New Head Of Church Installed, 1947/01/16
(1) Episcopal Bishop Installed - "Washington: Impressive religious scenes mark the installation of the Rev. Henry Knox Sherrill as presiding Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Churches of America. Hundreds attend the impressive rites." Sherrill speaks; (2) March of Dimes - "America falls in stel with the march of Dimes! In Washington, the First Lady and Margaret Truman officially open the drive by placing theirs, and the President's contribution, in the Missouri Bottle.

Allied Vise Tightens On Rhineland, 1944/12/07
(1) "Strasbourg, capital of Alsace-Lorraine, is captured by the Americans and the French. Flooded canals testify to the unruly weather being encountered. Tons of heavy equipment have been left by the Nazis in their headlong retreat. And swastikas by the thousand, are trod under foot by sullen Nazi prisoners. Various villages, including Baseweiler, are bombarded, then entered. Many Yanks are wounded.

Big Three Confer, 1945/02/15
(1) "Meeting in Yalta - With the Foreign Secretaries Stettinius, Edon and Molotov on hand, Prime Minister Churchill is greeted, to be quickly followed by Joseph Stalin and President Roosevelt. Within the beautiful czaristic palace at Yalta in the Crimea, the heavy deliberations between the three heads of government begin, with their full staffs in attendance. Personalities on hande include Anne Boettinger, Sarah Oliver Churchill, Harry Hopkins, Steve Early, Ambassador Harriman and others" .

B-29s Rule Jap Skies, 1944/12/18
(1) "At Saipan, after briefing, the members of the 21st bombing Command take to Super Fortresses and roar into the sky - destination Tokyo! They shower tons of bombs and incendiaries on the huge sprawling city as they hit factories, steel mills and docks. Mass civilian evacuation of Tokyo was ordered after this raid. Japs Raid Saipan - Saipan is attacked by Jap raiders, 14 of which are shot down, after they had started spectacular fires and caused minor damage." scenes of Japan fighter planes.

First Pictures Manila Conquest, 1945/02/26
(1) "The Capture of Manila (First pictures of the final stages of General MacArthur's masterful Luzon campaign) - As the U.S. 6th Army approaches from the North, units of the U.S. 8th Army approach Manila from the West and from the South. Naval stations and heavily-mined air fields are taken. U.S. rifle fire is augmented with bazookas, phosphorus grenades and 155 mm. howitzers. Guerrillas render invaluable aid and the hated collaborationists are quickly rounded up.

Russians In New Drive, 1944/12/22
(1) Russians In New Drive - "The mighty Russian military machine lays siege to Vilna, capital of Lithuania. After five days of intensive fighting, incuding a cleanout of nests of snipers, the city is occupied. 5,000 Nazis are killed and 8,000 taken prisoner." (2) RAF Blasts Nazi Ships - "Norway, R.A.F. Mosquitos and British Beau-fighters dive from mile high levels to set enemy ships on fire with gun and cannon fire, and rockets." (3) Leyte School Reopened - "Private, public and parochial schools reopened".

Cherbourg, Gateway to Victory, 1944/07/02
(1) "The Capture of Cherbourg - while the British and Canadians are protecting their flank at Caen, General Bradley's First American Army lays siege to Cherbourg, key port on the embattled French coast. Following thunderous bombardment by artillery and from the air, Doughboys filter into Cherbourg. Snipers are laid low, and thousands of Nazi prisoners are herded into prison fields, where they are fed G.I.

West Point Graduation, 1947/06/05
(1) "West Point NY: Colorful scenes of graduation exercises for 310 new 'Shavetails,' and full-dress review by the entire Cadet corps. Gen. Eisenhower and other celebrities take part in the commencement program. Grid stalwarts Davis and Blanchard receive degrees." (2) Caterpillar Landing Gear - "Wright Field, Ohio: Tractor-type landing gear, developed by the Army for quick air transport to unpaved fields, is tested.

Campaign in Burma, 1944/04/24
(1) Campaign in Burma "In Burma we see Admiral Lord Mountbatten, the late Major General Wingate and the ace air-director, Colonel 'Flip Corkan' watching Colonial troops depart for heavy action. We move out into the muddy combat areas and watch air transport drop bales of rice and munitions. Allied tanks and infantry are slogging through. Further afield we encounter General Stilwell's Chinese armies (armed with Yank equipment), then we watch them advance through the jungle countryside.

FDR confers with Middle East Chiefs, 1945/02/21
(1) "Returning from Yalta, President Roosevelt holds three separate conferences with three heads of state. Off the entrance to the Suez Canal, King Farouk of Egypt is the first royal visitor to meet Mr. Roosevelt aboard the American cruiser. The Lion of Judah, Emperor Haile Selaisse of Ethiopia makes many friends as he becomes the next caller. Shortly after, a U.S. destroyer, its decks covered with oriental rugs, comes alongside, with King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia leaving his golden throne chair.

40,000 March In Gala Parade On St. Patrick's Day, 1936/03/18
(1) "New York City: Forty thousand sons and daughters of Erin march up Fifth Avenue in a stirring revival of the annual St. patrick's Day parade. Half a million Gothamites watch the tremendous spectacle from packed curbstones and vantage points in high buildings." (2) Jafsie Back Home For Quiz "New York City: Dr. Condon, famous Lindbergh case witness, returns from a sudden Central American vacation to face further questioning, by Governor Hoffman.

Santo Tomas Prisoners Liberated, 1945/03/01
(1) "Since their conquest of the Philippines in 1941, the Japs have been holding 3,700 prisoners on the campus of Santo Tomas University. As the American forces reach Manila in the current campaign, General MacArthur, with an Honor Guard of the 1st Cavalry Brigade enters the stockades to the cheers of the famished internees. Mail call finds them overjoyed again, only this time they weep openly." "Jap Artillery finds the range of the University and the assembly breaks up quickly.

Nazi Border Pierced By Allied Might, 1944/12/04
[No audio at all first 3:28. Gamma very erratic at time of film transfer.](1) "British Enter Germany - Geilenkirrhen, pivotal Nazi fortress on the Cologne plain, is besieged by the British. Unending artillery barrages turn most of the town into waste and rubble. When the Allies enter the ruins, they encounter defiant Germans who won't capitulate. But ironically, around the next corner, streams of Nazi prisoners are marched along, and dazed German refugees are leaving for Holland", scenes of tanks fighting.

Yanks Clear Greenland of Nazis, 1944/12/27
(1) "Nazi weather and radio stations in Greenland are located and destroyed by the U. S. Coast Guard who dynamites its way through the Arctic ice fields to reach the enemy. Sleek German trawlers are destroyed or captured, and the Nazis are driven from their North Atlantic observation posts." (2) Yank Shells Hit Kehl In Rhineland - "Yanks in Strasbourg shell Kehl, the Nazi city on the opposite banks of the Rhine, with telling effect." (3) Nazi Terror In Warsaw.

Pacific Force Closes In On Japs, 1945/02/19
(1) "U.S. Task Force Wrecks Japs - A huge American task force is seen bobbing in the heavy waters of the China Sea. When the storm is weathered, animated maps designate targets in all directions, which are to be struck. Planes take off...then the systematic and spectacular destruction of Jap ships begins. Their missions finished, our planes leave their burning targets and wing back to thehugh flat-tops.

Reds Roll On In Germany, 1945/03/29
(1) "Armies gain momentum in their terrific offensives as giant guns, rocket batteries and Stalin tanks mow down the Nazis. The enemy death toll is enormous, they surrender in droves, and their cities are methodically destroyed by shell and by torch. "And Russian might thunders on to a rendezvous with Gen. Eisenhower's Armies from the West." scenes of Russian drive For Berlin, rockets, tanks, prisoners, dead bodies; (2) Fire Bombs For Japan - "M 69 Jellied Bombs - First revealing pictures of Ametica's new weapon".

Victorious Generals Welcomed, 1945/06/11
(1) "Los Angeles: An estimated 2,000,000 Southern Californians wildly cheer General George S. Patton, Jr., and Lt. General Jimmy Doolittle as they pass in triumphant parade. General Doolittle makes an impassioned speech in which he asks the 'home team to continue supplying the goods to the field team' to assure an early victory over Japan." scenes of Patton, Doolittle greeted by 2 million in parade (2) Air Blows Hit Japs On All Fronts.

Roosevelt To Run For 4th Term, 1944/07/14
(1) "Wash., DC: President Roosevelt summons the newshawks of the capital to announce that he will permit his name to be placed in nomination if the sovereign will of the American people demand that he run." (2) Success In Normandy - "As the Allied drive gains momentum in Normandy some very revealing sidelights on the ferocious activity there, are seen. We watch huge flailing machines, mine beaters, as they thresh lengths of chain into roadways suspected of containing Nazi anti-personnel mines.

Allies Open Final Drive In Germany, 1945/03/15
(1) "The Roer Offensive - The U..S. 1st Army and the U.S. 9th Army open their concerted attacks on the Roer River fortresses which guard the approach to the all important Cologne Plain. Intensive bombardments precede their fighting advances into Julich. Linnich, Neuss, Baal and Erklenz. Pontoon bridge approach to the various cities reveal them to be in ruins. Gen. Simpson, Commandant of the U.S. 9th Army.

Air Forces Come Home Via Bomber, 1945/05/28
(1) "Bradley Field, Conn.: 65 U.S. bombers return over 1,000 U.S. Airforce personnel for furlough and specialized training, prior to duty in the Pacific." (2) New Cabinet Members - "Washington, DC: Thomas Clark of Dallas, Tex., becomes Attorney General, Clinton Anderson becomes Sec. of Agriculture and Lewis Schwellenbach takes oath as Sec. of Labor as President Truman makes further changes in his official family." (3) Stettinius' Plea For All Human Rights.

Argentine Admitted To World Parley, 1945/05/03
(1) "The question of Argentina's entry into the United Nation's Security Conference causes the most dramatic floor discussions which have occurred there thus far. Ezequiel Padilla, Mexico's able Secretary for Foreign Affairs, speaking in behalf of the Latin American Nations, pleas for Argentina's entry. Russia's Foreign Commissar Molotov, through an interpreter, speaks against the plan, adding that Russia will ask nothing else of the conference.

Allies Drive Across Rhine To Victory, 1945/03/26
(1) "The Capture of Cologne - Tank units of the onrushing U.S. 1st Army rumble into Cologne's suburbs, with all guns blazing at heavy pockets of Nazi resistance. Stalled street cars are hauled out of the way, and Yank foot soldiers fight their way into Cologne, block by block. Cologne lays in absolute ruin, after having been a 'saturation attack' target for allied bombers for three years. In sharp contrast, the Cathedral stands almost undamaged.

Beaten Nazis Sign Historic Surrender, 1945/05/14
(1) "Supreme headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces, Reims: Nazi General Jodl, representing Admiral Doenitz, strides into the 'war room' where Allied Generals await him and his party. After the surrender terms are understood, Jodl fills a third of a page with his scrawly signature, this his associates sign. U.S. General W. B. Smith the Allied Chief of Staff signs as do the remainder of the Allied Generals.

Allies Sign Control Law For Germany, 1945/06/14
(1) "The Allied Control Commission for the conduct of affairs in civil Germany is brought into being by the military signatories for hte four powers who will administer the quadruple occupation of Germany. General Eisenhower signs for the United States, Marshal Montgomery for the British, Marshal Zhukov for the Soviets and General de Tassigny for France." scenes of agreement signed at Zhukov's headquarters in Berlin (2) GI's Tour Hitler's Headquarters.

Allies Seize German Loot and Criminals, 1945/06/04
(1) Allies Seize German Loot and Criminals - "With Germany's complete capitulation, her various leaders present diverse pictures as they are forced from their habitats, into surrender. Hermann Goering, Number Two Nazi, seems dazed as all the dangling medals are removed from his broad chest and he is subjected to a blistering press conference with British and U.S. correspondents. Discovery of his vast collection of stolen art treasures at Berchtesgaden.

Air Army Invades Germany, 1945/04/05
(1) "When the entire Rhine front explodes into action the First Allied Airborne Army takes flight for the Westphalian plains. From an observation post Gen. Eisenhower and Prime Minister Churchill watch the sky trains roar by overhead. The drop area reached, thousands of chutes float to the ground from twin side-door C-46 carriers, while giant C-47 tow planes release their gliders. Despite damaging resistance the gliders land with their jeeps and other material.

Target Tokyo From Saipan B-29 Base, 1944/11/27
[missing soundtrack] (1) Target Tokyo From Saipan B-29 Base - "Saipan (1,500 miles below Tokio) was seized by the Americans in June of this year. Since that time the Seabees and Aviation Engineers have been industriously re-shaping the face of the coral island, laying out a tremendous airfield. Coral hills are blasted into particles, then 'bull dozed' and trucked to the air field site, where they are rolled and hard packed.

RAF Sinks Tirpitz, 1944/11/22
(1) "RAF Lancasters converge on the 45,000 ton Nazi Battlewagon, hidden in Tennsue Fjord in Norway. She is throwing tons of bursting steel skyward, but super blockbusters plummet down and she is hit. Winds blow away her smoke screen and again she is hit mortally. This time the smoke clouds mark her slipping beneath the waves, forever." (2) All Out Drive On Germany.

Molotov Here For Security Conference, 1945/04/23
(1) "At the invitation of Pres. Truman, the Soviet Foreign Commisar arrives in Washington to confer with the President, Sec. Stettinius, and Anthony Eden before the West Coast United Nations meetings convene." scenes of Molotov arrives at Blair House in DC, on way to San Francisco conference (2) Aviation in the News - "Jumbo Aeroplane Tire - Wright Field, Ohio, An aeroplane tire measuring 110 inches and weighing three quarters of a ton, is regidly tested on a machine which is equally unique.

Funeral Pyres of Nazidom, 1945/05/10
(1) "Air views of Leipzig reveal it to be a city of skeleton buildings and rubble. Industrial Magdeburg has been gutted by dive bombers of the U.S. Tactical Air Forces. The huge Krupp tank factory is destroyed as are hundreds of partially finished tanks on the assembly line. The rail center, Nuremberg, once the seat of Nazi culture, is now a dead city. The huge rallying stadium serves as a parade ground for Yank troops who blast a surmounting stone swastika to bits - then replace it with the Stalin's portrait.

Landings On Okinawa, 1945/04/09
(1) "Conferences at Guam ended, Pacific Fleet Commander, Admiral Nimitz sends an armada of 1,400 vessels to Okinawa in the Ryukus. En route, the men of the new U.S. 10th Army stage their own deck entertainment, and secure their issue of invasion money. Land sighted, the big guns of the fleet bark into action, and tons of rockets are sped shoreward. Landing craft race in, and unopposed landings are made.

U-Boat Menace Ended, 1945/05/17
(1) "With the downfall of Germany, members of her underseas flet rise to the survace and on radio instructions from Berlin, procede to surrender to Allied naval authorities. The U-358 rides into Cape May, N.J., in the custody of a destroyer escort 'prize' crew. At Portsmouth, N.H., destroyer escorts convoy the U-805 into harbor. The Nazi crew is brought ashore still surly and impudent, only to be whisked off to Portsmouth Naval Prison.

U.S. War Dead Honored On Memorial Day, 1945/05/31
(1) "As America shifts her armed might to finish off the last remaining Axis power, she pauses to honor her heroes who were slain in this and in previous wars. In Arlington National Cemetery, Colonel Lowry, representing President Truman, places a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The National Cemetery in Brooklyn, N.Y. is visited by thousands who pay their respects to the fallen heroes who lie there.

Blast Berlin By Daylight, 1944/03/20
(1) "We accompany one of the 2,000 American plane formations that are bringing ruin and panic to Berlin. Miles of vapor-streaks are trailing after the huge Flying Fortresses, winging through the frigid sky. Crews are 'on oxygen.' Then Berlin is sighted and the bombs start cascading downward. The scene below is like a field of mushrooms. Flak comes up, and one of our motors goes dead. We head back to Blighty..."

MacArthur in Battle, 1944/03/13
(1) "General Douglas MacArthur, after 19 months of creeping warfare, is seen on the bridge of a plunging flagship, heading into one of the boldest moves of his South Pacific campaign. And a new type of landing operation is up for trial dependence is to be placed on surprise, rather than on pulverizing naval bombardment. Los Negros Island, in the Admiralties, is sighted, and the 5-inch guns of Uncle Sam's destroyers bark into action.

Florida, 1960/05/23
Florida - Atlas ICBM launched at Cape Canaveral, tape recorder running, carried payload of research instruments 9000 miles to Indian Ocean, "longest surface-to-surface rocket ever achieved".

Spy Story of The Year, 1960/05/09
In Moscow, Khrushchev tells Presidium the Gary Powers was alive and his plane shot down on May Day, spokesman Lincoln White makes statement

Congo, 1960-07-21
UN troops from Tunesia pour into Congo, Belgian troops still hold key centers as Congo continues to demand withdrawal of Belgian troops.

Powers Case. Ike States Policy On Spies and Open Skies, 1960/05/12
Ike press conference, speaks about need for information for deterrence to orevent secret suprise attack from Soviet Union, "reason for my Open Skies proposal in 1955"

U.N. Spy Debate. Reds 'Bugged' American Embassy Lodge Claims, 1960/05/27
Lodge shows great seal, opens it and shows the listening device; Council voted 7-2 to censure the Soviet Union.

Open Sky Plan. Ike Offers U.N. U.S. Photo Planes, 1960/05/27
Ike gives "striking demonstration of aerial photography's effectiveness" - shows San Diego North Island photo, taken at 70,000 ft; Ike speaks, need to build up our strength.

Down From Summit Mr. K. Kills Conference, Big 4 Depart For Homes, 1960/05/19
(1) in Paris, Ike and McMillan and De Gaulle make farewells; "tumultuous press conference" of Khrushchev, points and shakes finger (2) AFL-CIO union industries show in Washington DC, 375 displays (3) German zoo.

Missile Milestone. First Polaris Firing By Submerged U-Boat, 1960/07/21
Polaris missile loaded from truck to sub at Cape Canaveral, missile hatches opened on USS George Washington, missile fired 1100 miles to its target, then 2nd missile fired.

Good Neighbor Labor Supply, 1950/01/20/
Texas - Restrictions are eased to permit the entry of Mexican farm labor for work. Under international agreement and contracts, once illegal entrants may now work for specified periods on valuable crops.

Cataclysm. Volcano, Tidal Waves, Devastate Pacific Area, 1960/05/27
(1) aerial view of Chile, destroyed buildings and cities due to earthquake; tidal waves at 500 mph raced across the Pacific, hit Californai coast, hit Japan, 18,000 lives lost (2) "Sentry Satellite 5,000 Pound Missile Spotter In Orbit" - Atlas missile launched at Cape Canaveral of satellite (no pics of satellite, only of launch).

Ancient Mexican Dances for President, 1933/11/06
Ancient tribal dances performed for the Mexican President.

Adm. Kimmel Testifies On Pearl Harbor, 1946/01/14
(1) Kimmel speaks to congressional committee that he did not get vital information about Pearl Harbor (2) UNO Tackles Peace Job (3) Eisenhower Promises GI Releases - Ike speaks that every man who served in the war will be home soon. (4) 10 Killed In British Rail Wreck - trains carried 400 passengers in tangled wreck (5) Marine Pageant - decorated private boats on parade (6) speed ice skaters.

Farmers Arm To Break Picket Line, 1933/11/06

Ancient Chinese Field Games, ca. 1933

City Gold Rush Starts, 1933/11/06

25 Years Ago, 1960/05/19
25 Years Ago - Mussolini demonstrates gas attack outside Rome; AAA of FDR: patman bonus bill sent to FDR, vetoed by FDR, but passed over his veto, supported by Huey Long: Coughlin rally in Madison Square Garden; NRA rule unconstitutional; 17 survivors of Civil War in NY parade; 25th year of Indy 500 car race won at 106 mph.

Special Release - Zeppelin Explodes Scores Dead, 1937/05/10
"Lakehurst, NJ: Thirty-five persons die and scores of others are injured as the mighty dirigible explodes three hundred feet over the landing field at the end of her first voyage of the season from Europe. A terrific burst of flame engulfs the stern of the ship and spreads with the rapidity of lightning to the bow. The inferno of blazing hydrogen gas cremates all living beings in its path, as the twisted skeleton of the balloon settles quickly to the ground.

Roosevelt Asked To Ban On Strikes - 1940

News Parade of 1945
News Parade of 1945.

Axe for Turkeys, 1933/10/25
Westley, CA: A record crop of gobblers, each of which will provide twenty persons with the 'piece de resistance' of a Thanksfiving Day Dinner, are being fattened for the feat. Unusual pictures show a monster flock that will grace the plates of 200,000 persons" (no sound).

California, 1954/07/05/
An intensive "wetback" round-up is the latest episode in the Immigration Department's incessant battle against migrant laborers who illegally ford the Rio Grande to work in the rich farm land around Stockton.

San Francisco General Strike (Part I) - Pathe News
Union workers in San Francisco stage a general strike, shutting down the city to support striking longshoremen.

Industries of the United States: Steel - The Hardest Metal in the World - 1953

Hindenburg Explodes -1937
Footage from Castle and Pathé coverage of the Hindenburg disaster at Lakehurst. Also shots of the big ships over New York.

Battle for Rome, 1944/02/17
(1) Battle for Rome - "While action see-saws at the Italian Front, hordes of Germans are shown marching in one direction, to our rear. They are prisoners of the Yanks and of the French. Nor is their stubbornness diminished by the sight of numerous German dead." (2) Nazis Wreck Warehouse - "Nazi bombers set off a fire which consumes one of our warehouses in Italy.

Spain in Revolt Part 2 - 1936
The Civil War filmed on the battlefields. This outstanding and rarely seen newsreel/documentary was originally in three parts. Reel one (the first part) is lost. The footage available is part 2 and part 3.

Spain in Revolt Part 3 - 1936
The Civil War filmed on the battlefields. This outstanding and rarely seen newsreel/documentary was originally in three parts. Reel one (the first part) is lost. The footage available is part 2 and part 3.

Dole Air Race - 1927
Kinograms Newsreel. Aviation's elite converges on Oakland for the Dole race to Hawaii.

Griffith Park Relief Workers Demonstration - Unknown (1933)
Demonstration in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California, "against city and city officials which caused murder of 100 relief workers in Griffith Park Fire." Shows crowds, speakers and placards. Title at end of story promotes "The Camera in the Class Struggle".

Progress Parade - Unknown (circa 1960)
News release reflecting innovations and happenings from the petroleum industry. Includes a sequence on "fishing" for a lost drill bit, soothing an infant with baby oil, how LP gas serves us in the home and on the job, how a "Citadel" service station operator serves his community, and a research program at Louisiana State University that investigates (and finds no) effects on oysters from nearby oil drilling.

U.S. News Review - January 1943 (circa)
Hairstyles for war jobs. Making rifles by assembly line. Absenteeism. Our children--a war problem regarding daycare while mothers work. Army fight song: "Off we go/Into the wild blue yonder".

U.S. News Review - December 1942
U.S. News Review was well done. It was informative and did a lot to boaster the morale of the 1943 civilian. It shows a lot of of sacrifice that generation gave. This film is now an excellent source for people interested in the history and times of World War II.

Atom Bomb [Joe Bonica's Movie of the Month] - Bonica (Joe)
Early atomic weapons testing.

News Magazine of the Screen, The - Warner Pathé News - 1955

Universal Newsreel (Excerpt)
In 1960, during the Daytona 500 auto race at Daytona International Speedway, happened the biggest accident on a race track in History, as this excerpt from an Universal Newsreel reports, involving many cars and drivers including: L.D. Austin, Johnny Allen, Reb Wickersham, G.C. Spencer, Paul Lewis, Clem Proctor, Buddy Baker, Herb Tillman, Shorty Rollins, Fred Lorenzen, Lee Petty, David Pearson, Ned Jarrett, Wilbur Rakestraw, T.C. Hunt, Joe Weatherly, Jim Whitman, Tiny Lund, etc. Nobody was seriously injured.


The complete Collection of the WW2 German Newsreels: Die-Deutsche-Wochenschau, UfA-Europawoche, Descheg-Monatsschau (in B&W) and Panorama-Farbmonatsschau (in Color) is available.




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